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Camilla Nylander Hovslageri Logo

Nov 8, 2021

ThisHäst Logotyp (Swedish for horse logo) was designed for Camilla Nylander Hovslageri, an up and coming farrier business in Sundsvall, Sweden. Aside from providing horses in the ever growing Swedish equine industry with quality shoeing and hoof maintenance, Camilla enjoys testing her knowledge and skills through Hovslagartävlingar, or Swedish farrier competitions. With Thoroughbred racing and harness racing being the second most popular spectator sports in Sweden and equestrian activities being wildly popular among youth, Camilla’s client base will without a doubt continue to grow with the popularity of horse related events and activities in the country.

We created an avant garde style dressage horse moving toward the viewer in an elegant collected trot. Our artists rendered the business name in a bold sans serif that’s easy to read at a distance and puts an emphasis on Camilla’s name. Thicker lines in the vector style design optimize monogramming on larger items like jackets while maintaining ease of resizing for both small and large branded items without sacrificing the quality of this striking custom logo.

Bold Avant Garde Sporthorse Logo For Swedish Farrier

Elegant Häst Logotype for Swedish Farrier in Sweden

Camilla Nylander is a farrier in Sundsvall, Sweden. She provides routine hoof care and maintenance, traditional and corrective shoeing, and troubleshooting larger hoof issues to both companion and performance horses with her up and coming company, Camilla Nylander Hovslageri. 

Prior to taking on clients, Camilla completed education on the art of farrier work so that she could best serve the horses and riders she would be working with. The European Federation of Farriers Associations has been a huge proponent for competent farriery across the European countries. The Association is committed to making sure that the horses of Europe receive farrier work that is of a certain standard of excellence. They provide a variety of continuing education opportunities for both horse owners and farriers, as well as offer farriers a forum for sharing experiences between each other.

They have developed a registered database of Certified Eurofarriers that pride themselves on continuing to learn about their trade throughout their career so that they might provide the best possible care to the horses they serve. The European Federation of Farriers Associations also encourages farriers to work closely with veterinarians when therapeutic or corrective methods are required.

Learn more about the European Federation of Farriers Associations here:  

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StrikingHäst Logotyp for Swedish Farrier Involved in Hovslagartävlinga

Camilla also enjoys testing the knowledge and skills she gained both from her education and her work experience in Hovslagartävlinga-farrier competitions. These competitions offer farriers and horse owners the chance to partake in education, fellowship, and friendly competition. A typical Hovslagartävlinga provides the team or individual with an anvil and forge, and they are then assigned a horse and presented with the horse’s unique shoeing challenge. The team then has two hours to remove the horse’s existing shoes, trim the hooves, and fit the horse with a fresh set of shoes.  

These competitions offer a unique challenge to farriers since they are required to work with varying styles of hooves, showing requirements, and ailments. However, they can be an excellent learning experience and a vector for seeing how other farriers approach the different situations each individual horse’s hooves present. The competition can be a prime example of collaborative learning at its finest. Camilla can use her hand drawn copper foil hast logotyp on bold black business cards, decals for her work truck, jackets and down vests, and more to advertise her farrier business across Sweden.

Unique Avant GardeHäst Logotyp for Farrier in Sweden

Our artists wanted to design an avant gardeHäst Logotyp for up and coming farrier business, Camilla Nylander Hovslageri. After discussing her ideas for her branding during our design consultation, we created a line art styleHäst Logotyp dressage horse sketch that is both bold and elegant. The horse, outfitted in neat braids and a traditional double bridle, is neatly collected and appears to be moving at the piaffe in the direction of the viewer. Although we rendered this hast logotyp in our signature line art style, we did use thicker lines in this custom logo so that it could be more easily monogrammed on larger apparel items like jackets and vests. 

We offer a variety of hand lettered fonts to fit the unique personality of each brand, and we chose a bold, modern sans serif for Camilla’s company name for herHäst Logotyp. The original design was created in copper foil for an elegant, yet slightly rustic aesthetic. This gorgeousHäst Logotyp can be used in a variety of colors, but we especially love the copper foil when used on dark business cards for a first impression that’s both professional and innovative-like this charming hovslageri herself.

Our passion at EQ Graphics is helping equestrian businesses around the world build a visual identity for their brand that ties together what they do with why they do it, as well as a sprinkling of personal interests or sentimental elements. Don’t settle for generic equine clipart designs. As equestrians ourselves, we’re dedicating to creating a custom logo that depicts your chosen breed or discipline in the best light possible.

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Swedish Farrier's Avant Garde Hast Logotyp