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Feb 13, 2024

Birch Grove Therapeutic Riding Center is nestled in the valley of the breathtaking Alaska mountains, near Anchorage. Carrie Drury, a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) certified therapeutic riding instructor, helps individuals with disabilities find their wings on the back of a gentle horse. 

The custom logo design that our artists created for Birch Grove was somewhat of a detour from the ordinary for EQ Graphics. The unique design started with the line art image of a proud horse with feathers woven into its mane as a nod to Inuit culture. Within the body of the horse is a digital painting landscape that depicts the stable tucked away between the untamed yet beautiful wilderness of an Alaskan mountain range.

The business name was hand lettered in two different fonts-a feminine western font with hints of tribal inspiration, and a clean serif. A color palette of teals, blues, and coppers ties the colorful custom logo design together with colors inspired by the culture and geography of the Alaskan wilderness. We loved the challenge of creating this vector landscape logo design, and look forward to seeing it displayed on business cards, t-shirts, banners, and more!

Horse With Feathered Mane Adorns Digital Painting Logo Design

Realistic Digital Painting Landscape Logo for Alaskan Therapeutic Riding Center

Carrie Drury, a former Arkansas River raft guide, runs Birch Grove Therapeutic Riding Center in the Anchorage, Alaska suburb of Eagle River. Carrie is a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) certified therapeutic riding instructor. PATH offers a variety of certification opportunities for those interested in becoming involved in equine therapeutic activities. Through the use of online education, in-person workshops, and various continuing education opportunities, over 4500 certified instructors have taken part in PATH’s certification programs to further their career in equine assisted therapy

Instructors learn a variety of skills related to horsemanship, horse care, teaching skills, and working with students with disabilities. Safety is paramount across the different styles of equine assisted therapy-therapeutic riding, therapeutic driving, and interactive vaulting.

Therapeutic riding boasts a variety of benefits for individuals with disabilities. The movement of the human body that riders experience through a horse’s gait while riding is similar to that of a person walking. This helps riders with special needs develop balance, muscle strength, and increased flexibility. Two sidewalkers as well as an individual leading the horse will assist riders in feeling a sense of freedom and the enjoyment of being outdoors and interacting with horses as they enjoy a safe riding experience, which is depicted in this unique digital painting landscape. 

Learn more about PATH here:PATH INTERNATIONAL (

Therapeutic Riding Center’s Digital Painting Landscape Logo Provides Realistic View of Alaskan Mountainside

Birch Grove Therapeutic Riding Center is located near Anchorage, Alaska, in the suburb of Eagle River and the facility is creatively shown in thedigital painting landscape within their Inuit horse logo design. The town is located close to Mount Baldy, which is a world renowned hiking destination and is situated within the Chugach Mountains. The Eagle River also makes its way through the community. Eagle Ridge has over 22,000 residents and draws a number of visitors each year who enjoy the hiking, white water rafting, and various other wilderness activities the area affords.

The Inuit people of this beautiful land have long created unique artwork includingdigital painting landscapes. In early days, their preferred mediums were ivory walrus tusks, antlers, bone, and stone. The subjects of this primitive artwork were generally animals, and many of the pieces had religious significance. Geometric, elaborate designs often depicted both animals and humans. 

James Archibald Bishop introduced block printing to the Inuit people, and this led to the production of artwork that illustrated life in the Alaskan wilderness. Hunting scenes, family life, and images from Inuit mythology became available as artwork. In today’s world, this artwork can range from very abstract to highly focused on naturalism like the art of thedigital painting landscape designed for this Alaskan logo design. 

Colorful, Detailed Digital Painting Landscape Logo for Anchorage Area Therapeutic Riding Center

This colorful custom logo combines our signature line art style with a unique, highly realistic vectordigital painting landscape. Our artists talked to Carrie about her company and her visions for her business’ brand during our brainstorming session, then put these ideas to work in their sketchbook.

First, we created a line art image of a horse with a flowing mane and forelock looking backwards over his shoulder at the viewer. Hand drawn feathers are woven into the regal horse’s mane, a nod to both the community name and elements of Inuit art and culture. Within the body of the horse, we placed a digital painting landscape that depicts Birch Grove’s stable tucked away amongst the snow capped Alaskan peaks. A vector painting, much like line art designs, is easily resized without pixelation. 

A feminine western font was used for a portion of the business name. The hand lettered font hints of both western and tribal styles, with swirling embellishments. A clean sans serif font is used for the remainder of the brand’s name, with all of the lettering rendered in capital letters for a bold, eye-catching effect. 

An earthy, Native American style color palette comes together throughout this original logo design. Carrie can pull from the variety of colors in the design to create a complete, cohesive visual branding aesthetic.

If you’re interested in a unique digital painting or vector landscape logo, our artists would love to hear your ideas for your branding. Visit to schedule a complimentary design consultation. You can also find more inspiration and ideas @EqGraphics on Instagram.

Vector Landscape Adds Unique Personal Element To Therapeutic Riding Center Custom Logo