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Feb 12, 2024

Crown Equine Partners LLC specializes in the sale and training of upper level dressage horses, with emphasis being placed on pairing equestrians with the perfect equine partner for their unique goals. Located in the dressage epicenter of Wellington, Florida, Crown Equine Partners enjoys a myriad of elite competition opportunities practically in their backyard at the stunning Palm Beach International Equestrian Center

Crown Equine Partners asked for a unique custom horse and crown logo that would attract the attention of high end clientele at premier events such as the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. Our artists achieved this luxury aesthetic with a stunning line art horse and crown logo design in chic gold foil. The vector style design features the bust of a proud dressage horse with the business name in a stately modern serif font. Inspired by the company name, a jaunty crown is hung on the lettering for a regal touch.

Gold Foil Brings Luxury Branding To Dressage Horse Facility's Custom Logo

Horse and Crown Logo Design for Wellington, Florida Dressage Facility

Crown Equine Partners was founded by mother and daughter team Chris Hagerstrom and Mary Swanson. They specialize in the training, development, and sales of imported young dressage horses with FEI potential. The team winters in the popular dressage epicenter of Wellington, Florida and spends the summer months in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Crown Equine Partners is not in the business of training and selling ordinary horses. They strive to find mounts that exhibit excellent movement and show ring presence while still being good-minded and trainable enough for an amateur to succeed with at upper level dressage competitions. These top notch prospects are also suited for professional riders. The facility chooses to utilize the “quality over quantity” principle, and offers a small group of horses for sale. Their primary goal is matching equestrians with a mount that they can reach their competitive goals with while feeling confident every time they ride their horse. 

Sophisticated Line Art Horse and Crown Logo Attracts Upscale Clientele at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center

Crown Equine Partners’ location is ideal for the business of training, selling, and competing with upper level dressage horses. Located in Wellington, Florida, the facility has the advantage of being close proximity to the beautiful Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC). 

Palm Beach International Equestrian Center is a sprawling premier horse show venue. The facility boasts 16 show arenas, has the ability to house 2500 horses, and has a variety of exclusive shopping, dining, and hospitality areas for exhibitors and spectators. 

The 13 week Winter Equestrian Festival calls PBIEC home each year. One of the largest and longest-running equine events across the globe, WEF offers equestrians the chance to compete for over $12 million in prize money. Around 4000 families, 250,000 spectators, and 8000 horses attend the Winter Equestrian Festival, arriving from 43 different countries. The economic impact the show has on Palm Beach County is enormous, as it’s responsible for over $279 million in revenue and 150,000 bed nights.

This prime location makes attending horse shows and letting prospective buyers from all over the world that are in Wellington for equestrian events try sale horses simple. To catch the eye of buyers willing to pay top prices for top dressage prospects, Crown Equine Partners needed a customhorse and crown logo design with a luxury aesthetic. Our clients’ ideas about their brand identity are always our artists’ inspiration, so after our design consultation we got to work on a chic hand drawn horse and crown logo that would stand out at all the most prestigious equestrian events in Wellington.

Check out PBIEC’s 2021 show schedule here:

Gold Foil Vector Style Horse and Crown Logo for Wellington Dressage Trainer is Simple Yet Stunning

Our artists designed a gorgeous gold foil original horse and crown logo design for Crown Equine Partners that features the bust of a stunning dressage show horse and the business name boldly displayed in modern serif font. Your custom logo can be created in a variety of unique colors, but gold foil is always a favorite when clients are looking to achieve a luxe, sophisticated aesthetic for their visual branding identity.

Gold foil designs look polished and professional on business cards and other printed items, and can be paired with a number of elegant color schemes for a pulled-together branding look. All of our clients receive logo design files that can be displayed in standard black and white as well, if needed for certain branded items for their business.

Line Art Horse and Crown Logo With Dressage Industry Details

At EQ Graphics, we pride ourselves on making sure that every detail is accounted for in your customhorse and crown logo design. Rest easy knowing that details like standard show turnout, legal bits, and the illustration of industry standard correct movement will always be attended to in your original logo art. We work with equestrians in all breeds and disciplines, all over the globe. To get started on adding a personal touch to your visual branding, visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation. 

Hand Lettered Font Draws Eyes To Dressage Trainer's Custom Horse &Amp; Crown Logo Design