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Jan 3, 2024

Bulrush Equine Centre is a beautiful boarding and training barn in Michigan City, Indiana that has a unique perk-the owner, Dr. Scott Baldwin, is a veterinarian. Aside from a pristine barn, turnout paddocks, and heated riding arena, Bulrush Equine Centre offers acupuncture, chiropractic services, and other veterinary medical care at the farm. Dr. Baldwin and his wife also breed silver dapple Morgan horses and offer training for a diverse array of events-they are even involved in mounted archery!

Our artists created a square shaped custom logo for Bulrush Equine Centre that incorporated both the business’ namesake and the Morgan horse breed that the Baldwins so love. A line art Morgan horse with flaxen mane and tail and cattail silhouette art are the focal points of this stunning hand drawn logo. We used a variety of colors to create a blue and green gradient that adds a peaceful aesthetic to the scene, and a modern sans serif font displays the company name without unnecessary embellishment. This gorgeous vector style design will add a polished touch to the farm’s signage, business cards, banners, and more.

Serene Gradient Adds Beauty To Boarding Barn's Custom Cattail &Amp; Morgan Logo Design

Cattail Silhouette Logo Design for Boarding Barn and Veterinarian Facility

Bulrush Equine Centre is a beautiful equestrian facility located in Michigan City, Indiana. Dr. Scott Baldwin DVM, CVCP, CVMA, and his wife Melissa strive to provide boarders, training clients, and veterinary clinic patients with the best possible experience. Dr. Baldwin’s background includes both holistic and traditional veterinary medicine. He incorporates a variety of treatment methods into his practice, including chiropractics, laser therapy, herbs, preventative care, nutrition, and acupuncture. He also has a special interest in ultrasonography, equine, and small ruminant medicine. The farm’s veterinary clinic area includes exam rooms and isolation stalls. The cattail silhouette we incorporated into their logo represents ‘Bulrush’ – another word for Cattail.

Aside from the Baldwins’ veterinary clinic, Bulrush Equine Centre also offers full-service boarding and training. The facility boasts an indoor heated arena, twenty seven 12×12 stalls, wash racks, and heated tack rooms, as well as turnout paddocks for the horses to enjoy grazing. The facility has all the amenities that equestrians appreciate, but having an onsite business owner that is also a veterinarian is certainly a huge perk.

Boarders can rest easy knowing that in the event of an emergency, their horse will be receiving care from a professional that is familiar with the horse in everyday life. Knowing the horses in such a familiar individual nature allows the Baldwins’ to quickly identify if a horse is feeling under the weather based on subtle changes in its daily behavior patterns. This allows for prompt treatment that can help avert costlier emergencies. 

Learn more about Bulrush Equine Centre and see theircattail silhouette logo in use here: 

Beautiful Cattail Silhouette Logo Design for Silver Dapple Morgan Breeder

Bulrush Equine Centre is also home to the Baldwins’ silver dapple Morgan breeding program. Three color dilutions are found in the Morgan breed, and silver is the least common. In 2018 there were only around 100 silver dapple Morgans. The silver gene only affects black-based horses, so if a black, bay, buckskin, or other black based horse color carries the silver gene the horse will be silver. “Silver” is in fact more of a chocolate color with distinct dapples. UC Davis offers a test for silver dapple so that horse owners can determine whether their horse will pass on the silver coloring if bred. 

Silver dapple Morgan horses have been determined to be descendents of a 1916 cross of a stallion named Dan and a mare named Nellie Skinner. Quite a bit of research and record keeping has been done on these unique Morgan horses courtesy of The Silver Dapple Morgans Project. The project is dedicated to keeping up with silver dapples and their offspring to keep an accurate count of these uniquely colored horses and researching the science behind the color. 

Learn more about the Silver Dapple Morgans Project here:  

Inspiration for Cattail Silhouette Logo Gleaned From Indiana Boarding Barn & Morgan Breeder’s Business Name

After speaking with the Baldwin family during their brainstorming session, our artists put together some ideas for a rough sketch of their custom logo design. A vector style Morgan horse design would be the focal point of the hand drawn logo. A distinctly masculine Morgan stallion faces away from the viewer, looking back toward his powerfully muscled hindquarters. His flaxen/silver mane and tale hint of the unique colors found in the silver dapple Morgan horses that the farm produces.

The regal Morgan horse is situated next to acattail silhouette, a nod to the company name of this pristine farm. We created this cattail silhouette logo in a square framed style, with the business name partially displayed in a blue/green gradient colored accent box in a crisp sans serif font. The colors of the gradient add a peaceful, serene aesthetic to this stunning hand drawn custom logo. Thecattail silhouette design can be easily resized to fit beautifully on business cards, customer invoices, brochures, banners, and more for personalized visual branding.

No matter what the scope of your equestrian business is, it would be our honor to have a part in creating a custom logo design that highlights your company in a personalized manner. Add an elegant, professional touch to your branding with a logo that is customized for your unique goals and passions, even when that requires drawing a vectorcattail silhouette. To get started, just visit to schedule a complimentary design consultation. One of our graphic artists will be back with you in a short amount of time so we can get started on your custom logo art!

Square Shaped Morgan Horse &Amp; Cattail Logo