100% Original | Cowgirl Hair Braid Logo with Copper Horse

Feb 12, 2024

Colors of Hope is a non-profit organization located in San Antonio, Texas that uses horses to promote a culture of healing for survivors of abuse and trauma. Their unique Equine Restoration program is designed to support victims of heinous crimes in all possible paths of life through their retreats, counsel and the use of horses to build an inspiring connection with an animal who can see beyond past traumas and help them advance towards a new life. This copper foil non-profit logo design was created to showcase the connection between horse and human with the red X on the hand of the cowgirl signifying their fight for a safer future.

Western Lettering &Amp; Feminine Cowgirl Adorn Equine Assisted Therapy Center's Custom Logo

Non-Profit Logo Design with a Cowgirl hair braid logo and Horse for Colors of Hope in Texas

With a network in UK, India and Africa, Colors of hope is joint venture by Jodie Webb and Joanna Tones who are raising their voice against sexual abuse, trafficking and trauma in the equine industry by offering education as a permanent solution and channeling a network of donations to tackle a problem that has been ignored for too long. Colors of Hope is promoting the culture of healing in the industry and their Equine restoration program is built to support the survivors in all possible paths of life.

Colors of Hope is currently scheduling equine restoration retreats. The idea begins with a thought and a need to escape from the fast world and the culture of urbanization that eventually becomes irritating, exhausting and the unique voice of an individual is lost in the noise of this age. The business has helped men and women of all ages, veterans and people from the corporate sector in transforming, reevaluating their traumatic experiences while on the retreat and in a serene space. Many retreats are designed and customized to promote community building, teamwork and leadership qualities. Their retreats are available for individuals, teams, families and companies.

Click Here to learn more about Colors of Hope and see the hair braid logo: https://www.colors-of-hope.org/

Kings Gate Ranch in San Antonio, TX

Colors of Hope is located at Kings Gate Ranch, a scenic location in the countryside of Texas. The endeavor hopes to empower, enrich and wash away the dust of a hectic life by providing a space filled with power of healing that is oriented to inspire, to reinvent the wheel. The setting of Kings Gate Ranch is furnished with equipment for Restoration Riding Centre, Conference Centre, Events Centre, Retreat Centre, Equine Event Centre, International Store Front, Cowboy Church, Boarding Facility, Foster Community, Camps, Covered Arena, Sporting Event Centre and Wedding venue.

The healing connection between horse and human with a hair braid logo

Colors of Hope recognizes the significance of the relationship between the horse and the rider and how both ends are equally important. The circle of permanent healing is effective in its essence when the horse and the human have healed individually because both have invested their energies in the bond.

The inspiration behind this non-profit hair braid logo design

Inspired by the journey towards freedom and empowering others to make their own and informed decisions, EQ Graphics designed this non-profit logo design as a gesture to take a part in this cause in their own right and encourage the community to pitch in, donate and provide support to survivors who have walked the dark path and are in dire need of sustenance.

Hand Drawn hair braid logo for a Non-Profit

A hand drawn Non-Profit cowgirl hair braid Logo Design seemed fitting, a respectful and profound representation of the goal that Jodie is striving to achieve. The hair braid logo features calligraphy that is curved, feminine, intricate, detailed, pointed; the words are elongated, arched and looped to denote continuity and capture the anatomical features of a healthy and running horse. 

The Non-Profit copper cowgirl with a hair braid logo design is shaded with tints and hues of copper on a brown background which are colors that symbolize resilience, comfort, strength, reliability, security and safety. The gradient hair braid logo is linear and three dimensional, giving volume and producing a bulging effects that puts in limelight the vigorous efforts of the passionate duo behind Colors of Hope and their mission to apprehend the situation, assess the damage professionally and assist in transformative experiences of healing the survivors, both mentally and physically.

The design and typography of this non-profit rodeo style copper hair braid logo is leaning towards the soft and calm side, motivating the community to become a pillar that looks after the survivors and does not shy away from bracing the urgency and seriousness of the situation.

Small Non Profit Logo For Colors Of Hope

“It turned out better than I could have ever asked for. They communicated fully, all expectations. They were honest and worked extremely hard. Jackie is incredible talented artist and designer and David is a genius! I would refer EQ Graphics to anyone for a logo! Super pleased with every aspect!“

Cowgirl With Braided Hair Takes Center Stage In This Equine Therapy Center Logo