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Feb 13, 2024

Dr. Cystalyn Kasa takes her knowledge in the areas of equine sports medicine and metabolic disorders on the road with her mobile equine veterinary business, CK Equine Veterinary Services. Dr. Kasa can be found in both Royal Palm Beach, Florida and in Massachusetts offering a one stop shop for the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries and disorders.

Our vision for Dr. Kasa’s equine veterinarian logo design was one of elegant simplicity that would speak to even the most high end clients. Since a large portion of her clientele is performance horses, we created a sophisticated line art dressage horse design, with the horse moving in perfect balance and frame-the picture of health and vitality. An integrated brush script font with the initials “CK” melts into the lines of the horse’s hindquarters, and a crisp sans serif ensures ease of reading while retaining a polished aesthetic for the remainder of the business name. Gold foil completes the luxury look of this custom logo design, which adds a touch of class to business cards, polo shirts, and vehicle decals.

Hand Lettered Fonts Add Beauty To Veterinarian's Dressage Horse Logo Design

Hand Drawn Equine Veterinarian Logo for Royal Palm Beach, Florida Vet

Equine veterinarian Dr. Cystalyn Kasa brings general preventative medicine, diagnostic services, and various therapeutic and rehabilitative treatment methods right to the stall fronts of horses and their owners in Royal Palm Beach, Florida and Massachusetts and she needed a professionalequine veterinarian logo that didn’t look like clipart. Recognizing the inconvenience of having to haul a horse to a clinic for certain exams, Dr. Kasa is committed to making equine health care quicker and more convenient for owners through her full service ambulatory practice, CK Equine Veterinary Services. 

Although Dr. Kasa treats both companion/pleasure horses and show horses, she has a special interest in equine sports medicine. Her Royal Palm Beach location is situated in a hub of equestrian activity, with both Palm Beach International Equestrian Center and Wellington close by. Each of these venues are home to weeks worth of sport horse competition all year long, from prestigious hunter jumper circuits to Grand Prix show jumping and dressage events. An FEI permitted treating veterinarian, Dr. Kasa is able to help horses recover from injuries and increase their performance potential both at horse shows and at area sport horse barns which is why we chose a dressage horse for herequine veterinarian logo.

CK Equine Veterinary Services helps horses live their healthiest, most pain-free lives with rehabilitative therapy options such as laser therapy, kinesio taping, and even alternative therapy methods such as PRP and stem cell. With the ability to complete workups at the horse’s home, Dr. Kasa is able to help performance horses (as well as companion horses) on the road to recovery (and back to the show ring) with as little inconvenience to their owners and trainers as possible.

Elegant Equine Veterinarian Logo for Equine Sports Medicine Specialist 

CK Equine Veterinary Services provides a range of diagnostic services through their mobile veterinary practice. Horses can receive x-rays, ultrasounds, and MRI’s from the comfort of their home barn. After completing the workup, Dr. Kasa offers a variety of treatment options for horses with various issues. Chiropractic evaluations and adjustment are available for those wanting to take a more holistic approach. Physical therapy and kinesiology taping can help injured show horses make their way back to the ring as well.  Herequine veterinarian logo is designed to appeal to both eastern and western medicine.

One exciting treatment option that Dr. Kasa offers is regenerative medicine for wounds. Stem cell therapy has been used in some forms for poor or slow healing wounds, and has also been used for tissue recovery in the joints, muscles, and ligaments.  

Another of Dr. Kasa’s specialties is the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic disorders like Cushing’s Disease and insulin resistance. Through her findings, she helps owners work to treat the disorder through diet, exercise, and pharmaceutical intervention. 

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Equine Veterinarian Logo Adds Professional, Polished Touch to Vet’s Branding

First impressions are important, and a customequine veterinarian logo for your veterinary practice is one way to ensure you put your best foot forward. Our artists aimed to create a polished veterinary logo for CK Equine Veterinary Services that would establish Dr. Kasa as a trusted professional in the eyes of her current and future clients.

We came up with a line art dressage horse design that depicts the horse moving in a nicely rounded frame-a frame achievable through the maintenance of good general health and injury/pain management in performance horses, services that Dr. Kasa specializes in. This elegant vector style design will appeal to clients in the posh Royal Palm Beach equestrian community, which is home to a number of dressage, hunter/jumper, and show jumping barns and events.

We incorporated two fonts into this elegant design. A hand lettered brush script with the initials “CK” is integrated into the horse’s body. The remainder of the company name was lettered with a modern sans serif that offers maximum ease of reading. The final touch of sophistication in this stunning original logo was the use of gold foil, although the design can be used in a variety of colors. Dr. Kasa can advertise her business in style with branded business cards, polo shirts, banners, and more thanks to her unique custom equine veterinarian logo.

Whether you’re a veterinarian or a horse trainer, we would love to help you create a fresh, one of a kind custom logo for your brand. We pride ourselves on the details that matter to equestrian clients-in fact, we are equestrians ourselves! Your ideas will become our inspiration during your brainstorming session with one of our graphic artists. Visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation today. 

Small Equine Veterinary Logo For Ck Veterinarian

“I could not be any happier with how my final product turned out, I get many compliments on it. I cannot express enough thanks and gratitude to Eq Graphics for their creativity and professionalism.

Eq Graphics have been phenomenal to work with. From the first moment I filled out a contact form, I received a response back very quickly. Jackie was extremely flexible and motivated when it came time to chat and brainstorm ideas. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to knowing horses and horsemen.

I knew after my first conversation with EQ Graphics regarding a logo for my veterinary practice she would create something I would be proud to have as the face of my practice. She nailed the design on the very first try and we made very little tweaks and changes. Jackie was prompt with all edits and providing final documents.”

Luxury Equine Veterinarian Logo With Unique Custom Integrated Font