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Feb 13, 2024

Coliban Quarter Horse Stud, located in Western Australia, breeds versatile performance Quarter Horses for use in events such as campdrafting, barrel racing, and ranch sorting. We wanted to create a bold custom galloping horse silhouette for Coliban that echoes the quality of the Quarter Horses they produce. With a special affinity for blue roans, Coliban’s breeding program may be small but the demand for their quality foals is high-in fact, their foal crop routinely sells out in its entirety each year. 

The design is a mixture of our signature line art style and solid silhouette, with the image of a powerful Quarter Horse thundering across the masculine mixed font farm name with a bold calligraphy letter “C” for maximum visual impact. Heavy shadow and a grey and black gradient add to the rugged aesthetic of this striking logo design.

Chiaroscuro &Amp; Galloping Quarter Horse Add Unique Touch To Breeder's Hand Drawn Logo

Galloping Horse Silhouette Logo Art for Australian Quarter Horse Breeder

Coliban Quarter Horse Stud is located in picturesque Western Australia. Maintaining a small yet high quality band of broodmares, Coliban’s yearly foal crop is sold in full every year to discerning western equestrians. Their business is specifically known for producing striking blue roan foals, which we brought through in gradient coloring with this galloping horse silhouette.

Coliban’s versatile Quarter Horses are used in a variety of western performance events, in particular barrel racing, ranch sorting, and campdrafting. As in the United States, barrel racing can be a lucrative business in Australia. The Australian affiliate of the National Barrel Horse Association sponsors a variety of events each year, from futurities to jackpots. Riders of all ages and skill levels enjoy the opportunity to earn prize money through divisional competition.

Divisions are broken down by time intervals as well as youth, open, and senior age divisions. The high speed event requires riders to ride a cloverleaf pattern, requiring an agile, swift footed horse. Quarter Horses typically dominate the world of barrel racing at both NBHA events and rodeos alike.

Campdrafting is a unique equestrian sport that is truly native to Australia. Said to have made its appearance in the late 1800’s campdrafting is akin to a mixture of the American sports of barrel racing, ranch sorting, and cutting, with elements of a working cow horse pattern thrown in for good measure. Participants cut a cow from the herd (in Australia, the “mob”) in a smaller pen, and spend a short amount of time demonstrating the horse’s ability to keep the single cow away from the mob, similar to cutting horse events.

Horse and rider then move the cow through the gate into a larger area where a left handed or right handed course has been designated. They maneuver the cow around a set of “pegs” (representative of trees in real life ranch work) before pushing the cow through a gap out through another gate. Competitors are scored on a 100 point basis, with 26 points allotted to the “camp work,” 4 to the course, and the remainder to horse work. 

One of the more unique styles of equine competition in Australia, campdrafting requires not only a skilled rider, but a talented horse. Horses with natural born “cow sense”, the ability to “read” a cow’s thoughts and anticipate its movements before they are made often excel at the sport, especially when they also possess good foot speed and a high rate of maneuverability. Campdraft is truly a lifestyle in Australia, a family friendly event that cowboys and cowgirls of all ages can enjoy.

Galloping Horse Silhouette Logo Design for Australian Quarter Horse Breeder Turns Heads at Campdrafts

A bold, masculine custom galloping horse silhouette logo was exactly what Coliban Quarter Horse Stud needed to appeal to the type of clientele that regularly purchases their excellent working horses. The inspiration behind the powerful galloping horse silhouette adorning this original design was an athletic Quarter Horse that looks like it could easily excel at any of the western performance events Coliban’s horses participate in.

Grey and black colors come together in a rugged gradient, with heavy shadowing and a combination of both line art and silhouette making a stunning impression on all who view it. The gorgeous vector style galloping horse silhouette logo uses two different fonts to add visual interest and maximum visibility to Coliban’s farm name while flowing neatly into the galloping horse silhouette

Masculine Hand Drawn Galloping Horse Silhouette Logo Started With Quarter Horse Breeder’s Ideas

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Rugged Meets Professional In Australian Quarter Horse Breeder's Custom Campdraft Logo