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Feb 13, 2024

Cerulean Farm is situated right in the heart of horse country outside of Lexington, Kentucky. Their restored 1860’s farmhouse is a popular destination for travelers who wish to experience the Kentucky Horse Farm lifestyle at Cerulean’s beautifully appointed Bed and Breakfast. Cerulean is home to many breeds of horses including Foundation Quarter Horses, Irish Draughts and a variety of Sporthorses.

This logo needed to be enigmatic and not specify a particular breed or discipline. Cerulean asked for a custom horse head logo design that was bold, showed movement and could be used for a variety of business ventures carrying the Cerulean brand identity. The creation and design of this logo were inspired by an incredible photograph they sent of their Foundation Quarter Horse Stallion who embodies the exquisite grace, athletic qualities and decisive authenticity that Cerulean’s horses are known for.

Horse Head Logo Inspired By Farm's Foundation Stallion Adds Personal Touch To Branding
Horse Breeder Logo Design for Cerulean Farm

An Enigmatic Horse Head Logo Designed to Appeal to All Horse Breeds and Riding Styles

Extending a collection of services related to Foundation Quarter Horses, Cerulean Farm in Kentucky is nourishing and nursing genuine foundation horses from all over the world. For people who are looking for a range of services under one platform in the equine industry, Cerulean Farm delivers. They offer their facilities and knowledge in Ranching, Dressage, Hunters, Jumping, Driving, Eventing, Mounted Archery, Trail riding and much more. 
Click here to learn more about Cerulean Farm: https://www.ceruleanfarmkentucky.com/

Foundation Quarter Horse Head Logo Design for Cerulean Farm Kentucky

Their goal is to maintain and take care of foundation horses in order to maintain their athletic prowess. The Farm gives multiple options to their clients owing to their diversity in breeds, a client can breed their own mare to one of their stallions or they can take advantage of their Designer Foal Program to breed their custom foal from one of Farms’ mares. This service, accompanied by their Bed and Breakfast, onsite horse leases and therapeutic riding lessons, has helped the Farm in expanding their services and building up their circle in countries such as Ireland, Germany, Portugal and France.

The many breeds of Cerulean Farm

This horse head logo needed to be relatable to numerous horse enthusiasts. The horse head logo had to represent the variety in Foundation Horses includes Bulldog Quarter Horses, 100% NFQHA Stallions, High % NFQHA Mares, Irish Draughts, Irish Draught Stallions, Irish Draught Mares, Baroque and Iberian Horses, Baroque Horses, Lusitanos, Ameritanos, Hanoverian, Selle Francais and Dutch Warmbloods. Any of these breeds can be recognized within the horse head logo design.

Lexington Kentucky Bed and Breakfast Behind the Horse Head Logo Design

In a restored 1860 farmhouse with scenic views and porch, The Bed and Breakfast adds a touch of warmth, coziness and familiarity to the Farm. Services include country breakfast composed of organic free-range eggs, bread, home-cooked meals, muffins, fruits, coffee and biscuits. It is a sweet escape for writers, girls’ weekend and free spirits out on an adventure. A client can make the most out of their visit by viewing their on sale spectacular prints of their horses photographed by their in house photographer.

Horse Leasing and Therapeutic Riding at Cerulean Farm

Cerulean Farms Lease Program and Therapeutic rides services make them unique. Their custom designed tracks, tack room and wash rack make way for onsite riding leases – the guides are professional and they can provide personal trainers as well. The Farm has also extended this program to arrange transportation for parties and events.

In a world that trends towards ridiculous, therapeutic sessions are much needed and Cerulean Farm is addressing this need by providing lessons that are safe as a BSN and RN licensed instructor are available and individualized schedules are effective in building the risers’ self-esteem and boost their confidence. These services connect to the Farms’ clients on a personal level and ensure a once in a lifetime experience which is denoted by a special horse head logo design.

Kentucky’s Horse Heritage Woven into their Horse Head Logo Design

Inspired by the tradition of renowned horse races in Kentucky and the drive of the team at Cerulean Farm who are adding to the rich history, EQ graphics seized this moment to design a Foundation Quarter Horse design in a breeder logo that speaks of culture, compassion, passion and absolute will. The resulting Foundation Quarter Horse logo is geometric as the shape is a defined square housing a strong silhouette of the horse. The idea resembles a stamp without perforations on the edge – it is official, decorative and sustainable.

The Foundation Quarter Horse Head Logo Design

The Foundation Quarter Horse logo is smooth and monochromatic, the horse is masculine, bold and on the borderline between figuration and abstraction. EQ focused on the power pose of the foundation horse breed rather than adding the typography to the Foundation Quarter Horse logo which emphasizes on the silhouette of the horse. Intended for the viewer to solely see the services of Cerulean Farm, the Foundation Quarter Horse logo design was kept uncomplicated and straightforward.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“The professionalism working with EqGraphics surpassed my expectations. Quick turn around, prompt replies and delivery as promised are hallmarks of their service. The logo itself captures the artistry and power of my submitted image. I highly recommend EqGraphics. Thank you, Jackie. Love my logo!“

Bold Quarter Horse Head Logo For Ky Bed &Amp; Breakfast