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Centaurus Equestrian Logo

Feb 13, 2024

Widely recognized Friesian breeders, Centaurus Equestrian, are a West Australian company with over 40 years of experience in the equine industry. In addition to breeding Friesians, they manufacture partitions, rug racks, feed troughs and their signature luxurious horse boxes in Perth, West Australia. The company is rapidly growing and expanding their notable services to customers and equine enthusiasts from many corners of the world.

The primary purpose of this logo was to create custom Friesian horse art that would also resonate with horse enthusiasts of all breeds and disciplines. We chose to focus on a noble head with a high neck carriage wearing a double bridle in a relaxed, yet proud position. The Friesian horse art is recognizable as a Friesian, but also remains attractive to both amateurs and professionals alike in other areas of the horse world.

Double Bridle Detail Makes Friesian Breeder's Logo Next Level

Custom Friesian Horse Art Created for a Friesian Breeder in Perth, West Australia

Combining the extensive experience, knowledge and passion of Paul and his wife, Centaurus Equestrian are currently taking interest in design consultation and planned construction related queries from their seasoned and young clients. Currently operating in West Australia, this location allows their customers to inspect and collect the boxes from the Western farm hence saving trips to their previous location in the eastern estates. Planning to introduce saddles and apparel in future, Paul and his wife are two professionals working to create a company that guarantees pre-eminent quality products for the horses and exceptional customer experience.
Click Here to visit Centaurus Equestrian: https://centaurusequestrian.com/

Ster KFPS Friesian Stallion standing at stud in Australia

Centaurus Equestrian is taking on 2021 by introducing an award winning stallion, Vulcan. It is the progeny of the infamous Friesian, Norbert 444. Remarkable, graceful and a beautiful mover, Vulcan is high–ranking and exudes a gentle nature. Vulcan was presented with the Ster Stallion award in 2019 by Australian Friesian Horse Society (AFHS) in conjunction with the KFPS in their bi annual Keuring. Trained in liberty, Vulcan responds to instructions eagerly and shows great promise as a breeding stallion.

Silver Foil was the perfect accent for this Friesian Horse logo

EQ Graphics took this opportunity to incorporate Australia’s delectable climate design in the Friesian horse Art of this Australian Farm. The logo represents a line art silhouette of a Friesian stallion resting calmly and focusing on the next big win. The horse logo design gives the impression of a silver foil outline of a horse on a dark background that donates the stunning black coat of the Friesian horses. The silver foil on black also symbolizes the mark of purebred in the horse logo design.

The Friesian Horse Art design exhibits the properties of being elegant, docile, brisk, energetic and active and having the will to succeed. The usage of contrasting black color brings out the silky and long mane of the breed which tells a story of care and love to the viewer.

Friesian Horse Art to convey the beauty of the breed

The Friesian Horse Art design highlights the significant well chiseled anatomy of the breed including arched necks, sloping shoulders, muscular bodies, long tail, timed limbs and wavy mane. The line art designed by the horse logo designer in Perth, West Australia is bold, minimal, futuristic, feminine, fine and well – structured. The variations of pressure within the lines of the Friesian Horse Art showcase the prestige of hand drawing and custom designing.

The power and presence of the Friesian depicted in logo art

EQ Graphics custom made design fits perfect for the gorgeous farm of Paul and his wife. The Friesian Horse Art design marks the presence of the breed that itself is strong and known in particular for recreational purposes and its strength. Custom designing allowed EQ to include the features of Friesian breed that would not be possible otherwise, the simple and modern stylization of the logo resonates the qualities of the breed; its curves, its elite magnificence, exclusiveness, vigor, resilience and dominance in the field.

The certain posture in the Friesian Horse Art design brings in limelight the discrete and distinct individuality of the Friesian which makes it stand out among other breeds and in turn other logo designs in West Australia. The posture vibrates with the memory which is an integral part of dressage in the equine industry. The opted design, typography and color palette is trending in popular media and has transformed into a unique Horse logo for Paul and his wife in the scope of Friesian Horse Art in Australia.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“After many Days searching the internet for a logo designer, I came across EQ Graphics and knew immediately that my logo had to be designed by them. Their logos and website designs have a certain something special which set’s them apart from all the other designers. I can’t put my finger on it! Perhaps this is why they are so good. Thank you very Much!“

Friesian Horse Logo That Establishes Professionalism &Amp; Authority In Equine Branding