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Equimeds Logo

Feb 13, 2024

Equimeds is a veterinary supply retailer based in Australia. We designed this Australian veterinary logo with the goal of branding Equimeds as a leader among their industry. The stunning line art design features a perfectly balanced horse (reminiscent of the Australian Show Horse) engaged in an elegant extended trot. 

Attention to detail is paramount in the veterinary industry. Although the image is simple, exquisite details such as the double bridle, rounded back, and appropriate flexion at the poll help establish Equimeds as the meticulous professionals their brand strives to be. An integrated font that flows with the lines of the horse’s body adds visual interest to this sophisticated design. The finished product is a polished custom logo that’s appealing on everything from shipping boxes to business cards.

Details Matter In Veterinary Supply Business' Custom Dressage Horse Logo

Polished Australian Veterinary Logo for Veterinary Supply Retailer

We designed this custom logo design for Equimeds, a veterinary supply retailer in Australia. With over 12,000 registered veterinarians and about 400,000 horse owners in the country, this company needed a unique logo that would appeal to and be recognizable amongst the vast equestrian and veterinary community.  

The Australian Veterinary Association is currently over 8500 members strong. As the Australian Veterinary Association logo suggests, the organization has been in existence for over 100 years. They take part in meeting with government and industry officials to advocate for issues such as biosecurity, animal welfare, and various workforce challenges within the veterinary field. The Association also offers continuing education for practicing veterinarians, as well as mental health counseling and a community of like minded professionals.

Proud Australian Show Horse Art Takes Center Stage in Australian Veterinary Logo

Our artists took inspiration from the magnificent Australian Show Horse when designing Equimeds’ original logo. Australian Show Horses are known for their lovely manners, elegant carriage, and balanced movement. These horses are shown in three divisions-pony, Galloway, and hack. Judges examine each horse’s conformation, correctness of gait, and willingness to perform for their rider without resistance. Winning Australian Show Horses paint the total picture of a mount that’s truly a pleasure to ride.

 Even in our signature vector style, the stunning rendition of a show horse moving at a powerful extended trot is chock full of details that members of the equine industry appreciate. The double bridle, correct headset, and appropriate break at the poll make this design stand out in a sea of clipart. Much like the importance of correctly packaging orders made by Equimeds’ clients, the meticulous attention to detail in this custom Australian veterinary logo brands the business as trusted professionals.

Integrated Font Adds Visual Appeal to Australian Veterinary Logo

We use a variety of hand lettered fonts to establish your unique brand identity within your custom logo design. Whether your style is feminine, Bohemian, or modern, the font you choose to accent your brand’s logo art with helps paint the picture of who your business is. Our artists chose to incorporate an integrated font into this Australian veterinary logo. The mixed font is a combination of classic serif and a graceful script that flows with the lines of the regal trotting horse’s body. The lettering fits neatly into the design for easy reading and quick recognition without taking away from the beauty of the Australian Show Horse.

Vector Style Australian Veterinary Logo Offers Optimum Resizing Opportunities

Our signature line art style logo designs are created with ease of use in mind. No matter where your company wants to use your custom logo, our simple yet elegant designs are easily resized with no worry about distortion. This striking Australian veterinary logo will add polished visual branding to Equimeds’ website, business cards, shipping boxes, product receipts, branded apparel, and more. A design this beautiful begs to be displayed, and the more people love wearing your brand the more trusted and recognizable you will become within the equine industry!  Colors also help elevate your visual branding. This original design was rendered in navy blue and silver for a sophisticated branding look.

Australian Veterinary Logo Brought to Life From Brand’s Ideas

Every custom logo begins with a complimentary design consultation with one of our professional graphic artists. We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know you and your business so your original design truly tells the story of why you do what you do. Imagine the excitement of watching your unique ideas come to life as our artists sketch!

Located in the heart of Ocala’s elite equestrian community, we love bringing fellow equestrians’ branding identities to life with simple, elegant designs that contain exquisite details only a fellow horse lover would think of. Don’t settle for clip art. Our artists are well versed in multiple disciplines and breed standards to create a stunning custom logo for your business that tells clients you’re at the top of your game. 

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Integrated Font Adds Visual Interest To Vet Supply Retailer's Custom Equine Logo