Stunning 100% Custom Feminine Line Art Logo of Woman & Horse

Feb 14, 2024

Bjärkhults Gård is found in a quiet little village in Vena located in Hultsfreds municipality in Sweden. They specialize in bridleless classical dressage and liberty horsemanship. The Classical dressage inspired feminine line art logo conveys the beauty and lightness of a Baroque Andalusian horse performing a piaffe brideless, with a bareback female rider to add a touch of simplistic elegance and fully convey the message of their unique Baroque horse training program.

Feel The Energy Behind This Liberty Horse Trainer's Stunning Dressage Horse Logo

Feminine Line Art Logo Featuring Classical Dressage Design for Bjärkhults Gård in Sweden

Bjärkhults Gård has primarily bred Andalusian and Baroque horses alongside running a training center specializing in Classical dressage at liberty, or as they like to call it Freedom Dressage. The Andalusian and Baroque horses are trained in Bjärkhults Gård by experienced trainers who have a history of excelling in advanced and basic freedom dressage. Classical dressage at liberty is a type of horse training based on mutual trust between the horse and the rider. 

Instead of using tack, this method motivates the horse to cooperate in a natural manner. This way, the relationship between the horse and the rider can grow stronger. It also aims to build an understanding between the rider and the horses through body language. The rider can later communicate to the horse what they want by using body language to easily interpret and recognize the horses natural movements. Going bridleless with a horse is a form of freedom dressage since no coercion is used; instead, body communication is the main focus.

Why are Baroque Horses Synonymous with Classical Dressage?

Baroque horses denote a horse breed group with a strong and agile body type that allows them to have a mild temperament and move expressively yet smoothly. Comfortable and versatile are both words used to describe Baroque horses. Similar to Andalusian horses, Baroque horses were prominent horses in the Middle Ages. The Andalusian horse, which is an ancient horse breed, has been top-rated among Spanish nobility. They were also used as warhorses due to their robust, agile, and intelligent characteristics. Derived from its name, Andalusian horses originate from Andalusia in southern Spain.

Both Baroque and Andalusian horses possess the strong and agile characteristics suited for the discipline needed for classical dressage.

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A Universal Andalusian and Baroque Custom Design in a Feminine Line Art Logo for Horse Training Facilities in Gothenburg

Professional and custom made horse logos are some of the primary reasons why EQ Graphics help create a unique identity for horse businesses. Their 15-year experience in the custom horse logo field facilitates communication between them and their clients while also guaranteeing intricate and appealing feminine line art logo designs. Custom, professional, and detailed horse logos could be beautiful for horse training facilities in Gothenburg, the city that hosts the yearly international horse competition “Göteborg Horse Show.” One way to attract attention to a horse business is by having a unique horse logo design. Such designs like feminine line art logos will distinguish your own unique horse business from many other horse businesses.

Intricate Design Elements Help Elevate the Brand Identity

Strength, an attribute shared by both Andalusian and Baroque horses, was visually weaved into Bjärkhults Gårds feminine line art logo by outlining both horses’ similar bodies. The designer used line art to display the horses’ body outline, which added a feminine touch to the custom logo. The hand-drawn effect combined with the name’s effortless typography, simplistic elegance was introduced to the brand identity.

Enhancing your Brand Identity with EQ Graphics

At EQ graphics, a tremendous amount of time is put into each logo to create custom feminine line art logo designs that capture and showcase each unique horse business’s essence. Along with the help of professional and experienced designers, we can take you through the process of personalization, branding, or rebranding and enhancing your horse business logo. All questions about our brand are welcome.  We hope to work with you in the process of creating personalized and timeless horse logo designs that accurately yet professionally capture the essence of your horse business.

Stunning Bridleless Dressage Horse Performs Piaffe In Liberty Horse Trainer's Logo