100% Custom | Colorful Horse Logo Design for Equine PEMF

Adept Equine Logo

Feb 13, 2024

This vibrant, multi-colored logo may just top the charts as the most Colorful Horse Logo we’ve ever designed. Amber Dawn or Adept Equine PEMF and Equine Massage Therapy in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area and asked us to create a “strong, whimsical logo with an elegant Willy Wonka feel”. If you attend any Quarter Horse shows on the AQHA Circuit, make sure to keep an eye out for this colorful logo embroidered on Amber’s luxury golf cart as she and her Jack Russel Terrier go zipping by to treat their next patient.

Playful Quarter Horse Logo Makes Memorable Branding For Equine Massage Therapist
Colorful logo idea for Adept Equine

Equine PEMF Therapy and colorful Colorful Horse Logo design for a Dallas, Texas Certified Therapist

When we were asked to create a horse logo with a “Willy Wonka feel”, we weren’t exactly sure how we were going to make that vision come to life. Amber’s favorite colors are bright purple, bright pink and teal on a black background. She came to us with the vision of a Quarter Horse with a long mane, kind eye and a baby doll head and her goal was to have a logo that captured her vibrant, yet professional personality.

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Line Art Quarter Horse for a Colorful Horse Logo Design

The first step in starting her new entrepreneurial venture was developing a brand identity to convey her personality to her future equine massage therapy and PEMF customers. Although she did not see any other horse logos on our website that had the wild color palette she had in mind, Amber went out on a limb and chose us to create this colorful horse logo design due to the quality of our horse line art.

An Artful Brand Identity for an Equine Massage Therapist in Dallas

Adept Equine is located in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas and Amber offers Equine Massage and PEMF services nationwide at all the major Quarter Horse shows on the AQHA Circuit. Her personal horse does Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle, but her clients run the gambit from barrel racers and reiners to cow horses and trail riders. She needed her colorful horse logo concept to have a strong Quarter Horse presence, but did not want to emphasis one discipline in particular since equine massage therapy is beneficial to all horses, regardless of their discipline.

Equine Massage Logo with a Unique Twist on Color

We’re so happy Amber loves her “Willy Wonka” equine massage therapy logo and we’re grateful she helped us broaden our horizons of creating line art in bright shades of purple and pink as opposed to our more traditional silver and gold foil. This was such a fun horse logo to create and we even played a part in designing custom tufted leather seats with her colorful horse logo embroidered in the middle of her luxury golf cart.

A Colorful Horse Logo Design for your Business

If your new horse business requires crazy colors and a fun vibe, we would love to hear about your vision. EQ Graphics specializes in all horse breeds, disciplines and business types from around the world. Feel free to get in touch and we would love to help you design your brand identity with a stunning, colorful horse logo that is completely original and hand drawn for your business.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Adept Equine Eq Graphics Logo Designer Reviews

I needed a logo created and told her “I’d like an Elegant Willy Wonka feel”. She nailed it! Who can create a strong, whimsical and yet elegant horse logo based off that description? Jackie can!

Do not hesitate or continue searching for your logo designer. Jackie is amazing. She understands the flow of lines and color selections that breathe life into logos. Jackie truly cares about her work and her artwork is amazing.

We had several phone calls and I’m a person that likes to just talk in abstract feel and colors and let the artist work. Her results astonished me. Then she has gone on to help me with my custom golf cart seats for my business, cards, embroidery, t-shirts and more. I will use EQ Graphics for all of my future needs. Jackie and David made a life long customer out of me.

Colorful Horse Logo For An Equine Massage Business