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Feb 13, 2024

Century Farm is an equestrian facility located in Belmont, New Hampshire, specializing in training gaited horses of all breeds and teaching riders how to develop their horses into the ultimate trail riding partners. “Floral, Colorful, and Feminine” are the three words Century Farm wanted their floral horse logo to showcase, but it came with a twist. Century Farm also has a holistic apothecary on the farm and a deep-rooted love for Dutch Hex Signs and traditional folk art style flowers.

We were asked to combine the folk art style floral art with our modern line art horses in a way that would lead to a seamless blend of both elements. They also asked for a traditional ‘Old English’ style font that had a modern feel to match the logo. This was a tall order and we had an amazing time learning more about Dutch Hex Sign Folk Art and its origins.

Folk Art Style Gaited Horse Logo For Dutch Hex Sign Enthusiast

A Feminine and Floral Horse Logo with Colorful Line Art for Century Farm in New Hampshire

Although all breeds are welcome into the farm, Century Farm specializes in breeding gaited horses such as Tennessee Walking Horses and Missouri Fox Trotters. At Century Farm, the riding instructor is entirely familiar with most disciplines, having worked with a wide variety of horse breeds. Trail riding, classical dressage, and natural horsemanship are just a few of her specialties.

Trail riding is long-distance outdoor horse-riding. Usually, trail riding occurs outdoors on forest roads, bridle paths, and roadways located in rural areas. For trail riding, horses with a unique walk are usually perfect candidates, such as Tennessee Walking Horses and Missouri Fox Trotters.

The Tennessee Walking Horse is originally one of the agricultural horse breeds that originated in Tennessee, while Missouri Fox trotters are known as mountain horses. The settlers in the United States moved with their horses from plantations in Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi to settle in the mountains of Missouri.

Both Tennessee Walking Horses and Missouri Fox Trotters have sloped shoulders, short backs, and straight facial profiles. Features that distinguish Tennessee Walking Horses from other breeds are their calm disposition, long neck, and unique walk. On the other hand, Missouri Fox Trotters are special because of their stock horse build and muscular body.

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An International Custom, Floral Horse Logo for an Equestrian in Belmont, New Hampshire

In Belmont, New Hampshire, a variety of events take place at Deerfield Fair. Deerfield Fair features radio festivals, sheep and wool shows but most importantly, horse shows. To advertise a small horse business in New Hampshire and get the exposure the equestrian seeks, sponsoring the horse show event would be a plausible idea. However, to ensure that the company attracts positive attention, one of the critical criteria is having a unique brand identity. With the 15-year experience the EQ Graphics team has in the horse business, we can proudly say that we have successfully met our clients’ expectations.

A Brainstorming Session for a Feminine, Floral Horse Logo

When we delve into new projects with our clients, we make sure to begin with a brainstorming session where we lay forth all potential logo ideas. As our client wished for, the first obstacle we had to tackle was incorporating design elements that convey the three words “Floral, Colorful, and Feminine.” During trail riding, riders often choose green landscapes filled with colorful wildflowers. Therefore, while brainstorming for this floral horse logo, our team drew inspiration from green meadows’ feminine elements.

Creating Century Farm’s Floral Horse Logo

To maintain the brand identity’s primary focus, we decided to incorporate some of the most prominent features in Tennessee Walking Horses and Missouri Fox Trotters; long necks, muscular bodies, and straight heads. By using colorful line art, we were able to add bright-colored elements found in nature.

Intricate Design Elements are Crucial for a Feminine Logo Design

Century Farm’s floral horse logo features colorful line art and flowers. By using bright-colored flowers, we were able to convey a feminine yet elegant brand identity. The colorful typography helped tie together the business name with the rest of the floral horse logo design.

A Colorful and Feminine Gaited Horse Logo for Century Farm

The team put detailed work into the flowers‘ placement. To subtly weave the flowers into their floral horse logo, we had to find an arrangement that would look natural. Therefore, we decided to incorporate the hand-drawn flowers into the horse’s silhouette, adding small details to elevate the logo.

Creating your Brand Identity with EQ Graphics

Making sure that design elements used in logos have a connection with the brand identity is essential to convey the aim of the business successfully. At EQ Graphics, we have worked with equestrian businesses worldwide, which makes working with an equestrian in Belmont, New Hampshire, as seamless for us as working with a farm in our town of Ocala, Florida. For each logo, an immense amount of time is put into the process to perfect and personalize it. We hope to get the opportunity to enhance your brand identity by creating your unique horse logo.

Dutch Hex Art Meets Gaited Horse In This Colorful Folk Art Style Logo