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Bluegrass Assets Farm Logo

Feb 14, 2024

When Carol Rey-Delfino approached us about designing a mule logo for her private donkey and mule farm, she wasn’t sure she would be taken seriously after looking through our portfolio filled with so many show barns and top level sporthorse competitors. She quickly came to learn that we take EVERYONE seriously and we absolutely LOVE donkeys and mules! We feel they are often one of the most overlooked and underappreciated of the equus species, and we completely understood how she felt about the cartoon mule clipart that floats around the internet depicting such angry and cartoonish animals – we feel the same way. 

Donkeys and mules may be among the kindest and most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom and we were honored to design a ‘Living Logo’ to showcase her beloved Beasley, the dressage mule, who made it all the way to the US Dressage Finals. She wanted her donkeys and mules to be represented with dignity, class and elegance and this was a task we handled with extreme care to ensure her beautiful Beasley was given the representation he deserves.

Elegant Gold Foil Line Art Mule Logo For California Dressage Mule Farm

Elegant Hand Drawn Mule Logo for Bakersfield, California Dressage Competitor

Bluegrass Assets Farm is located in Bakersfield, California and owned by Carol Ray-Delfino. Together with trainer Laura Hermanson, Bluegrass Assets Farm focuses on producing a small number of talented performance mules each year that excel in a variety of disciplines.

Laura Hermanson owned and piloted her molly mule Heart B Dyna (“Dyna”) to the title of first mule to ever compete in the finals at the 2014 United States Dressage Finals at the Kentucky Horse Park. A documentary about Dyna, called “Dyna Does Dressage,” premiered in Tryon, North Carolina at the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games. While Dyna was recovering from a rattlesnake bite, she met Troy and Carol Ray-Delfino and took over the training and campaigning of their well-known mule, Behold the Desert (“Beasley”), which is why he needed a mule logo of his own.

Carol Ray-Delfino spent years visiting California’s Mule Days before she decided that she simply must have a mule of her own. After a long search, she stumbled upon Beasley, bred by Candace Shauger and out of a Quarter Horse mare. Carol and Beasley took on the show ring together before he began his dressage career, and had an abundance of success. They competed successfully in english and western pleasure, as well as showmanship at a number of large mule shows.

Beasley was named Reserve All-Around English Performance Mule at California’s Mule Days one year, and he even competed in reining and jumping. It was obvious that Beasley was a versatile, willing athlete with the ability to excel in a variety of equestrian events. 

Beasley eventually made his way to Texas with Hermanson to begin his dressage career. Laura notes that mules can be a challenging ride, and they require patience and fairness from their ride-however, they’re willing partners for a rider or trainer that they trust. Together Hermanson and Beasley have competed in the first level freestyle at the U.S. Dressage Finals, among other elite dressage events. 

Learn more about Beasley and mules in dressage in this article: 

Elegant Line Art Mule Logo That Is Part of EQ Graphic’s “Living Logos” Collection

Carol Ray-Delfino approached us somewhat apprehensively about designing a custom mule logo for Bluegrass Assets Farm. Her ideas for her businesses mule logo included a likeness of her good mule Beasley that would showcase donkeys and mules in a classy, dignified way. She knew that she was not interested in a stereotypical clipart mule logo design since so many of these illustrate mules and donkeys as being stubborn and cantankerous. Her unique custom logo also needed to be sophisticated enough to fit in at elite show venues like the Kentucky Horse Park.

With this inspiration in mind, our artists set out to design a classic vector style design that would embody the champion spirit of Carol’s mule, Beasley. Part of EQ Graphics’ signature “Living Logos” collection, every detail of this stunning line art design illustrates Beasley as the star he is. The kind eye, roached mane, and neatly collected frame show all of the mule’s best assets, and the design is easily recognized as Beasley himself. 

Sophisticated Mule Logo With Classic Luxury Design Elements

We used several design elements to impart a dignified, luxurious aesthetic in this stunning mule logo. Gorgeous hand lettered formal script showcases the company name. Although a variety of colors can be used for an elegant branding identity, gold foil is always a popular option. Chic gold foil paired with the elegant font looks simply stunning on Bluegrass Assets Farm’s business cards and other printed materials.

Stunning Vector Style Mule Logo Takes Farm’s Visual Branding to the Luxury Level

Our company is known for our signature line art style. Our artists love utilizing this simple yet realistic style because not only is it a refreshing turn from the ordinary, it is also amazingly simple to resize for various uses. Carol Ray-Delfino’s gorgeous mule logo will look just as nice on polo shirts as it will on dress sheets at elite dressage competitions.

We take into consideration the uses you have in mind for your unique custom logo during our design consultation, this helps shape our vision for your original logo design. Trusted throughout the equine industry due to our attention to detail that equestrian’s demand, we enjoy bringing your brand to life with a business logo that you can be proud of. To get started on yours, visit us at to schedule your complimentary design consultation. 

Small Dressage Mule Logo For Bluegrass Assets

“Absolutely LOVE it. It’s clean, classy and so rich looking. Sooooo talented. The eye is amazing, totally matches his incredible expression. He has such an amazing personality. You nailed it! Soooooo glad we went with you! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!“

Sophisticated Script &Amp; Gold Foil Add Elements Of Class To Elegant Mule Logo