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Horse Logo Company Featuring Hand Drawn Horse Logo Design Examples for the Discerning Equestrian

EQ Graphics is an Ocala, Florida based horse logo company that creates 100% original hand drawn custom horse logos for equestrian brands across the world. We have had the honor to work with a variety of equine professionals that represent a vast range of horse breeds, riding disciplines, and various professions within the equine industry.

Our professional logo artists have created custom horse logos for Olympic dressage riders, three day eventing barns, AQHA reining and cow horse breeders, and Gypsy Vanner breeders just to name a few. Every breed and discipline within the equine industry has its own unique physical characteristics, as well as a personality that makes them stand out among other breeds.

For example, breeds like the Arabian and Hackney Pony are generally fiery, flamboyant horses-regarded as peacocks of the horse show world. On the other hand, Quarter Horses and Paints are more stoic and steady, with a workmanlike attitude. We strive to capture the character of every breed, from correct breed conformation to display of personality in every horse logo design we create.

One attribute that makes us stand out as a horse logo company is the equine knowledge that our artists possess. We are equestrians ourselves, so we are familiar with and have personal experience with a variety of horse breeds. Our artists pride ourselves on creating a stunning line art custom horse logo design that is the perfect fit for all your horse business ideas and branding identity. This means that we pay painstakingly close attention to detail when it comes to illustrating the breed or discipline you choose to display for your branding.

Our artists carefully sketch all of our custom horse logos to match an ideal representative of the breed as closely as possible. We also ensure that all tack and equipment that may be displayed in our custom horse logos matches industry standard and is allowable by the rules of the discipline that is being shown. These seemingly minor details can help ensure that potential customers see you as a professional within your field, and that you can be trusted with the safety of themselves and their horses.

Your potential customers can also be assured that you have the knowledge required to help you and your horse reach your personal or competitive goals, no matter what level of competition you aspire to reach.

Advantages of Vector Horse Logos for Your Equestrian Business

EQ Graphics is known for our signature vector horse logos. Vector files are the graphic design industry standard for logo formats. These files offer a vast variety of resizing options. Since pixelation is not an issue with vector horse logos, your hand drawn horse logo design can be adapted for use on large horse trailer decals or small items like a business card without the worry of losing image quality. These vector horse logos can be easily saved as JPG or PNG files for further ease of use.

We take the time to discuss the client’s horse business plan with them thoroughly during their design consultation so that we will know their intended uses for their horse logo design. Some clients enjoy the flexibility of a horse logo design that can be separated into parts for some items or used in their entirety for others. Custom horse logos like these often contain a monogrammed section of artwork, or an icon style portion of the design that can be used independently from the hand lettered business name.

The smaller modified logos often work well on saddle pads and baseball caps, whereas a full horse logo design may be better suited to farm signs, tack stall curtains, and horse blankets. To make the most of your custom horse logo design, it’s important to do some brainstorming about potential branding and marketing efforts you may want to implement in your horse business plan before you speak with one of our professional graphic designers. When you have potential uses in mind, this helps shape our logo artists’ inspiration for the design of our custom horse logos.

Custom Horse Logos Created in Trendy Line Art Style

Many of our vector horse logos are rendered in line art style. Custom horse logos created in line art styles are a mixture of minimalism and hand drawn illustrations, both trendy concepts in today’s graphic design world. A horse logo design created in line art style uses a minimal number of lines and takes advantage of the use of negative space.

Custom horse logos in this style are distinctly elegant while being slightly abstract. Although our artists strive to illustrate every horse we draw in as few lines as possible, fewer lines does not have to equate to fewer details. We can still capture personality, movement, and a unique overall aesthetic in a line art horse logo design. Whether your personal style and branding has an upscale, luxury feel or a free-spirited bohemian vibe, the professional logo artists at EQ Graphics can create a hand drawn horse logo for your horse business ideas that fits your brand’s personality perfectly.

We are not a horse logo company that relies on generic, subpar clipart to create our custom horse logos. Every individual horse logo design that leaves our design table is 100% original and one of a kind. Nobody else in the world will have a horse logo design quite like yours. Clipart often displays horses in very stereotypical, cartoon-ish manners. There can be glaringly obvious flaws in conformation or poor movement timing illustrated. Although these details may go unnoticed by those outside of the equine industry, professional equestrians are loath to accept a horse logo design with obvious flaws.

When you are creating your horse business plan, be sure to budget for a custom horse logo design that will brand you as a professional. Don’t settle for generic clipart designs. Show your clients that you take your business (and them) seriously with one of our unique vector horse logos. Our artists can help mold your ideas into a line art horse logo design that’s elegant, timeless, and chic.

