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Feb 13, 2024

Divine Equus is an equine assisted therapy center in Bayfield, Colorado that focuses on helping individuals with mental health issues such as post traumatic stress disorder overcome life’s challenges with the help of horses. Divine Equus’ owner, Dawn, is passionate about helping individuals create their ideal life and shape their world in a way that makes them feel joyful and fulfilled through the use of equine assisted therapy methods.

Throughout history and mythology, the winged horse, Pegasus, has been associated with bravery, strength, and healing. These ideas were the inspiration behind the elegant line art Pegasus silhouette logo design that our artists created for Divine Equus. The whimsical winged horse takes flight across this feminine custom logo with wings outstretched amidst the business name, which we included in a mixture of hand lettered modern serif and free flowing script fonts. This stunning, unique logo embodies a feeling of strength and courageousness while also maintaining a warm, inviting aesthetic. The gold foil vector design is the perfect hint of sophistication and professionalism when used on business cards, brochures, and items such as t-shirts.

Elegant Pegasus Logo Invites Those In Need To Equine Assisted Therapy Center

Pegasus Silhouette Takes Flight In Equine Assisted Therapy Center’s Custom Logo Design

 The founder of Divine Equus, Dawn, is a firm believer that horses are healers and that they can help humans find refuge from a variety of mental health issues. Her mission at the Colorado equine assisted therapy center is to share with the world the many ways that horses can offer psychosocial benefits to those in need. She has a special interest in women who want to create a positive change in their life. Horses can be incredible healers as well as amazing providers of emotional support, and Divine Equus hopes to promote and bring awareness to the psychosocial benefits of equine assisted therapy.

Maybe they are emerging from a failed marriage, are facing post traumatic stress disorder, experiencing anxiety, or struggling with some other form of mental health challenge. Whatever their unique case may be, Divine Equus is committed to helping these individuals create the life they have always wanted-to be the positive change in their own situation with the assistance of horses.

Equine assisted therapy has been shown to have a multitude of psychosocial benefits. Some of the conditions that can be successfully treated or improved with equine assisted therapy are eating disorders, depression, dementia, substance abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and stress among others. Working with and generally interacting with horses can help individuals foster a more positive body image and self esteem.

Horses also offer unwavering acceptance, which is not something we experience at the hands of human society. Individuals who may feel misunderstood or lost in society can find a place to “belong” with horses-a place that they are not judged on their appearance, their physical or mental limitations, or background, which is why aPegasus silhouette was the perfect option for Divine Equus. Their time in this welcoming environment can help heal a number of physical and emotional traumas that humans may experience throughout their lifetime. They can learn how to trust again after experiences that may make trust difficult.

Equine assisted therapy patients can also find refuge from anxiety and depression. Instead of focusing on themselves and their own problems, they may find that having a horse to interact with, care for, and nurture helps divert their attention from the negative aspects of their life to caring for the gentle animals instead. ThePegasus silhouette is a representation of freedom from daily woes.

They can learn how to be more assertive, which carries over to a variety of “real-life” situations, from jobs to relationships. In short, riding, interacting with, and caring for horses through equine assisted therapy programs can have a positive impact on the lives of humans from many walks of life who are facing a challenge of some sort.

Visit Divine Equus on Facebook and view theirPegasus silhouette logo in action: Divine Equus – Home | Facebook

Bold Yet Feminine Line Art Pegasus Silhouette Logo for Colorado Equine Assisted Therapy Center

Our artists wanted to create a custom logo for Divine Equus that would be welcoming, feminine, and elegant while also containing an element of strength. A Pegasus silhouette was the perfect choice. Historically, the winged horse has been associated with freedom and living a life free from the judgement of others. Pegasus was also said to visit those who needed strength or healing. A protector, Pegasus is representative of courage and rising above the challenges in one’s life.

In light of this, we chose to create a line art Pegasus silhouette that depicts the beautiful winged horse taking flight in this original logo. Paired with gold foil and hand lettered serif and script fonts for added elegance, this gorgeous Pegasus silhouette logo is sure to bring a smile to the face of those seeking Divine Equus’ help in elevating their life. The vector styles of our designs are created with ease of resizing in mind, so this elegant logo can be used on items as small as business cards or as large as banners with no worry about pixelation or reduced image quality.

Pegasus Silhouette Logo Design Started With A Brainstorming Session

We find inspiration in our clients daily, and we would love to help create a hand drawn custom logo for your equestrian business that not only tells what your company does-it highlights your life’s passions. No matter where you are in the world or how big (or small) your business is, our artists make refreshing your visual branding identity easy. Just visit to schedule your design consultation at absolutely no cost. We’ll talk about what you do, why you do it, and the things that are important to you in life. Then, our graphic designers will pull out their sketchbooks and get to work designing a custom logo that is uniquely YOU. 

Gorgeous Line Art Pegasus Silhouette Logo Design For Equine Therapy Center