100% Custom & Authentic Dressage Horse Art Logo Design

Feb 13, 2024

Chantal Wigan is an International FEI Dressage competitor, trainer, coach and an accomplished Australian Grand Prix Dressage rider. The dressage horse art we created for CW Dressage is for her new US headquarters in Hamilton, Virginia. Chantal asked for a logo that showcased the bond between horse and rider, without showing the rider. The hand-drawn art we designed for this logo composes a riders’ hand holding the reins of the bridle to show a softness and suppleness that is representative of upper level dressage. This logo was created to highlight the care and compassion Chantal puts into her services and emphasize how the connection between horse and rider plays a paramount role in achieving their goals.

Silver Foil Dressage Horse Logo Promotes Luxury Branding

Dressage Horse Art Logo Design for CW Dressage

The passion for the equine industry runs in Chantal’s family – her mother has initiated and developed an inter school competition that hosts 2500 competitors nationwide and this had inspired Chantal as a child to take part in her local pony club.

The path was laid out for Chantal, she has been schooled in some of the most prestigious training institutes, worked with notable names such as Imke Bartels, Rudolph Zeilinger, Sandra Person- Adams, Carl Hester, Tineke Bartels, Ton de Ridder, Ralf Isselhorst, Dr. Wolfgang Holzel and Dr. Ricky MacMillian. At Arora Farm, Chantal Wigan is offering her knowledge and years of training to train and coach horses starting from young to Grand Prix.
Click here to learn more about CW Dressage: https://chantalwigandressage.com/

The exquisite Hamilton, Virginia Dressage Horse Farm

The Farm is 21 acres featuring 16 stall barns, 15 fields equipped with post and rail fencing, a monumental indoor dressage arena and 3 dry lot yards. The Farm facilitates in multiple areas, this includes Dressage coaching, Horse Training, Horse Boarding, Sponsorships and leasing opportunities. Combining her BHS II training with her splendid career as a rider, Chantal takes on a modern approach in coaching horses and riders in the art of dressage. Furnished with the indoor arena, the Farm has a full service boarding facility for the horses. The arena comprises of European footing, mirrors and huge windows to allow in natural light and assist in ventilation.

Chantal Wigan’s impressive accolades within the dressage circuit

Chantal has trained well recognized horses including the Platinum Boy in PSG 2002, River Gold in 2002 and mount Ferero that qualified for 2008 Olympics. Being well versed in the Dressage industry not only helped Chantal in her success but she also had the honor to see her student Abbey Lovell achieve a silver team as a youth Olympic representative. Chantal has adapted a straightforward method in her teaching and coaching, the foundation of these are built on passion and finding joy in this field hence, her relationship with each horse and its rider is different and customized.

The creation of this dressage horse logo

In awe of Chantal’s experience, skill and her overall demeanor as a professional rider in the dressage industry, EQ graphics took the Dressage Logo Idea from the embellished, detailed, careful, calm, sustainable, powerful and royal Victorian era. The Dressage Logo Idea originates as the team went through Chantal’s profile as someone who has been schooled and trained in the art of Dressage and has been taught to achieve her goals without compromising her credibility as a rider, a coach and as a teacher. 

This identity, will and her individuality is reflected in the detailed line art of the Dressage Horse Art, the logo puts spotlight on Chantal as the main force behind this Farm in the designed initials ‘C’ and ‘W’ in the Dressage Horse Art. The Dressage Logo Idea resonates with the evolution of Chantal’s career from an accomplished rider to an equally successful coach.

Behind the Dressage Horse Art in this Logo Idea

The front profile of the horse in the Dressage Horse Art is intended to fuse realism with modern trends in Dressage Horse Art and Dressage Logo Ideas in the industry. The composition of the design shows dynamism, activity, athleticism and movement that is an integral part of Chantal’s coaching methods. 

The Dressage Horse Art for Chantal’s farm emphasizes on her humble personality, being meticulous about her practice and overcoming the obstacles by having a plan and understanding of the Dressage industry.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“Working with Jackie from EqGraphics was a pleasure from beginning to end. We had a demanding vision that she executed on point, being willing and available to tweak until it was just what we were looking for. Could not recommend her highly enough. Would work with her again in a heartbeat.“

Line Art Style Logo For Dressage Trainer Highlights Horse &Amp; Rider Connection