100% Original Jumping Horse Silhouette Example | NO Clipart!

Feb 13, 2024

Benchmark Stables requested a traditional style jumping horse silhouette that would impart the feeling of prestige and professionalism associated with their brand. Benchmark Stables is a state-of-the-art hunter/jumper training facility located near bustling Chicago, Illinois. Liz Atkins, owner and head trainer, specializes in training, instruction, and the sale of top quality show jumping prospects. Named by the USHJA as a top young professional Grand Prix rider in 2016, Liz prides herself on guiding both horses and riders to show ring success and particularly enjoys bringing along green show jumpers. 

We paired a symmetrical jumping horse silhouette with a classic oval snaffle bit design encircling a bold letter “B” monogram and the barn name in traditional serif font. Gold foil adds a sophisticated flair to this elegant silhouette style logo, and applied to branded equine and equestrian apparel the classically beautiful finished product is sure to draw attention, even at prestigious Grand Prix events.

Gold Foil Logo Adds Elegance To Grand Prix Barn's Business Cards

Jumping Horse Silhouette Logo Design for Illinois Hunter/Jumper Facility

Benchmark Stables is a premier hunter/jumper facility located in the Chicago, Illinois area. Owner and head trainer, Liz Atkins, brings a wealth of experience in the equine show jumping industry to the barn’s program, which specializes in instructing riders of all levels and the training of show jumping prospects. Selected as a top young professional Grand Prix rider in 2016, Liz’s favorite aspect of training is working with green show jumpers. 

The horse industry is big business in Illinois, with more than 64,000 horse owners and an estimated 285,000 citizens who take part in equestrian activities on a regular basis. Five horse racing tracks make up a large sector of the industry, with countless other opportunities available for equestrians in the form of horse shows, rodeos, 4-H, polo, trail riding, and the Horse Fair held annually in Springfield. It’s estimated that over 3000 youth are involved in 4-H horse programs in Illinois, an excellent opportunity to further the future of equine events in the state. 

The COVID-19 pandemic had a tremendous negative impact on Illinois’ horse industry. With stay at home orders stopping the stream of race goers, trail riders, and horse show exhibitors, many who make an industry in the equine industry found themselves struggling to stay afloat. Thankfully, life has returned to normal and riders are able to enjoy a weekend showing horses or placing bets at the track once more. 

Hand Drawn Jumping Horse Silhouette Logo Makes an Impression at Prestigious Show Facility

Illinois is home to premier equestrian facility, Lamplight Equestrian Center. This gorgeous horse show venue hosts a multitude of prestigious show circuits, including the HITS hunter/jumper circuit. Drawing exhibitors from all areas of the country, the HITS Chicago shows are the place to see and be seen on the Illinois sporthorse scene. With upscale show opportunities almost in their backyard, Benchmark Stables need a unique custom jumping horse silhouette logo that would be memorable and recognizable among the posh show jumping crowd. 

During their design consultation with our artist, Liz’s ideas for her company logo involved symmetry, eye-catching fonts, and elegant colors. Her finished design would need to look polished and professional on stall front drapes, tack trunks, wool coolers, and monogrammed jackets to stand out at the sophisticated HITS hunter/jumper shows.

Drawing inspiration from traditional fox hunting art, we paired symmetrical jumping horse silhouettes with a traditional oval snaffle bit design encircling a bold monogram style letter “B” and the barn name in a classic serif font. The vector art is simple, clean, and easy to read while retaining an air of elegance. Easy to resize, the custom logo design fits neatly on the smallest or largest of mediums for maximum brand visibility.  Gold foil completes the chic jumping horse silhouette design, easily paired with a variety of colors or classically elegant on business cards. 

Jumping Horse Silhouette Logo Starts With Your Ideas and a Sketch

We love working with clients in the equine industry to tell the story of why you love being immersed in the equestrian lifestyle. Breeders, trainers, veterinarians, and exhibitors worldwide have all trusted EQ Graphics time and time again to design unique line art logos that are a step above a typical jumping horse silhouette. Our artists take the time to get to know you, and the stories you tell us inspire the lines our pencils make in our sketchbook. Although our designs are simple, the impact they will make on your visual branding efforts are immense. Let us help you develop a cohesive look for your branding with an aesthetic that truly fits who you are and what you do.

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Timeless Jumping Horse Silhouette Logo For Grand Prix Facility