Stunning Horse and Heart Silhouette | 100% Original Line Art

Centro De Equinoterapia De Panama Logo

Feb 15, 2024

This unique outline of horse and heart silhouette was designed for Centro de Equinoterapia de Panama, an equine assisted therapy facility that strives to improve the mental and physical well-being of children and adults through interaction with gentle horses.

Inspired by the loving care that therapy horses show toward their special riders and handlers, this gorgeous heart shaped custom logo incorporates a regal horse head with a flowing mane into the shape of the design. Accented by bold sans serif font and the silhouette of a map of Panama for an additional personal touch, our artists added to ensure anyone viewing this artwork feels the love behind the brand.

Panama Equine Assisted Therapy Center's Touching Horse Head &Amp; Heart Logo Design

Horse and Heart Silhouette Logo Design for Equine Assisted Therapy Center

Equine assisted therapy formally came to be in the mid 1900’s, but the benefits of equestrian activity have been noted as far back as the time of Ancient Greek civilization. It’s long been recognized that the horse can be a patient, caring therapeutic agent, soothing both the body and mind of individuals suffering from a multitude of incapacities. 

There are several diverse forms of equine assisted therapy. Some focus on helping patients develop or heal mentally. Equine assisted learning, for example, helps patients learn life and daily routine skills through taking part in the day to day activities required of caring for horses. Equine assisted psychotherapy lets a therapist help patients learn more about themselves and their place in the world and how they interact with others. They work through a patient’s feelings, behavior, and patterns while utilizing the care, feeding, and interaction with horses via ground exercises. 

Equine assisted therapy is also used to improve patients’ physical well-being. Therapeutic riding helps clients with muscle relaxation and muscle building, muscle memory, motor skills, and building stability. Some professionals believe that the movement of a horse’s gait simulates the human body’s movement as we walk-therefore, many believe that therapeutic riding is especially helpful in improving balance, coordination, and flexibility in patients with neurological disorders.

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Gentle Therapy Horses Are Inspiration Behind Hand Drawn Horse and Heart Silhouette Logo 

Successful therapy horses can come in a variety of styles. Rather than looking for a particular breed, therapy horse prospects are chosen based on their temperament and the way they react to a variety of situations. The ideal therapy horse is calm and patient, not easily startled by unpredictable movements and sounds. They seek the company of humans and thrive on the gentle interaction between patient and horse. 

After speaking to this company and hearing the ideas behind their unique brand, our artist knew that incorporating a heart into this custom logo was a must to pay tribute to the amazing horses that make it their mission to improve the lives of humans through equine assisted therapy. Utilizing our signature vector art style, we created a colorful horse and heart silhouette logo with an equestrian touch-part of the heart is made up of the head and neck of a proud, beautiful horse. The unique shape of the logo fits neatly on business cards and stationery, shirts, saddle pads, banners, and more. It’s stunning in a variety of colors, from delicate gold foil to a bold red foil and soothing blue foil.

Horse and Heart Silhouette Logo Design With a Unique Personal Touch

This striking work of art contains a memorable personal touch-a hand drawn rendition of the country of Panama, where the business is located. Our artists love incorporating personal details about your brand into your original logo design. These details add an element of interest to your horse and heart silhouette, but they also tell your prospective clients a little more about who you are and what you do. The more clients know about you and your brand, the more trust they will put in you as a professional-and the less likely they are to forget about you! 

Classic Font to Accompany Horse and Heart Silhouette Art for Custom Logo

All of our artwork, including a variety of fonts, is hand drawn and hand lettered. We paired a crisp, clean sans serif font to accompany this intricate horse and heart silhouette so that the focus remains on the beauty of the artwork while still being easy to read. 

Different styles of fonts can change the entire aesthetic of your original horse and heart silhouette logo and branding. We present you with a variety of options based on your ideas, and you’re sure to find a font that pairs perfectly with your logo design. 

Equine Assisted Therapy Clinic’s Custom Horse and Heart Silhouette Logo Started With a Design Consultation

One of our favorite parts of the design process is the initial consultation with our clients. We love getting to know you and your equestrian brand, and the ideas we collect while chatting with you go directly to the design board so we can truly bring your brand to life. Whether you’re here in Ocala, Florida with us or all the way across the globe in Australia, we can help you design the custom logo you’ve always dreamed of for your business. All you have to do is visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation-we pride ourselves on getting in touch with you within the day!

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Centro De Equinoterapia De Panama Logo Review

It wasn’t easy at all for me to find someone who could actually create something for my logo exactly the way I was expecting it, so I’m very happy I found you and and very amazed with your company and your drawings, I know it is not that easy to draw a horse and it represents the whole concept perfectly…

I have to say I’m very impressed with your super cool work, your effectiveness and your amazing attention!!! You made this so fast for me and I really love it!

The letters are perfect and the Panama map too. I love everything about it.. So thank you so much for helping me to accomplish the first step in order to create my business.

Thank you for your embroidery advice too!! I had no idea it could be done that way and it sounds awesome! And thank you so much for explaining to me which files you are giving me and how can I use them, that’s awesome! thank you so much! You make it so much easier and flexible for sure! I’m loving my logo!! I really mean it!!”

Equine Assisted Therapy Center's Stunning Heart-Shaped Horse Logo