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Feb 13, 2024

Ocala, Florida is labeled the Horse Capital of the World, and with the addition of the World Equestrian Center, top show horses from across the country are making their way to the magical land of rolling hills and moss covered GrandDaddy Oaks. Ocala is an amazing place to live and to run an equestrian business. Certified Equine Massage Therapist, Vicke McCall of Equine Performance Solutions calls Ocala home, as do we.

Ocala logo designers are abundant, but our horse logos are a specialized branch of logo design that draws horse businesses from around the world to obtain our logo design services. This particular logo was created in our minimalism line art style and although the horse has no legs or mane to depict movement, it was hand-drawn and designed specifically to showcase the movement of a top performance horse with the balance needed to carry their rider to the top levels of competition. Equine Performance Solutions helps horses feel their best and this logo conveys that branded message without specifying a breed or discipline.

Simple Performance Horse Logo Design For Equine Massage Therapist
Minimalist Kinesiology Taping Logo for Equine Performance Solutions

A Kinesiology Taping Horse Logo for Equine Performance Solutions in Ocala, FL

Working in Cocoa, Orlando, Ocala, New Smyrna, Wellington and Central Florida, Equine Performance Solutions extends their services revolving around body work and therapy. EEBW and FEI permitted Equine Therapist, Vicke McCall is well versed and a highly qualified professional. She has worked as a Physio in 2018 WEG for Ireland’s Endurance Team and she is certified in Equine Kinesiology Taping. A multidimensional personality, Vicke has worked as an accountant, instructor and a trainer. Previously competed in dressage and jumpers, her understanding and knowledge has helped Vicke in restoring and rehabilitating injured horses.

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The Benefits of Massage Therapy and a Kinesiology Taping for your Performance Horse

Vicke from Equine Performance solutions offers an advanced model of massage therapy and an equine kinesiology taping service. Equine bodywork integrates remodeling techniques for soft tissues, joints, and spine and trigger point therapy. The therapy promotes healing by breaking apart the scar tissues, adhesions and myofascial restrictions to enhance the movement and alignment of the muscle fibers. The therapy helps in reducing pain, increasing blood and lymph flow, reducing lactic acid, lengthening the connective tissue naturally, boosting joint functionality, softening tendons and increasing the mobility of the animal. The session is personalized for each horse after evaluating the injury which helps in formulating multiple solutions.

This customized approach to equine kinesiology taping ensures security, satisfaction and positive change in the general health of the horse including reduced gluten and neck tightness, improved running and jumping, better stride length and flexibility, swing in hips and back, improved evenness of canter, extended front legs, less pain in quads, better muscle texture and overall will and focus when walking, jumping or trotting.

Minimalist Horse Logo Design for a Horse Kinesiology Taping Service near Ocala, Florida

With the time duration ranging from 2 to 15 sessions (in hand, on the lunge line and under saddle) depending on the diagnosis, Equine Performance solutions offers two types of massages; a regular massage and a body work. Offering multi horse discounts, a dynamic environment and a comfortable space of Equine Performance Solutions, Vicke offers her expertise in Pre/Post event massage, Kinesiology taping and rehabilitation.

The empathetic, thoughtful and kind hearted nature of Vicke is dominant in her practice and her relationship with her clients, she listens carefully, performs attentive diagnosis, dealing with concern and focus, starting from meeting the animal for the first time till the point where it is restored to its original health through kinesiology taping. To guarantee transparency and optimized customer experience when it is revolving around a deeply sensitive subject matter, Equine Performance Solutions regularly publishes testimonials, reviews, videos and images of their process, facility and results.

The Unique Ideas Behind this Minimalism Ocala Horse Logo 

The vitality of these services motivated EQ Graphics to create this logo design in Ocala, FL to highlight the balance, self-carriage and movement to resemble a horse performing at the top level of their sport. The art is nondescript and could be seen as many different breeds or disciplines, which is important for an equine service based business, since all breeds and styles of riding can reap the benefits of equine massage.

Equine Massage Logo Design with Kinesiology Taping Inspiration

EQ Graphics gathered inspiration for this design from trending contemporary and minimal styles of line art and fused it with the classical charm of hand drawn line art. This simplistic logo design has an exaggerated gesture, movement, activity and motion. The design denotes the tenacity of horses which is initially lost but gained gradually as they go through the process of rehabilitation. We did this to further emphasize the care, safety, passion and the spirit of the international community who has taken interest in Equine Performance Solutions and the efforts, time and investment Vicke has invested in turning her passion into her profession. 

When Choosing the best Ocala Logo Designer, make sure they have a keen eye for typography

We used fluid typography to symbolize courage, positivity, confidence and the willingness to become sustainable.The logo design color palette is simple; created from the colors of dark teal and silver that represent the balance between the dual forces of nature and remind us that there is a tint of light in the darkest shade, which resonates with the transformative nature of the massages and therapy offered at Equine Performance Solutions.

Ocala Florida Logo Designer Specializing in Horse Logos for Equestrians and Equine Businesses

EQ Graphics is an Ocala, Florida logo designer based in the ‘Horse capital of the world’. We truly enjoy working with Equine Massage therapy businesses from around the world and invite you to contact us to discuss your vision and share your equine inspiration so we can help you develop the best logo design for your brand identity.

Equine Massage Therapist's Custom Logo Shines With Depiction Of Correct Movement