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Feb 12, 2024

Logos with negative space are one of the hottest minimalistic design trends, and we couldn’t wait to try our hand at creating one for the equestrian lifestyle apparel company, Bold Equestrian. Our artists created one of these unique logos with negative space that integrates illustrations of each of the three phases of three day eventing competition into the bolded word “Bold.” 

Incorporating the image of a cross country jumper landing a jump, a dressage horse at the half pass, and a show jumping horse soaring over a fence into the business name enabled us to pack a lot of detail into this custom logo without taking up a lot of space-ideal for use on apparel items. Creating these silhouette style images was a fun detour from the vector style designs we’re generally known for, and we look forward to designing more unique logos with negative space for brands in both the equine industry and beyond in the future!

Three Day Eventing Logo Created In Hot Negative Space Design Style

Logos With Negative Space Appeal to Equestrian Lifestyle Apparel Company

When an apparel company approached us about creating a custom logo for a clothing brand geared toward those enamored by the exciting sport of three day eventing, we knew that logos with negative space would allow us to incorporate all three phases of the competition into one original logo design without creating art that would look overly crowded. 

In three day eventing (or simply “eventing” as it’s commonly referred to in the equine industry), a rider rides one horse throughout all phases of the competition. Eventing is said to have evolved from cavalry tests that required riders and horses to be proficient in all areas of riding to be prepared for survival on the battlefield. 

Events can be held over a single day or over three to four days, with riders competing first in dressage, moving on to cross-country jumping, and finally to the show jumping arena on the last day. Recognized by the FEI, three day eventing competitors begin the first day with a dressage test. Horse and rider are judged by how well they work together, as well as the horse’s suppleness, balance, and rhythm-all prerequisites for success in the cross-country and show jumping phases. The highest levels of three day eventing may require horses to perform maneuvers such as the half-pass at the trot, flying lead changes, and other advanced skills.

The second day of competition at an eventing competition moves to the cross-country course. Rider and horse will face a series of sturdy jumps emulating natural elements such as heavy log jumps, stone walls, ditches, ponds, and various drops and banks. This phase calls for a fit, courageous horse with a bold rider who is capable of safely piloting the pair through the challenging course outside the confines of the arena. The cross-country run is timed, and judges observe each jump for evidence of a variety of faults.

The last day of three day eventing competition moves back to the show ring for stadium jumping. Unlike the cross-country obstacles, show jumping fences are easily knocked down and are often richly decorated. This timed event tests the fitness, agility, and jumping ability of the horse as they complete the stadium jumping course after the demands of the previous day’s cross-country run. 

Learn more about FEI eventing here: Eventing | |

Logos With Negative Space One of Today’s Most Popular Minimalist Logo Design Concepts

In today’s graphic design world, minimalism has become one of the most wildly popular styles of design.  A minimalist logo design eliminates unnecessary distractions that might take the consumer’s eye away from the intended message of the branding. Minimalist logo designs rely heavily on bold fonts and bright colors, or more white space than what is seen in busier logo art. Logos with negative space are the perfect choice for a brand that desires a custom logo with a minimalist aesthetic.

Unique Logos With Negative Space Perfect for Use on Apparel

Our artists knew that logos with negative space were the perfect candidate for Bold Equestrian’s custom logo design since the artwork would be used on baseball caps, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. We needed to create a unique hand drawn logo that displayed each phase of three day eventing competition without making the design seem overly busy or crowded, and that didn’t take up too much space on apparel pieces.

One of our first logos with negative space, we created an original logo design for Bold Equestrian that fit the silhouettes of a cross-country jumper landing a water jump, a dressage horse moving elegantly at the trotting half-pass, and a show jumper making a clean round in the stadium jumping arena neatly within part of the business name. We used a heavy, bold font for part of the company name with the remainder lettered in a classic serif font as a tagline.

The original design was rendered in gold foil, but this impactful logo design will be eye-catching in many colors.  This unique custom logo will bring the excitement of the sport of eventing to life on every piece of apparel it’s applied to and is a textbook example of how logos with negative space can be a bold alternative to vector style designs.

Whether you want to use your unique logo design on a clothing line or on your stall drapes and horse blankets, EQ Graphics is here to help you create your unique visual branding identity. Visit to schedule a design consultation at absolutely no cost to you. Our professional equestrian graphic designers look forward to hearing your ideas for your brand! If you need a little inspiration, be sure to follow us on Instagram @EqGraphics.

Logos With Negative Space Fit Eventing Lifestyle Apparel Brand Perfectly