100% Original | Stunning Arabian Horse Lineart Logo Design

Feb 13, 2024

Adiella Arabians is a small family owned and operated boutique Arabian breeder in Ohio. The name Adiella, means ‘Gift from God’ and the exquisite horses they are producing are certainly living up to the name. This is the first Arabian Horse lineart logo our artists created that combines an Arabian mare and foal together in a single image. Just as the feather we were asked to incorporate into this design holds a sentimental meaning to Adiella Arabians, this logo holds a sentimental meaning to us as the first of its kind for a breed we so dearly love.

Realistic Arabian Horse Logo Featuring Mare And Foal

Arabian Horse Lineart Logo Design for Adiella Arabians

Adiella Arabians is a boutique horse breeder specializing in Arabian Horses. The equine facility is located in Cleveland, Ohio. For this Arabian Horse lineart logo, Adiella Arabians wanted us to incorporate a feather as a sentimental detail, a mare, and a foal.

Mare and Foal Illustration in Adiellas’ Arabian Horse Lineart Logo

Adiella Arabians specialize in breeding Arabian horses in the state of Ohio. Arabian horses, also called Arabs, are a horse breed originating from the Arabian Peninsula, which includes the countries Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, and some parts of Iraq and Jordan.

Arabian horses are mainly known for their arched neck, finely chiseled bone structure, distinctive head shape, and high-carried tail. Throughout history, Arabians have been spread around the world, primarily due to war and trade. The bloodline of Arabs could be found in most modern breeds for horse riding as a result of selective breeding.

Arabian have been selected explicitly for crossbreeding with other breeds because of their high speed, endurance, strong bones, cooperative relationship with their owners, and many more characteristics. By using their bloodline, these breeders were able to get the desired features in any horse. Because of that, they’re now widely known as one of the top ten breeds worldwide.

Arabian horse Lineart Logo Design for any Equine Company

International equine companies choose EQ Graphics to create a unique and original brand identity. While many experienced logo designers in Ohio can take on the project of creating a professional logo design, only a few understand and specialize in the multiple facets of the horse niche. Adiella Arabians‘ logo could be found in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Brainstorming for Adiella Arabian Horse Lineart Logo and Design

Brainstorming for a custom logo design is crucial to give our whole team an insight into our clients’ expectations and what kind of equine business they run. For this Arabian Horse lineart logo design, the client requested to include a feather along with a mare and a foal. Several ideas were suggested, drawing inspiration from multiple aspects of Adiella Arabians‘ business. Incorporating a feather with the mare and foal seemed challenging since we wanted the design to be as seamless as possible.

The Creation of Adiella Arabians’ Brand Identity

To create the Arabian horse lineart logo design, we first drew the most critical elements the client wanted to include. To effortlessly and subtly add in the sentimental detail, we decided to make the feather a part of the line art.

Drawing Arabian horses could be difficult, especially since they need to be illustrated with astounding detail to showcase the unique facial features they possess. After a couple of trials and errors, we successfully drew an Arabian horse silhouette intricately.

The Importance of Typography in Horse Logo Designs

Two different fonts were used for the typography. The word “Adiella” was emphasized by making it cursive and putting it near the Arabian horse. To add a dramatic effect to the overall look, our designers elongated a part of the “A,” making it cursive.

Creating your brand identity with EQ Graphics

Working with a logo that focuses on Arabian horses was extra special for the EQ Graphics team since we’ve previously owned a couple of these horses. At EQ Graphics, we ensure communicative service and high-quality custom equine logo designs. Our designs are created according to your wishes, ensuring that every detail holds meaning for your business. We have worked with equine companies of all sizes and hope to work with your brand soon. All questions about our services and brand are welcome with open arms. 

Arabian Horse Lineart In Gold Foil Letterhead On A Business Card