Creative Restaurant Logo | 100% Hand-Drawn Peruvian Line Art

D Paso Peruvian Cuisine Logo

Feb 13, 2024

This California restaurant owner has a passion for the spirited Peruvian Paso horse breed, and searched for over a year to find a graphic designer that could accurately portray the breed in a custom logo.

Our artists were more than happy to take on the task, and we set to work designing a creative restaurant logo showcasing the beautiful Peruvian Paso horse. The finished product features a realistic line art image of a Peruvian Paso moving at one of their signature gaits, the paso llano. The horse is sporting a traditional Peruvian headstall, and viewers can feel the breed’s “brio” emanating from the design.

Details Like Traditional Peruvian Headstall Shine In Unique Restaurant Logo

Creative Restaurant Logo Featuring the Peruvian Paso Horse  

The owner of California’s D Paso Peruvian Cuisine has a deep love for the Peruvian Paso horse. Having searched over a year for a graphic designer that could design a creative restaurant logo featuring a realistic image of the proud breed, he contacted us to talk over his ideas. EQ Graphics works with equestrians all over the globe, across every discipline and breed, so we were confident that we could craft a unique piece of art that the restaurant owner would be proud to use as the face of his business.

The Peruvian Paso horse is said to be “the smoothest riding horse in the world.” Born with two unique gaits, the paso llano and the faster sobreandando, Peruvian Pasos travel in a forward moving manner that reduces the amount of bounce their rider experiences. 

The Peruvian Paso is not actually native to Peru. Spanish conquistadors brought the horses from Europe to South American in the 16th century, where they became highly desirable for use on expansive South American ranches. They are said to be a combination of the Barb, the Andalusian, and the now extinct Jennet. 

The geometry of Peru is extremely diverse, with mountains, rainforests, beaches, and deserts. In order to traverse the sometimes extreme landscapes of the country, the Peruvian Paso was bred with endurance and hardiness in mind. Their smooth natural gaits allowed ranchers to spend long days in the saddle with minimal discomfort.

Modern Peruvian Paso horses are enjoyed in a variety of ways. Their calm, generally unflappable nature coupled with their comfortable gaits make them ideal family horses, and excellent trail riding mounts. The North American Peruvian Horse Association also sanctions breed specific shows throughout each year. Peruvian Horses can be shown in-hand to evaluate conformation and breeding suitability, as well as the quality of the gaits. Showmanship classes give competitors the chance to hone their skills as halter handlers as well. A variety of under-saddle classes are offered, divided in many cases by sex, use of bit or bosal, and age. Equitation classes, which test the effectiveness of a rider’s seat and hands, are also popular. Costume classes are a favorite among spectators, with riders sporting traditional Peruvian attire and tack. 

Elegant Creative Restaurant Logo Showcases Fancy Peruvian Paso Horse Breed’s Brio

Peruvian Paso horses are known for their “brio,” the combination of characteristics that make the breed unique. A horse with true brio harnesses it’s flashy presence, vigor, and courage to be a completely willing equine partner for its rider. 

Our artists crafted a custom vector style design that captures the spirit of brio in the Peruvian Paso horse in this creative restaurant logo. The spirited horse is soft in the rider’s hands, shown in a headstall akin to the styles Peruvian ranchers might utilize. Shown at the Paso llano, this simple but stunningly realistic line art design even depicts the termino (outward rolling of the lower front leg from the shoulder) that the breed exhibits in its natural gaits. Details like these are what make working with EQ Graphics unique. Since we are equestrians ourselves, we understand the importance of breed and industry standards and pride ourselves on incorporating these into every custom logo we create. 

Hand lettered font with an Old World Spanish feel is the icing on the cake of this creative restaurant logo on chocolate brown.

Old World Fonts Add South American Flair to Creative Restaurant Logo

The inspiration behind the hand lettered fonts in this modern restaurant logo is Old World Spanish style. We combined a custom Southern American style calligraphy font with a classic serif to add to the desired aesthetic of this custom logo design. Font choice is just one way to infuse your personal branding into your own hand drawn custom logo design. Custom branding colors complete a cohesive branding identity. We combined rich chocolate brown with copper foil for this striking creative restaurant logo.

Restaurant Owner’s Passion for Horse Breed Inspired Creative Restaurant Logo

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Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | D Paso Peruvian Cuisine Logo Design Review

“Was one of those days, full of stress and frustration after finishing reviewing the work of one of the 6 professional logo designer that I was working in my logo, I started browsing around the google looking for horse images that can be closer to the idea I had for my logo “Peruvian Paso Horse.”

I found several beautiful horse logo images that grab my attention. It was from EQ Graphic’s website. I truly fall in love with the beautiful and elegant logo images I found in website. I immediately call and decided to work my logo with EQ Graphics. I am extremely happy and proud with my logo D’Paso Peruvian Cuisine. Thank you so much to Jackie – EQ Graphics for a such masterpiece work you have done for me. I proudly mention the name of EQ Graphis who created my masterpiece art of logo to anybody who ask me; “who created that such art of work?’

Fancy Restaurant Logo Featuring Spirited Peruvian Paso Horse