100% Original | Stunning Pegasus Horse Art Veterinarian Logo

Feb 14, 2024

Dr. Roeber had a very unique idea for his logo design and branding behind his large animal veterinary practice. He asked for a bold, powerful Pegasus horse art with the body type and regal presence of a Friesian Horse. Dr. Roeber is an accomplished equine veterinarian who has previously worked at the historical Trinity Meadows Race Track in Texas. Dark Horse Mobile Equine Veterinary Practice highlights the values of its customer experience, they believe in caring for clients and ensuring that the horses are performing at their peak.

This winged horse art adorns his mobile veterinary truck and all marketing materials for Dark Horse Mobile Equine.

Unique Hand Drawn Winged Horse Logo For Equine Veterinarian Clinic
Pegasus Horse Art for Dark Horse Mobile Equine

Friesian Logo Design Featuring Pegasus Horse Art for an Equine Veterinarian in Texas

With humble beginnings and initially practicing in the busy state of Northwest Ohio, Dr. Roeber is currently providing veterinary services in all aspects of the equine industry including general health and measures for preventative care. A passionate veterinarian channeling experience of over 20 years of witnessing changes in the industry, environment and helping out generations of horse breeds, founded Dark Horse, a premium and trustworthy solution to equine nuisances. The veterinarian takes your convenience into account by providing mobile services which make them accessible to their clients for optimum functionality and customer satisfaction. 
Click here to learn more about Dark Horse Mobile Equine: https://darkhorsemobileequine.com/

The Vision Behind the Friesian Pegasus Horse Art

The veterinary practice strives to deal professionally and simultaneously give the experience of being a part of a family that understands each other’s needs and is happy to help because of their passion, not solely as an obligation. The veterinarian aims to focus on joy and a sense of fulfillment the customer expects from his services as much as he stresses upon the quality of its products, resources and facilities. This concept and struggle to maintain balance between these two aspects is also reflected in their Pegasus horse art design for the veterinarian as the Pegasus resonates with the veterinarians’ goal of achieving highest quality on both ends.

An Artist’s Perspective of a Pegasus Logo

EQ Graphics had the pleasure to design the exclusive and hand crafted Pegasus logo, a perfect opportunity for us to honor the veterinarian’s services in the equine industry. Seizing this moment, we dove into the history of Texas and took inspiration from its first name táyshaʼ translating into ‘friends’. The Pegasus logo connects this concept to mythology, in which it helps bring thunder bolts to Zeus, a supporter, a helper and a friend. It is also corresponding to the trending Pegasus Art, connecting the state’s rich history to the future.

Pegasus Logo Designed with Custom Pegasus Horse Art

The bold and custom designed Pegasus Art denotes the beauty and integrity of the Pegasus Logo. The design is minimal, composed from curved lines that join to form the Pegasus logo, holding steady and performing without breaking its flow. This corresponds to Dr. Roebers’ services in the equine industry, a veterinarian who has stood his ground and has provided with care and compassion.

Renaissance Typography for this Inspired Pegasus Horse Art Design

The typography and visual utilized in the logo is a concoction of Gothic and renaissance, two iconic eras in which many sculptors and painters have utilized Pegasus Art to depict movements and symbolize important events in history and mythology. Pegasus logo is executed in a dark pigment over light background; black and white are two contrasts that have inspired artists and designers. This Pegasus horse art design also strives to feature the veterinarians’ idea of sustainability and autonomy by providing mobile services in the shape of a powerful gesture of the Pegasus.

EQ Graphics explores the unraveling mysteries hidden in Texas while depicting the loyalty, purity, continuity, playful culture and presence of significant customer services such as Dr. Roeber in the state. 

The art and design of this Pegasus logo is telling its viewer to observe, look beyond and support an independent and creative business of a veterinarian in the equine industry who is furnishing its customers with mobile services.

Small Pegasus Logo For Dark Horse Equine Veterinary

“Dark Horse equine is thrilled with the design created by Eq Graphics. It was a long road to find something that would please my picky perfectionist husband for his new business, but Jackie stuck with us, worked with her ideas and our rough sketches and together we made it happen. Thanks Jackie, we appreciate it.“

Equine Veterinarian's Unique Pegasus Inspired Logo