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Oct 21, 2021

Georges Bittar is an international show jumping legend and a lifelong equestrian from Lebanon. Although he has traveled the world competing at prestigious events such as Olympic qualifiers, World Cup qualifiers, and the Pan Arab games, Bittar now prefers to spend his time training riders of all ages and skill levels at Hansen Dam Equestrian Center in Los Angeles, California. Georges is thoroughly satisfied to have passed the competitive torch on to his daughters Alyce and Amelie, who are winning show jumpers themselves.

The Bittar Stables logo design is part of our “Living Logos” collection, which is made up of art inspired by the people and horses that shape our clients’ lives and businesses. Our artists crafted a highly detailed jumping horse vector design that is chock full of personal touches that tell the story of Team Bittar. The striking original logo features the likenesses of Alyce and Amelie Bittar soaring over a jump on their show jumpers, along with a reproduction of the cedar tree on the Lebanese flag. A blend of hand lettered fonts, including a custom script and a classic serif, adds the finishing touch to this gorgeous equine logo design.

Lebanese Tree Adds Touch Of Character To International Show Jumper's Custom Logo

Jumping Horse Vector Design Tells International Show Jumping Family’s Unique Brand Story

Bittar Stables is a show jumping facility based out of Hansen Dam Equestrian Center in Los Angeles, California. Founded by international show jumping competitor Georges Bittar, Bittar Stables prides itself on top notch instruction for show jumping riders from intermediate to Grand Prix levels.

Georges Bittar, originally from Lebanon, has been dedicated to the art of horsemanship for his entire life. He served as a member of the Lebanese cavalry division and also has a background in veterinary medicine.  Bittar, who has competed at the highest levels of show jumping competition, has trained with equestrian greats such as Richard Spooner, Peter Wyld, and Ann Kursinski. His travels around the world have led him to show jumping competitions at the Pan Arab games, world military championships, Olympic and World Cup qualifiers, and the Mediterranean games. Georges even broke the Lebanese record for high jumping.

Bittar is known for being able to look into the minds of the equine athletes he molds into show jumpers, and for having the innate ability to communicate with them on a unique level. The Bittar Stables European school of training also emphasizes the importance of molding riders into all-around equestrians. Riders under Georges’ instruction do not show up at the barn with the expectation that a groom will simply hand them the horse’s reins to go ride and collect the horse again upon completion. All members of Team Bittar take part in learning how to care for their equine partners on a daily basis.

Riders are taught the basics of horse care such as feeding, grooming, and barn upkeep and are expected to participate in these activities before and after riding. Aside from instilling discipline and pride in a job well done into riders, this school of thought strengthens the bond between horse and rider. Bittar Stables’ paramount philosophy is that our horses are not just an animal that equestrians ride-they are humans’ partners and this is a message they wanted to convey in theirjumping horse vector logo design. Georges’ students compete in local IEL shows, North American Junior and Young Rider Championships, nationally and internationally ranked shows, Grand Prix events, and AAA rated shows.

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Jumping Horse Vector Design Inspired by Amelie Bittar and Alyce Bittar, International Show Jumpers

Bittar Stables’ customjumping horse vector logo design is part of our unique “Living Logos” collection. The inspiration behind each of these designs is an aspect of our clients’ lives that’s extremely meaningful to them and their branding. Often modeled after a photograph of the subject, these one of a kindjumping horse vector logos add a highly personal touch to the visual branding identity of any company.

Amelie Bittar and Alyce Bittar, who are depicted in this customjumping horse vector silhouette, are well spoken young ladies that are already accomplished international show jumpers in their own right. Both credit their father Georges’ tough love training methods with their evolution into top riders. They note that their father put them in courage building situations, such as riding varied horses over jumps they might find intimidating, from a young age and that these exercises helped them become confident handling any situation that might arise in the show or schooling ring. Both Amelie and Alyce adhere to Team Bittar’s collective goal of maintaining healthy, happy horses with positive mindsets-horses that love their job.

This striking jumping horse vector design depicts Georges’ Bittar’s daughters, Amelie and Alyce, each in mid-flight over a jump on their show jumpers. The simple line art design contains highly realistic details, from the horses’ flash nosebands, fly bonnet, and jumping boots to each horse’s unique expression over the jump. A replica of the cedar tree on the Lebanese flag adds an extra personal touch to this striking hand drawn logo.

A custom script font paired with a regal serif for the business name is the icing on the cake for this stunning originaljumping horse vector logo design. 

Jumping Horse Vector Design Ready for Team Bittar’s Branding Ideas

We’ve found that the equestrians we work with absolutely adore branded items. That’s why our signature line art style designs are perfect for equine industry use. Vector style designs make resizing resoundingly simple, and we make sure that every client knows exactly what each file we provide is used for. 

The gorgeous custom show jumping logo our artists created for Georges Bittar and his family business will look perfect on a variety of branded items-stall guards, tack trunks, jackets, dress coolers, the sky’s the limit. Make sure that your unique brand is recognized at all the premier equestrian events throughout the year. All you have to do to get started is visit to schedule a complimentary design consultation with one of our graphic designers. We can’t wait to help elevate your company’s visual branding identity!

Line Art Show Jumping Logo Design For California's Team Bittar