Continuous Line Drawing with Quarter Horse and Ace of Spades

Feb 13, 2024

This minimalistic continuous line drawing was created to showcase a Quarter Horse head and an ace of spades for All In Performance Horses, located in beautiful Delray, Florida. The ranch aspires to offer a western style oasis in sunny Florida, and specialize in the sale of Quarter Horses, Mustangs, and other ranch horses. The horses that All In offers for sale will appeal to equestrians who enjoy trail riding, are looking for a mount to work cows, or participate in an array of western performance events. The facility’s horses truly go “all in” for their owners-not only are they family horses, they truly do the work.

Teal Hand Lettered Ranch Horse Logo In Shape Of Spade

The focal point of the continuous line drawing logo design is a one line art Quarter Horse framed by a spade. Below this continuous line drawing we added the business name in two hand lettered fonts-a modern serif and a signature style script. This bold logo can be used in icon form with just the horse and spade for brands, saddle pads, caps, and small items or in conjunction with the business name on banners, t-shirts, and business cards. Ask your professional logo artist how we can make your unique hand drawn logo WORK for you! Your branding ideas shape the creation of your equine company’s custom logo.

Continuous Line Drawing of Quarter Horse and Spade for Florida Ranch Horse Facility

Florida is known across the globe for their English equestrian events, with some of the largest dressage and hunter/jumper events calling the state home annually. All In Performance Horses wanted to offer a resource for equestrians who use their horses for ranch work, trail riding, and western performance events. With this goal in mind, the Delray, Florida facility plans to offer Quarter Horses, Mustangs, and other ranch horses for sale to discerning western equestrians. 

Horses used in ranch work require a calm temperament and excellent work ethic. They must focus easily on the task at hand, and react calmly to a variety of distractions and often, precarious situations. Ranch horses are often required to work cows, so a breed that has genetic “cow sense” like Quarter Horses and Paints also make excellent candidates. 

Ranch horses are often required to perform their jobs on a loose rein, with one of the rider’s hands on the reins so that their dominant hand is free to rope, open gates, etc. For this reason, they should be well broke and responsive to the rider’s seat and leg aids.

All In Performance Horses strives to provide excellent working horses to those who want a calm trail partner, a horse to enjoy with the family, or a horse that makes life on the farm/ranch a little easier. 

Hand Drawn Continuous Line Drawing Ranch Horse Logo for Florida Equine Facility

Although many western equestrians use ranch horses for practical purposes, there are several styles of competition that riders can enjoy with their working horses. The Florida Ranch Horse Association hosts shows for ranch horses of all stock horse breeds. Their ranch horse shows allow riders of all levels to build their skills, which can be useful both in and out of the ring. The association strives to provide a positive learning environment for all involved so that everyone feels welcome.

Florida Ranch Horse Association shows are generally held at Sumter Equestrian Center. Sanctioned by the American Ranch Horse Association, there is no need for riders to worry about purchasing the fanciest silver tack and custom clothes to be competitive. Riders can enter a variety of classes, including halter, ranch reining, showmanship, ranch roping, ranch trail, ranchmanship (similar to horsemanship), boxing, and ranch cutting. Exhibitors and their equine partners can compete for year end awards and watch their skills progress throughout the show season.

Learn more about the Florida Ranch Horse Association: Florida Ranch Horse Club

Unique Continuous Line Drawing Quarter Horse Logo Design in Shape of Spade

When we think of the American West, sometimes gamblers and poker games come to mind. The spade can add a western aesthetic to any original logo design, but our artists felt it was especially relevant to add to this continuous line drawing since spades are also a universal symbol of action, intelligence, labor, and wisdom-all important components of a good ranch horse candidate. The continuous line drawing logo we created for All In Performance Horses features a one line art Quarter Horse neatly framed by a spade.

We left this portion of the design separate from the business name so that the ranch horse and spade could be used alone in icon form for the facility’s brand and on small items like baseball caps. The full logo, which contains the ranch name in a mixture of hand lettered signature style and modern serif fonts, can be adapted for banners, on trailer decals, on t-shirts, and signs. Teal/turquoise colors add a little flash to this continuous line drawing logo, which can be resized easily due to its vector style design.

We find inspiration in every client we serve within the equine industry, and we would thoroughly enjoy helping you refresh your equine business’ branding with a hand drawn custom logo design. Whether you like our traditional line art or continuous line drawing styles, we can turn your ideas into something special. Visit today to schedule your complimentary design consultation, and be sure to look us up @EqGraphics on Instagram!

Continuous Line Drawing Ranch Horse &Amp; Spade Logo Design