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Feb 14, 2024

Ellen Sauer of Aalborg, Denmark is deeply passionate about teaching and training the art of Academic Equitation. Our artists have long had a vision of showcasing the distinct characteristics of a PRE in as few lines as possible, so we were ecstatic when Ellen showed us her classically schooled Andalusian horses. Using her beautiful Spanish dressage horses as our inspiration, we created an Andalusian Horse line art design depicting a beautifully collected PRE moving quartered away from the viewer.

Ellen’s approach is based on Classical Dressage, learning theories, and equine behavior with a unique emphasis on what she calls “collaboration” with the horse-that is, communicating what the rider is asking the horse to do in an effective manner. Ellen is able to help riders understand these theoretical perspectives and put them into practice with both in-hand and under saddle exercises. 

Exquisite details like the horsehair mosquero on the horse’s bridle set this stunning custom logo design apart from standard Andalusian horse clip art. We used a hand lettered, bold sans serif font to highlight Ellen’s business name with the inclusion of a custom hand-drawn integrated letter S tail for added beauty and an added element of novelty. It was an honor to create the likeness of a well-trained, willing Andalusian for Ellen’s original logo design.

Dressage Trainer's Branded Letterhead Gets Elegant Touch With Andalusian Logo

Andalusian Horse Line Art Adorns Classical Dressage Trainer’s Hand Drawn Custom Logo

Ellen Sauer is an instructor and trainer in the art of Academic Equitation in Denmark. Her methods of training both horse and rider are based on the in’s and out’s of equine behavior and Classical Dressage. Most of her training methods hinge on what she calls “collaboration.” The principle behind this is that although the horse is a social animal and does inherently want to do what is asked of it, many of the things we ask horses to do are not in their biological nature to do so.

Ellen believes that it’s the responsibility of the trainer to make the horse understand what we actually want through cooperation and understanding. She assists riders and trainers in putting these theoretical perspectives into practice with exercises and signals both in-hand and under saddle, which is why we chose to design anAndalusian horse line art logo for her business.

Ellen is a student of Sweden’s famous classical horseman, Christofrer Dahlgren. A Master of the Academic Art of Riding, Dahlgren has more than 20 years of experience coaching horses and their riders to the highest levels of dressage. The Academic Art of Riding seeks to rediscover the art of European riding as it was many centuries ago, when horses were imperative for war and agricultural uses. Since a well trained horse was often key to the survival of its rider, equestrians of this time took special care in ensuring their horses were fit and healthy well into old age. 

The Academic Art of Riding is comprised of several components. First is the education of the rider. This work starts on the ground and progresses into under saddle work as riders learn to build communication and teac aids to their equine partner. The ultimate goal of Academic Riding is to focus on using the seat as the primary aid-ideally, all riding should be done from the seat with reins in one hand.

For the horse, an emphasis is placed on developing balanced, supple movement through all gaits and maneuvers with an ultimate goal of freeing up the shoulders and allowing the horse to move in a collected manner with their weight on the hind end. Truly talented horses and riders can even accomplish the infamous “airs above the ground” after working through these training methods. Horse and rider both become more confident and move in harmony with imperceptible aids. 

Click here to visit Ellen Saur on the web and see herAndalusian horse line art logo in use:  

Learn more about Christofrer Dahlgren here:

Detailed Andalusian Horse Line Art Created for Academic Equitation Trainer’s Original Logo Design

We have always wanted to create a line art logo design depicting a PRE horse. Oftentimes generic Andalusian horse artwork just does not capture the true spirit of these regal Spanish horses, and Andalusian horse clipart often does not portray native tack appropriately. Our artists were excited to create a vector style Andalusian horse line art design that portrayed the breed in a realistic way, in as few lines as possible per our signature line art style. 

This gorgeous Andalusian horse line art logo features the image of the head and neck of a stunning PRE viewed from behind with the horse quartered slightly away from the viewer. The horse’s elegant head and neck carriage is indicative of the soft mouth and advanced collection that classically trained dressage horses like the ones Ellen train are able to achieve. Details like the horsehair mosquero (used in Spanish horses to measure the level of impulsion in the horse’s movement) add to the realism of this unique custom Andalusian horse line art logo.

We discussed a variety of fonts and settled on a bold sans serif with a hand drawn integrated letter S that is incorporated into the Andalusian’s flowing tail. Gold foil lends a final touch of sophistication to this Andalusian horse line art logo design-it’s one of our most popular colors for custom logo art.

Classical Dressage Trainer’s Andalusian Horse Line Art Custom Logo Adds Touch of Class to Branded Products

Ellen’s gorgeous originalAndalusian horse line art logo will surely add a polished touch to all of her visual branding efforts. Our vector designs make resizing a breeze, so your custom logo will look just as neat on small items like business cards as they will on larger items like horse farm signs.

If you’re ready to add a personal touch to your equestrian company’s brand with your own unique Andalusian horse line art logo, visit to schedule your complimentary design consultation with one of our artists. We help clients from across the globe-the process is just as easy for equestrians in Sweden as it is for business owners in our hometown of Ocala, Florida.

Line Art Andalusian Horse Logo For Danish Dressage Trainer