Luxurious 100% Custom Travel Logo for Arabian Horse Blogger

Feb 13, 2024

Travelling in the digital age is metamorphic, symbolic and has evolved over the passage of time. Professional and seasoned bloggers and travelers such as Janet de Acevedo Macdonald are utilizing blogs to take advantage of the latest technology and social media platforms to share their Arabian Horse adventures. The travel logo we created for Arabian Horse Travel features an abstract hand-drawn Arabian Horse with a wind blown tail and a customized brush script font to compliment the overall flow of the logo. We also added a small compass rose to this travel logo design which can be used with or without the rest of the logo and implement a personal touch that gives a nod to world travel.

Simple But Stunning Arabian Horse Logo For Travel Blogger
Abstract Logo Design for Arabian Horse Travel

An Abstract Travel Logo Design An Arabian Horse Travel Blog

Arabian Horse Travel is unique to the Arabian Horse industry; Janet has created a user friendly and engaging blog to facilitate Arabian Horse enthusiasts in their virtual journeys around the globe, meeting new Arabians and friends in exciting terrains. The blog is multi-dimensional and eclectic, it features events, covers shows, highlights artists and their artworks, giving fresh perspectives and knowledge on the Arabian Horse industry by sharing lifestyles and resources.

Currently, the blog has published some very exciting facts on Dude ranches, the Triple Crown races with downloadable PDF and a guide to Horse Museums in the United States. Equine Eye Candy is yet another unique category made by Arabian Horse Travel in the equine industry, the blogger is introducing artists that are creating equine inspired art, from the smallest jewelry to monumental murals. The category showcases the artworks and the thought processes of the artists behind the creations,

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An Arabian Horse Blogger with an International Audience

Primarily covering the United States and Canada, Arabian Horse Travel is highlighting multiple venues currently including Westworld of Scottsdale in Arizona, State Fair Park in Oklahoma, Keystone Center in Canada, Ford Idaho Horse Park in Idaho, Balmoral Park in Illinois and Expo Centre in Oklahoma. Janet is putting her efforts in connecting the community by posting educational content about these shows and the resources at disposal.

Being a proud American Horse Publications member herself, Janet does not hesitate from giving the contributing writers of the blog their due recognition. The blog has a designated space where the readers can read their stories and book reviews. Sharing in the obsession of the community about behind the scenes of shows and destinations, Arabian Horse Travel also discusses product reviews, seasonal collections and rider’s fashion.

Creating an Abstract Arabian Horse Travel Logo Design

Dark juxtaposed with light, EQ Graphics incorporated a universal color palette of black and gold to communicate with Arabian Horse Travel clients from all over the world. The abstract style of the Arabian Horse in this travel logo design was a welcome challenge and among the first of our logos for bloggers. We saw this as an opportunity to design a travel logo that connects to the global Arabian Horse community.

Fonts Chosen for a Travel Blog Logo

A clean travel logo with a brush script is attractive and easy to understand when it comes to languages and cultures whereas the silhouette of the horse is abstract, the thick and long tail of the horse is flowing in the wind. The Travel logo is kept clean, lucid and professional which is in line with the audience and the readers of the Arabian Horse Travel blog.

Arabian Horse Travel Logo Design Inspiration

The initial inspiration for this Travel logo is Janet herself, her transparency, enthusiasm, high spirit, dynamism and clarity when it comes to her passion. These qualities are reflected in the Travel logo design of Arabian Horse Travel in a crystal clear fashion setting Janet apart from the rest of the blogger community in the industry. The gold foil on black is traditional yet modern; it is amplifying the energy of the horse, people who are passionate in learning about the Arabian Horse breed, the current trends and shows revolving around Arabs as well as latest fashion, accessories, resources and adapting choices in life styles.

EQ Graphics has designed the Travel logo of Arabian Horse Travel with power, vibrancy and energy that does justice to the determination and achievements of the blog and encapsulates the spark and spirit of Janet and her international community.

Stunning Abstract Arabian Logo For Travel Blogger