100% Authentic Castle Logo Design with Finnish Architecture

Feb 13, 2024

Originally from Borgå, Finland, Castle River Sporthorses offers horse owners on the West Coast a beautiful and professional training facility outside of Eugene, Oregon. The symmetrical, hand-drawn castle logo design highlights the silhouettes of two show jumpers flagging a historic ‘turret’, in a similar shape to what may be seen on a castle or other traditional architecture found throughout Finland. The castle turret, which has the mystique of a historical cupola, along with the lettering can be used as a stand-alone element of the logo when embroidering on a cap, polo or other small areas where a taller proportion to the logo is more appropriate.

Castle Inspired Monogram Logo For Elite Sporthorse Training Facility
Modern Branding Logo for Castle River Sporthorses

Castle Logo Design with two Show Jumping Silhouette Horses and Architecture in Finland to Create Personal Modern Branding

Castle River Sporthorses is an equestrian facility located in Eugene, Oregon, that features an array of utilities for horses while also offering different boarding services. Their 20,880 sq. ft. barn includes 18 stalls with accessible grass pastures for boarding use in the summertime. This castle logo design showcases the river and modern barn colors.

The athletic ability of the Warmbloods and Sport horses bred by Castle River Sporthorses makes them versatile for different styles. The horses are bred for show jumping but could effortlessly cross over to dressage.

The aim of breeding Warmbloods is almost purely for equestrian sport purposes. These horses primarily originate from Europe. The name “Warmbloods” was coined to distinguish them from cold bloods and hot bloods. Cold bloods are well-known as large, heavy draft horses, while hot bloods have a reputation for their rather low-weigh appearance and high speed. Contrary to cold and hot bloods, Warmbloods are middle-weight horses recognized as excellent hunters and show jumpers.

Warmbloods are mostly categorized as dressage horses and show jumpers because of their athletic ability in equestrian events such as show jumping. The difference between the hunter and jumper division is primarily due to the different focus points. For jumpers, the main focus is purely the complex ability to attempt obstacles and clear them without basing the judgment on manners and style. Conversely, for hunters, the main focus is the standard of manners, style, and way of going. For both divisions, Warmbloods are a reliable breed.

Click here to visit Castle River Sporthorse Website: http://www.castleriversporthorses.com/

Eugene, Oregon Logo Designer: A Hand-drawn Symmetrical Horse and castle logo design

Searching for a logo designer located in Eugene, Oregon, specializing in complex niches such as a horse business logo designer, could be challenging. The symmetrical Warmblood horse logo could be spotted in Eugene, Oregon, which also happens to be home for mountain trail events hosted every year. Having a distinctive and modern branding logo that effortlessly captures others’ attention at such horse events is an obvious way to gain exposure. At EQ Graphics, we are there to help with our intensive knowledge about horse businesses and logo designs. Having a logo designer that recognizes the various aspects of your horse business niche is essential for your business’s success.

Integrating a touch of Finland’s Architecture into this Hand-Drawn Modern Castle Logo Design

The process of customizing a horse and castle logo design always starts with a discussion about the client’s wishes. In this case, the brand identity had a strong relationship with Castle River’s Finnish heritage. As all horse breeds have a distinct shape, we opted to design a silhouette of a jumper in perfect form mirrored into the logo. Through this modern castle logo design, the client sought to mediate professionalism, competitiveness, and stability. All three qualities are needed to win in the show jumping arena. We were able to combine various design elements to convey these three simple words through one glance at their custom castle logo design.

Creating the Symmetrical Jumping Horse Design for Castle River Sporthorses‘ Castle Logo Design

We designed a custom castle logo design with symmetrical, hand-drawn silhouettes that depict the characteristics of a top show jumper. This will capture the attention of many, especially at a show jumping event. Making the silhouettes face each other implies some competition between them and therefore successfully conveys that Castle River Sporthorses is a highly competitive show barn. The CR monogram was placed inside of the cupola or ‘turret’ resembling architecture in Finland. This piece of their castle logo design can be used independently from the horses for areas where small applications are necessary, like embroidery on a cap or polo shirt.

Detail is the Key Component for this Eye-catching Modern Branding Logo

Castle River Sporthorsesmodern branding logo features the same typography throughout the words. The difference between the words lies in the color and the size of the letters. For this castle logo design, we wanted to shine the light on the words ‘Castle’ and ‘River,’ primarily since Oregon is widely known for its rivers. We chose a blue color for the word river, reflecting the serene environment that the horses are surrounded by.

Focusing on Brand Individuality with EQ Graphics

Branding a business is a non-negotiable part of marketing. As humans, we often focus on the outer appearance before deciding whether to delve into it or not. This holds a lot of truth when it comes to any business. What sparks an interest in the human brain are the beautiful colors, unique drawings, and design depth. Therefore, making it crucial to have a unique business logo that successfully and effortlessly speaks to your facility’s purpose. At EQ Graphics, we work with accurate design ideas that uplift your horse business identity. With our professional and modern branding logos, we hope to work with you to boost your brand identity.

Small Finland Jumping Horse Logo For Castle River Sporthorses

“For the past year, I had struggled to come up with anything I liked, and when told that Eq Graphics customers often settle on the first rendition, I was hesitant and warned them that might not be the case with me. How wrong I was…

Thank you Eq Graphics! I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with my new logo! I wanted something clean and classy that would incorporate both a castle and a river, all while keeping a nice symmetry and flow.

When I saw the logo the first time I absolutely loved it! It has everything I had envisioned and I love how little details personal to me had been incorporated; a silhouette of my favorite stallion and the outline of the castle reminds me of the town hall in my hometown of Borgå (that translates to Castleriver).

I love having the flexibility of being able to move around the different parts to fit different situations. I couldn’t be happier and I’m hoping to have Eq Graphics build my website in the near future!

Sporthorse Training Facility's Castle &Amp; Jumping Horse Logo Design