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Jan 2, 2024

Natalie Gurney, EEBW, is an equine body worker that brings over twenty years of experience in the western performance horse industry to the table in her business, Elements Equine Body Work. Her personal experience showing and training horses for reining, western pleasure, hunter under saddle, various pattern classes, and even dressage allow her to have a full understanding of each discipline’s unique physical demands. This in turn helps Natalie work with each horse’s other associated equine professionals to foster whole horse wellness and the physical ability to deliver blue ribbon rides when they step into the show ring. She combines massage techniques and stretching to improve the horse’s physical well-being and ensure that they will enjoy a long, sound career with their rider.

Natalie had a loose vision for her custom logo when she conducted her brainstorming session with one of our professional graphic designers. Our artists used these ideas as inspiration to create a triangular sacred geometry logo design for the company, incorporating the elements of wind, fire, and water as a nod to the business name. We sketched a line art AQHA Quarter Horse neatly loping a circle with a relaxed headset as the focal point of this unique logo design. The horse (which bears the face marking of Natalie’s “heart horse” for a personal touch) exhibits the rounded back, lifted shoulders, and elegant self carriage of world class equine athletes in the western performance world. We kept the font simple in this boho style design. The business name was lettered in a modern sans serif and placed along the outside of the triangle, allowing for use with or without the typography. Earth tone colors like sage green, burnt orange, and copper tie together the holistic aesthetic of this equine body worker’s sacred geometry logo design. Natalie can proudly display her brand on everything from banners to business cards with this stunning vector style custom logo!

Sacred Geometry Logo Design For Equine Massage Business

Sacred Geometry Logo Design for Equine Massage Business

Natalie Gurney is an Equinology, Inc. certified equine body worker. Her training in the equine sports massage is evidence based and anatomical, but she has the added advantage of over 20 years of personal experience with performance horses. Natalie has trained and shown horses in western pleasure, hunter under saddle, reining, trail, horsemanship, and even dressage. Her time spent in the schooling pen and show ring allows her to have a unique understanding of the particular physical demands each performance class requires. With this knowledge, Natalie is able to create a treatment plan for her equine clients that works in conjunction with the veterinarian, farrier, trainer, and other professionals to ensure that the horse is sound, pain-free, and able to perform at its highest potential.

Natalie’s San Diego, California based business, Elements Equine Body Work, is not only great for treating current issues-it can be an important preventative tool as well. In the case of horses who are experiencing pain or lameness that is not easily identified, Natalie is often able to find sensitive areas through massage and body work that can help lead veterinarians or farriers to the cause. Equine sports massage is therefore not only a recovery tool but a way of identifying small problems before they become a much bigger issue.

Learn More About Elements Equine Body Work Here: https://www.elementsequine.com/

Hand Drawn Sacred Geometry Logo Design Custom Made for California Equine Massage Therapist

A sacred geometry logo design is often a popular choice among holistic, health, and wellness brands. Sacred geometry has often been said to represent the energy patterns that life here on our planet is made up of. Geometric shapes can be found in snowflakes, DNA, stars, and more. 

While we brainstormed ideas for Natalie’s custom business logo, our artists decided that a sacred geometry logo design would be the perfect way to incorporate the elements of earth, wind, and fire into this vector style logo with inspiration from the company name. A sacred geometry logo design would also represent a healing, harmonious aesthetic for Elements Equine Body Work’s visual branding identity. 

Unique Sacred Geometry Logo With Line Art Quarter Horse for Performance Horse Massage Business

The focal point of the sacred geometry logo our artists hand crafted for Natalie is a powerful AQHA Quarter Horse. The horse appears to be loping a circle, the picture of supple athleticism with back rounded, shoulders lifted, and head in a natural low headset-you can imagine this horse moving on a draped rein. Moving through the triangular shaped sacred geometry logo with subtle earth, wind, and fire accents, the stunning western performance horse represents the total body health that Natalie strives to achieve with her body work practice. For a personal branding touch, we added a face marking to the horse that matches that of Natalie’s “heart horse.”

In keeping with the boho, organic aesthetic of this slightly masculine sacred geometry logo we created the design in earth tone colors like sage green, copper, and burnt orange. The business name was added in a modern sans serif font, a subtle addition to the bold logo art. This unique vector design can be easily resized for use on large objects like banners used for display at horse shows or small items like business cards.
No matter what styles and colors you’re drawn to, the professional graphic artists at EQ Graphics can create an original logo for your equestrian brand that’s uniquely you. It’s easy to start the process. Just visit www.EqGraphics.com to schedule your complimentary design consultation. We look forward to helping you create a more pulled-together look for your branding! 

Sacred Geometry Inspired Logo For Equine Massage Business