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Dynamic Thermographics & Equine Therapeutics Logo

Feb 13, 2024

Husband and wife team Spencer and Ashley Teasley are committed to bettering the lives of horses not only in their home state of Nebraska, but neighboring Colorado and Wyoming as well through their PEMF business, Dynamic Equine Thermogenics and Therapeutics. Placing an emphasis on the total well-being of both performance and pleasure horses, the Teasley’s strive to help their equine clients lead mentally and physically balanced lives. They hold a PEMF equine certification and provide thermal imaging services, equine vibration therapy, and Flexi-neb nebulizer treatments.

We incorporated a masculine line art style Quarter Horse that appears to be loping a neatly balanced circle or beginning to collect himself for a sliding stop into Dynamic’s custom logo design since many of their clients own western performance horses. The stunning stock horse stallion exudes good health and soundness, an illustration of the vitality and increased performance potential that horses can find through the company’s therapeutic methods. To the left side of the rectangular design our artists created a likeness of an equine thermography scale as a reference to the service the business offers.

Performance Horse Therapeutics Business Logo Design With Healing Aesthetic

Unique Custom Logo Design for Equine Therapeutics Company With PEMF Equine Certification

Ashley Teasley became interested in the field of equine thermogenics as a result of repeated lameness issues in one of her personal horses. This led her to delve into learning all she could about thermography and various therapy methods so that she could pass her knowledge and experience on to equestrians in hopes that she could change the lives of horses experiencing chronic lameness, pain, and general health issues.

Ashley continues to follow developing research so that she can continue to offer a total horse approach to wellness for her equine clients throughout Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado through her and her husband’s business, Dynamic Equine Thermogenics and Therapeutics. As they have developed their company and clientele, Dynamic has served world class clients like professional barrel racer Sarah Ferguson as well as pleasure riders.

Dynamic combines therapy options on a horse by horse basis to create a treatment plan that addresses each horse’s particular issues. The Teasley’s hold a PEMF equine certification, so they are able to offer PEMF therapy with Equipulse technology, equine thermography, Equivibe therapy, and nebulizer therapies via Flexineb nebulizers. The company also carries a variety of feeds and supplements that have been backed by scientific research, giving clients the option to have a custom feed and supplementation program designed for their horse’s unique needs in order to foster a mentally and physically balanced life for equine athletes. 

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Stunning Hand Drawn Quarter Horse Logo for Performance Horse Therapy Business with PEMF Equine Certification

Thermal imaging makes up a large portion of Dynamic’sPEMF equine certification business model. This non-invasive diagnostic method can detect inflammation and circulation issues that may be leading to underlying lameness and chronic pain issues. The information provided from the session may be used to diagnose saddle fit issues, hoof balance problems, in pre-purchase exams, to detect tendon and ligament issues, and more. This can enable veterinarians and farriers to work in conjunction with a company like Dynamic in order to create a treatment plan for the horse.

Dynamic also carries a PEMF equine certification and offers pulsed electromagnetic therapy for horses. PEMF has been used to treat a variety of ailments, including bone fractures, edema, poorly healing wounds, arthritis, and more. This innovative company also carries a wide variety of feed and supplements (all heavily researched for efficacy) and can assist equestrians in designing a nutrition program that addresses their horse’s unique needs.

Equivibe therapy is another therapeutic option that the Teasley’s offer in their business. This whole body vertical vibration machine is an innovative rehabilitative tool, and has been used to treat issues ranging from COPD to PSSM, suspensory issues, and laminitis. The improved circulation Equivibe therapy fosters is essential to whole body health in both performance and companion horses. 

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Personalized Custom Logo for Equine Therapeutics Company With PEMF Equine Certification

Our artists created a vector style custom logo for Dynamic that clearly illustrates theirPEMF equine certification and one of their most popular services-thermographic imaging. We incorporated a subtle thermography scale into the left side of this unique rectangular logo design so that potential clients see at a glance what the company offers.

Our professional graphic designers also created a line art Quarter Horse that is loping across the original logo design in a perfectly balanced frame as a nod to the many western performance horses that the Teasley’s serve. We kept the business name front and center with a bold silhouetted sans serif, which we find to be one of our most easily read fonts.

There are a variety of colors in this straight-forward logo design, including reds and blue to silver gradient. This customPEMF equine certification logo is easily resized and adds a professional, cohesive branding look to Dynamic’s business cards, work truck decals, invoices, banners, and more.

The company name was lettered in a silhouetted sans serif font, with the word “Dynamic” boldly emphasized. This custom logo adds a pop of color and a unique visual branding identity to all of the Teasley’s vehicle decals, business cards, invoices, t-shirts, banners, and more.

If you’re ready to make yourPEMF equine certification branding consistent across all channels with a professional hand drawn custom logo design, the artists at EQ Graphics would love to help turn your ideas into reality. Visit to schedule a design consultation at no cost whatsoever to you. You can also visit us @EqGraphics on Instagram for more inspiration, and to see our work with equestrian businesses across the globe!

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