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Feb 12, 2024

Aspire Performance Horses, also known as Lee’s Summit Equestrian, is a Saddleseat training and horse boarding facility located in Lee’s Summit in Kansas, Missouri. The custom and hand-drawn line art created for this letter A logo design features an Arabian x Friesian with an outline of a Country English Pleasure Arabian and a Saddleseat Friesian, which are two breeds the show facility is most well known for.

Line Art Style Logo For Saddleseat Breeder &Amp; Trainer
Abstract letter ‘A’ logo design for Aspire Performance Horses

Letter A Logo Design Featuring an Abstract Line Art of Arabian and Friesian Horses for Aspire Performance Horses

As a mother and daughter-owned equestrian business, Aspire Performance Horses specializes in breeding Arabians and Friesian horses. The trainers at Aspire Performance Horses have amassed many accolades in saddleseat, hunt seat, western pleasure and other divisions, leading them to award-winning horses and rider teams.

Saddleseat riding is a style of riding where horses showcase a high-stepping trot. The origins of saddleseat riding can be traced back to two sources; horseback riding of plantation-style and English influence. Horseback riding of plantation-style was a style where an agile and high-stepping horse was used to cover as much ground as possible when caring for large parcels of land. While the other origin was traced back to riders showcasing the beautiful high-stepping gaits of their horses on Sundays in England.

One of the criteria that differentiate saddleseat riding from other known English disciplines, is the rider’s equitation. Equitation in saddleseat riding is positioned behind the horse’s center of balance, which allows the horse to lift its front end and display more motion in all three gaits. Contrary to other horseback riding styles, riders are often positioned farther forward or upright over the center of balance with straight, high shoulders.

An elegant Arabian x Friesian Letter A Logo Design for the Equestrian Facilities in Lee’s Summit, Kansas City, Missouri

EQ Graphics has established a well-known and successful reputation among many horse business owners around the world. The intricacy found in every custom-made letter A logo design showcases each horse business’s unique personality. Even though there isn’t a shortage of logo designers in Lee’s Summit in Kansas City, one of the reasons EQ Graphics is sought after internationally is the specific experience we harbor in the horse industry. It is important when looking for a letter A logo design for your horse businesses, that the designer has a well-established understanding of the horse world’s many facets and crafted a letter ‘A’ logo that captures your brand identity.

Brainstorming Sessions are Crucial for Intricate and Custom Letter A Logo Design

When a project is given to the EQ Graphics art team, we delve directly into discussing the brand identity and start brainstorming ideas. For Aspire Performance Horses’ letter A logo design, the emphasis was put on the word ‘Aspire’ and their two staple breeds. We wanted to showcase the saddleseat horses, which is why extensive thought went into the horses’ details in the vector art we created. Designing a custom letter ‘A’ logo for a horse business like Aspire Performance Horses was creatively challenging, yet it was a delight having the opportunity to design the brand identity for them.

The Creation of Aspire Performance Horses’ Brand Identity

For Aspire Performance Horses’ logo design, we designed a monogram with a clean line art letter A logo design showcasing the strength that Arabian and Friesian horses‘ harbor. We wanted the focus to be on the word ‘Aspire’; therefore, immense detail went into the letter ‘A’ logo concept and the words ‘ Performance Horses’ in a subtle and smaller font added nice balance to the logo. We wanted to precisely display Arabian and Friesian horses‘ strength, motion and presence, which could also reflect the trainers’ strength in the business. The words power and elegance were mostly in focus because their custom logo design directly reflects the brand identity. Using line art and drawing bridles on the horses, we could connect the eloquence in the saddleseat discipline.

Detailed Line Art and Design Elements Help Showcase the Brand Identity

Elegance and agility in Arabian and Friesian horses and the saddleseat discipline were entwined together in a letter A logo design using hand-drawn line art. To lace the name of Aspire Performance Horse into the logo, we enlarged the letter ‘A’ using a handmade cursive font while using subtle typography for the words ‘Performance’ and ‘Horses’ in a silver foil design.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“EQ Graphics did a phenomenal job creating a new logo for a new vision. I was not sure what I wanted, only knew the elements and target audience I wanted to gravitate towards, and they took care of the rest. Extremely easy process, timely production, excellent customer service. Their product is everything I could have hoped for and more.“

Horse Breeder's Elegant Custom Logo Featuring Both Arabian &Amp; Friesian