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Cayman Islands Equestrian Center Logo

Feb 14, 2024

Tucked away in a shady corner of beautiful George Town, Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands Equestrian Center offers area equestrians a welcoming haven in which they can further their show ring goals. Offering boarding, Pony Club activities, summer camps, and instruction in dressage, jumping, and even vaulting, this family friendly facility has something to pique the interest of equestrians of all ages and skill levels.

We created a timeless dressage aesthetic for Cayman Islands Equestrian Center’s custom logo with a line art illustration of a powerful dressage horse engaged in the extended trot. The minimalistic vector style design is accented by two hand lettered fonts-custom calligraphy integrated into the image of the trotting horse and a classic serif to finish off the business name.

Cayman Islands Training Facility's Elegant Dressage Horse Logo Design

Line Art Custom Logo for Cayman Islands Equestrian Center With Traditional Dressage Aesthetic

Cayman Islands Equestrian Center is a family-owned business in George Town, Cayman Islands that strives to provide a fun, welcoming environment for any horse enthusiast that visits the facility. They provide boarding for residents of the island, with 22 box stalls that are optimized for the comfort of clients’ horses-every stall has a fan, rubber mats, and plush bedding. Horses and ponies can enjoy grazing in shaded paddocks, or have access to slow feed hay nets all day long during times of inclement or harsh weather. Riders have a variety of tools at their disposal for the training and enjoyment of their horses, including riding trails, a mirrored dressage arena, and FEI approved jumps.

For equestrians that do not own a horse, Cayman Islands Equestrian Center maintains a number of school horses on which riders can receive instruction from one of the center’s two knowledgeable trainers. Jessica McTaggert, an FEI Level 2 Coach, is the head dressage instructor. Mary Alberga is an FEI Level 2 jumping trainer, an FEI Level 1 certified coach, and an FEI Level 1 vaulting coach. Youth can begin learning the ropes at the center as early as 4-5 years old and progress through the various lesson programs to become accomplished riders.

Young riders can also participate in Pony Club, which includes a monthly meeting with various educational topics. Members can earn badges and progress to efficiency exams through the UK Pony Club program. This unique educational opportunity gives horse lovers from ages 5 up the chance to learn every aspect of owning, caring for, and riding horses.

Cayman Islands Equestrian Center also holds summer camp each year, where young riders can experience what daily life with a pony or horse of their own is like. They have the chance to go on trail rides, learn vaulting, participate in arts and crafts, and take a ride on the beach with their ponies. Another unique camp the center offers is their Own A Pony Camp. Campers are assigned a pony that’s all theirs throughout the week, and are responsible for the care, grooming, and preparation of the pony before, during, and after riding lessons. This provides a unique opportunity for children who may be unable to own a pony to experience the realities of horse ownership. 

Learn more about Cayman Islands Equestrian Center and theirdressage aesthetic here: The Equestrian Center | Home

Elegant Custom Logo Adds Dressage Aesthetic to Vaulting, Dressage, and Jumping Facility’s Visual Branding

Cayman Islands Equestrian Center is the only facility on the island that gives riders the chance to learn the art of vaulting. Vaulting is said to be one of the oldest known forms of equestrian sport. Vaulters perform a series of acrobatics on the back of a horse cantering on the longe line. They must face every direction and cover every part of the horse during their routine as their strength, flexibility, and coordination are put to the test. All of the skills learned in vaulting can be applied to traditional forms of riding, from dressage to hunter jumper events, as vaulters develop balance which leads to a secure seat. 

We love the elegant, traditional feel of thisdressage aesthetic logo in silver foil on navy blue, but it can be modified in various colors to match the styles of any branded items the unique design is displayed on. From show programs to monogrammed polo shirts, this hand drawn logo design adds an air of sophistication to all of Cayman Islands Equestrian Center’sdressage aesthetic visual branding needs.

Dressage Aesthetic Brought to Life by Powerful Extended Trot in Hand Drawn Custom Logo

Our artists wanted to create a traditional, elegant dressage aesthetic in Cayman Islands Equestrian Center’s original logo design. Nothing says “dressage” quite like the powerful extended trot, so we incorporated this flashy gait into the line art dressage horse illustration that makes up the focal point of the vector style logo design. A custom calligraphy font was integrated into the horse’s body fordressage aesthetic and visual appeal, and the remainder of the company name was rendered in a classic serif font for a clean, minimalistic look. This custom logo is a sophisticated addition to the center’s saddle pads, farm signs, brochures, and more. 

Whether you’re located on a tropical island or in our hometown of sunny Ocala, Florida, we make it easy for you to share your ideas with a graphic artist who will then use them as inspiration for a hand drawn custom logo that truly tells your brand’s story. All you have to do is visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation-we’ll handle the artwork!  See our latestdressage aesthetic designs on Instagram @eqgraphics.

Small Logo Of Horse In Extended Trot For Cayman Islands

“EQ Graphics designed the most gorgeous logo that I could ever have imagined. They took all my ideas and perfectly represented it in art form. The service was prompt, highly professional and I felt like my small project was their number one priority from start to finish.“

Line Art Custom Logo For Lesson Barn With Classic Dressage Aesthetic