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Feb 13, 2024

Often times our favorite projects are those where we are given the most creative freedom. Just from the name alone, we knew exactly what we hoped to draw for this Andalusian stallion logo, long before the brainstorming session took place. We were so excited to learn Debra wasn’t sure what she wanted her Dreamcatcher Andalusians logo to look like and gave us the free rein to get our vision down on paper. ⁠

This Andalusian stallion logo design is part of our ‘Living Logos’ collection, but what is really odd about it… the horse in the logo was drawn before we ever saw the close-up headshot of her bay Andalusian stallion, and when placed side-by-side, it’s the same horse. ⁠That’s not the first time something like this has happened and we always get goosebumps when it does. The ‘Gallop’ logo we created for a client in Israel has a similar, and even eerier story to go with it.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Dreamcatcher Andalusian Horse Logo
Classical Dressage Stallion Logo for Dreamcatcher Andalusians

A Realistic Andalusian Stallion Logo Design with a Woven in Dreamcatcher Art

Dreamcatcher Andalusians, located in Washoe Valley, Nevada, specializes in breeding the highest quality Andalusians, and Andalusian warmblood crosses for both breed and dressage arenas. Specializing in this noble and ancient breed, Dreamcatcher Andalusians pride themselves on preserving the quality and conformation of these exceptional horses. Their outstanding knowledge and appreciation of this breed allow them to provide the ideal horse for amateur riders who are in search of a competitive, reliable mount for both breed and dressage arenas. The agility, intelligence, and agreeable temperament of the Andalusian make them the absolute perfect horse for anyone. Visit the Dreamcatcher Andalusian stallion logo design here: http://www.dreamcatcherandalusians.com/

A dreamcatcher, combined with a striking profile of an Andalusian horse, completes the perfect stallion logo design for this Washoe Valley, Nevada horse farm.

Settled in the foothills just below Lake Tahoe, is where you’ll catch a glimpse of the Dreamcatcher Andalusians stallion logo. EQ Graphics, being the world’s preeminent logo designer of the horse industry, was chosen to create a logo that represented the southwestern beauty of Nevada, as represented by Dreamcatcher Andalusians ranch. There are many logo designers in the southwest but EQ Graphics is highly sought after for their familiarity and experience with all aspects of the horse industry.

Dreamcatcher Andalusians came to EQ Graphics with their ideal stallion logo design in mind

Dreamcatcher Andalusians wanted a stallion logo design to represent the elegance and beauty of their beloved Andalusian Dressage horses, as well as the traditional Native American and southwest symbol of the mystical Dreamcatcher. A Dreamcatcher talisman is adorned with beads and feathers and hung above the bed to keep bad dreams away. Combined, the logo had to represent the truth that the Andalusian is the ultimate horse of your dreams.

EQ Graphics’ began the task of creating this stallion logo design by honoring the symbolism of the Dreamcatcher and the desires of the client for their stallion logo to capture the essence of their vision. The search began by finding the perfect feminine script and adding custom line art depicting the regal rounded neck and stately profile of the Andalusian horse within the Dreamcatcher. The EQ Graphics team succeeded in catching that vision and produced a logo that captured the personality and mission of Dreamcatcher Andalusians. It was an honor and privilege to work with a client who is so dedicated to preserving such an ancient and treasured horse breed.

For over fifteen years, EQ Graphics has been designing logos for the equine industry worldwide.

Being well versed and experienced in all aspects of the industry, gives us an advantage by way of understanding all horse terminology from breeds and training to veterinary care. Choosing a stallion logo design and brand is important to our clients as it defines their identity and creates a recognized face within their industry. As a small business, we aim to exceed your expectations and vision for your logo which means we are not happy until you are completely satisfied with our work. Our process is simple; bring us your ideas, your vision, and your philosophy and our team will give you results you’ll love. 

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“I am over the top excited about my new Logo!…

Jackie is such a talent and such a pleasure to work with, she did my logo in days and I am so happy to say I didn’t have to change a thing. The design is brilliant. Worth every penny plus I have artwork for many different forms of advertising which was included in my original bid. I Highly recommend Eq Graphics.

Andalusian Dreamcatcher Logo Design For Dressage Stable