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Efsta-Sel Hrossarækt Logo

Feb 12, 2024

Efsta-Sel Hrossarækt is one of our fabulous international clients. Located in Reykjavik, Iceland, the farm is home to Iceland’s unique native horse breed-the Icelandic Horse. Efsta-Sel Hrossarækt has in fact been named the top breeder of this personable historic breed in all of Iceland. The facility enjoys competing in competitions and breeding shows in their home country. Did you know that when a horse leaves Iceland it is not allowed to return?

The line art Icelandic Horse logo our artists created for Efsta-Sel Hrossarækt is part of our “Living Logos” collection. The proud stallion in the custom logo’s artwork is modeled after the farm’s own stallion, Apollo frá Haukholtum. We take care to capture both the physical attributes and the unique personality of every horse we recreate in these personalized logo designs. Two hand lettered fonts display the business name in this original logo -a brush script and a classic serif. The beautiful flowing font paired with the fierce Icelandic Horse logo design creates a branding aesthetic that’s both powerful and elegant-much like the feisty little horses themselves.

Stunning Icelandic Horse Logo Design With Hand Lettered Script Font

Hand Drawn Icelandic Horse Logo for Country’s Top Breeder

 Efsta-Sel Hrossarækt has had the honor of being named Iceland’s top breeder of their native horse breed, the Icelandic Horse. Their farm in Reykjavik, Iceland is committed to producing quality representatives of the country’s native breed to ensure its purity and continuity.   Efsta-Sel Hrossarækt stands a stallion named Apollo frá Haukholtum, and they enjoy attending competitions and breeding shows with his offspring.   

Icelandic horse breeding shows evaluate horses beginning at four years of age. Icelandic horses aren’t generally started under saddle until they are around three and half years old and are given a short break before it is time for them to participate in a breeding assessment.

Judges at breeding shows judge the horses’ conformation in the ring, much like what is seen in halter classes in the stock horse world. The quality of the horse’s gaits are then judged under saddle as they are ridden on a track. A large emphasis is placed on the horse’s signature gait, the tolt, as well as the horse’s general impression. The goal of these breeding shows is to ensure that the horses used in Icelandic breeding programs can carry a rider in a balanced fashion, exhibit sufficient stamina, and show supple gaits capable of speed.

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Unique, Elegant Custom Icelandic Horse Logo for Breeder of Historic Breed

The Icelandic Horse is a one of a kind breed with a fascinating history. The breed is known as the original Viking horse, and has retained its purity due to being isolated on the island of Iceland for over 1000 years. The Icelandic Horse’s foundation sires and dams were, by nature, superior horses since the first settlers could only bring a small number of their livestock with them-for this reason, only the best and most hardy horses made their way to the island.

In today’s world, horses are not allowed to return to Iceland if they leave in an effort to maintain the health and purity of the breed since few equine diseases occur in the country. Travelers are also asked to not bring leather equipment that has been used prior to entering the country. 

Icelandic Horses are very versatile, and tend to make wonderful endurance riding partners and therapeutic riding horses. The breed has also been used successfully in jumping, dressage, polo, and speed events. They are most favored as trail horses, and make seeing the beautiful island of Iceland from their backs a pleasure. 

These personable horses come in a variety of colors and are best known for having five gaits, including the tolt (which is unique to the breed), and the flying pace. The tolt is a four beat lateral gait with high knee action that is extremely comfortable for the rider to sit. The flying pace is a two beat lateral gait that is very fast moving, and used for short distances.  Some Icelandic Horses are four gaited, and do not naturally exhibit one or the other of the tolt or the flying pace. 

Although the Icelandic Horse is a beautiful breed, small in size but elegant in stature and available in a variety of colors, the most beautiful thing about these plucky horses is their personality. Long bred to be family horses, the Icelandic Horse enjoys the company of humans and is generally easy to work with both on the ground and under saddle.

The gentle breed is said to be wonderful at distinguishing when it is time to be laid back versus when it is time to go to work. There have also been numerous accounts of Icelandic Horses saving their riders from certain death or injury by avoiding danger on the trail or finding their way home when the rider has lost their way. 

Stunning Icelandic Horse Logo Design Modeled After Breeder’s Stallion

The vector style custom Icelandic Horse logo we created for this breeder is part of our “Living Logos” collection. The fierce line art horse illustration adorning the unique logo design was modeled after the breeder’s own stallion, capturing the beauty and power of this historic breed.

A hand lettered brush script and classic serif line illuminate the business name in a manner that’s eye-catching without overpowering the elegant Icelandic Horse logo design above it. Frosty silver foil is a nod to the snowy terrain of the rugged island, and is a final touch of sophistication for the unique custom logo. This one of a kind Icelandic Horse logo makes a bold impression when added to business cards, down jackets, and horse blankets.

Our professional artists would love to get to know you and your equestrian company. We help businesses across the globe create a more cohesive branding aesthetic with a hand drawn custom logo that perfectly represents their company’s goals and values. If you’d like to see the ideas we can create for your brand, visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation. You can also follow us @EqGraphics on Instagram for additional inspiration and motivation!  

Hand Drawn Icelandic Horse Logo Inspired By Breeder's Stud