Custom Horse Logos for Your Horse Business Cards

One task that many business owners intend to tick off when creating a horse business plan is creating business cards. Polished, professional horse business cards can help potential clients know how to reach you anywhere you go. Business cards can be pinned to the community board at the feed store, displayed at your stalling area during horse shows, or kept with you at all times to hand out to anyone you may meet that could benefit from what your equine business offers.

What should you include on your horse business cards? Obviously your personal name and company name should be prominently displayed. You may also want to include a short description of what you do such as trainer, farrier, equine massage therapist, etc. A good working phone number that is the best way to contact you is also a must-be sure that your voicemail message is friendly, professional, and courteous!

In today’s technology and social media driven age, the addition of your website, email address, and/or social media handles is also a must. QR codes can be applied to your horse business cards to send potential clients to your website or most active social media page in a snap.

The finishing touch on your horse business cards is a unique horse logo design that catches the eye of all who view it, gives potential clients a hint of your personality, and brands you as a professional. Since our vector horse logos are so easy to resize, our stunning custom horse logos are the perfect addition to polished horse business cards. Gold, silver, and copper foil are always popular colors for our custom horse logos when applied to horse business cards.

Custom Horse Logos for Embroidery

Embroidered items are all the rage within the equestrian community. Equestrians love to add their barn name, horse name, or business name to embroidery items of all kinds. Our vector horse logos make using your custom design for embroidery on jackets, down vests, polo shirts, wool coolers, and horse blankets a breeze.

Emblazoning custom horse logos on horse and human apparel is an easy way to advertise your brand. When potential clients see you schooling your horse in the warmup ring in your embroidered jacket or heading back to the barn with a championship ribbon with your horse draped in an embroidered cooler, they know exactly who to look up on Facebook or Google if they’re inspired to seek your assistance.

Embroidered polo shirts are a staple for many equine professionals. If you are a veterinarian, equine sports medicine practitioner, equine bodyworker, or farrier, you can present a professional image to clients upon reaching their barn for a call. Your embroidered polo shirt identifies yourself and what business you are associated with, and your neat appearance builds your customer’s confidence in you to handle the task at hand.

Horse trainers and breeders may find that custom horse logos are a fun visual branding addition to saddle pads as well. Have a batch made to give boarders, students, or training clients as Christmas gifts so they can advertise your business for you as well. You can even embroider our stunning custom horse logos on your stall guards!

How Can A Custom Horse Logo Design Be An Important Part of Your Horse Business Ideas?

Your unique horse logo design is a representation of your goals, visions, and values surrounding your equestrian business. Custom horse logos build trust in potential clients by giving them an idea of who you are before they ever speak to you on the phone or via e-mail. Maybe your horse logo design is part of our “Living Logos” collection, in which the inspiration for every design is an actual horse that has shaped the business owner’s life in some way.

Including these personal touches in your branding helps potential customers see you as a person, not just a face behind an email address. They see that you are a part of their world and you understand the high’s and low’s that they face in their lives with horses. This knowledge assures them that you understand their pain points and you are able to help solve a problem that they may be facing, whether that is starting a young show horse, offering corrective shoeing, or selling them a futurity prospect.

First impressions matter, and when the first thing a client sees is your original hand drawn horse logo design that first impression is a good one. You do the work. You pay attention to the details that matter. After all, at the end of the day a blue ribbon ride is just a culmination of perfectly executed details.

The artists at EQ Graphics would be honored to be the horse logo company you choose to create your one of a kind horse logo design. We work with clients large and small across the globe, including breed associates, iconic horse racing tracks like Ruidoso Downs, WEF, Olympic equestrians, and more.

Although we are located in sunny Ocala, Florida, we can help our clients get started on custom horse logos from anywhere-even if “anywhere” is the living quarters of your horse trailer at an elite horse show circuit. All you have to do is click ‘Get Started’ to schedule a complimentary design consultation with one of our professional graphic designers.

This brainstorming session, which is at totally no cost to you, will cover your ideas and inspiration for your custom horse logo design. We will discuss everything from the artwork to branding colors to which hand lettered fonts you think best fit your branding aesthetic and personality. Then our artists pull out their sketchbook and get to work while you do what you do best-help others within the equine industry in some capacity! We stand by our hand crafted custom horse logos and guarantee your satisfaction.

Be sure to peruse our website to see the different custom horse logos we have created in a variety of styles, as well as read testimonials from some of our clients. We look forward to meeting you and helping you put your best foot forward in your equestrian branding efforts with a horse logo design created especially for you and your horse business plan!

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