Realistic & Detailed Racehorse Logo for a Thoroughbred Design

Feb 12, 2024

Circle 8 Ranch located in Lexington, Kentucky has one aim: to empower all horse-lovers and enable them to own a racehorse of their own through their unique partnerships. They asked us to design a colorful racehorse logo with a bright purple to pink gradient that reflects a tone of accessibility along with their racing motto of “Adrenaline. Excitement. Thrills.” The abstract horse racing logo of Circle 8 Ranch was designed by incorporating the image of a modern, abstract Thoroughbred Racehorse in a circle to represent the number 8.

Purple &Amp; Pink Gradient Makes Racehorse Logo Stand Out At The Track
Custom Number Logo Design for Circle 8 Ranch

Circle 8 Ranch Racehorse Logo Design

Circle 8 Ranch isn’t the conventional type of breeding place for thoroughbred racehorses where you can only become a horse owner if your wealth allows it. They offer a partnership model through which you can attain the best of both the worlds – all the benefits of owning a horse and expenses that don’t break your bank. Click here to learn more about Circle 8 Ranch:

The Horse of the Circle 8 Ranch Thoroughbred Logo

The thoroughbred depicted in Circle 8 Ranch’s racehorse logo is one of the most sought-after racing breeds in the world. 

‘Secretariat’ and ‘Man o’War’ are just a few of the biggest thoroughbred names of racing history. Known for their incredible speed, swift movement, and strong-build, they are known to possess the ‘speed gene’. 

At Circle 8 Ranch, it is ensured that horses are well looked after and that they perform exceptionally well at racing events.

Colorful Racehorse Logos For ‘The Horse Capital of the World’

A city in no need for introduction for horse enthusiasts, Lexington, Kentucky is widely regarded as the ‘Horse Capital of the World’! Kentucky also has the honor of hosting thoroughbred racing championships including the Breeders’ Cup World Championships at its historic racing tracks such as the Keeneland Race Track, Churchill Downs, Turfway Park, and Ellis Park..

With over 450 horse farms, a customized horse logo can help a horse racing company stand out from the crowd. EQ Graphics understands the meaning of horse racing to the Kentucky community and knows how a thoroughbred racehorse logo can effectively display the passion for horses.

Envisioning Your Personalized Racehorse Logo

Circle 8 Ranch envisioned a colorful logo for their brand with vector lines simplistic enough to stand out and make a statement when embroidered on apparel and ball caps. Embroidery is something almost all of our clients do with their logos, therefore we are extremely particular about the thickness of the line art in order to ensure our horse logos look their best when used in small areas. Although they asked for pink and purple, they wanted their racehorse logo design to be masculine and ‘pop’ when the colors were placed on a black background.

How The Thoroughbred Racehorse Logo Is Designed

Every horse logo design we create begins with a client consultation, where we brainstorm about their ideas and vision for the logo. Circle 8 Ranch was not entirely sure what they wanted but trusted our logo design skills based off of other work they had seen. Our logo artists went to work trying to figure out a creative way to sculpt a horse into the number 8. We wanted this racehorse logo to be minimalistic, therefore we brought the design together by encasing it within a circle, which is also perfect for their namesake. The colors were achieved using a gradient pink to purple, which also created a nice blue tone where the colors begin to meet.

Typography And Shape For Circle 8 Ranch Racehorse Logo

The two main elements of this thoroughbred logo are typography and shape. An inner circle is used to capture the visual abstract representation of Circle 8 Horses, while the outer circle contains the textual name of the company and follows a round pattern. Along with the round motion, the elements of the racehorse logo are blended together with the same colorful gradient of magenta and blue. The particular specialty of the logo lies in how the horse is used for dual purposes with a natural flow: as itself and the Ranch’s number 8.

Partnering with EQ Graphics To Create Your Brand Image

At EQ Graphics, logos for horse farms, stables, and racecourses aren’t just about creating aesthetic visuals that make a memorable impression. We take pride in crafting farm and horse racing logos, breathing life into your vision and embodying your equestrian businesses’ unique qualities — just like we did with Circle 8 Ranch thoroughbred logo!

A Colorful Racehorse Logo That Rivals The Shimmer Of Jockey's Silks