Magical Boho Photographer Logo with Feminine Pastel Branding

Feb 6, 2024

The Faith & Forest Photography logo captures the harmonious blend of nature and spirituality, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey that celebrates the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

Faith & Forest Photography is an equine photography business owned by Amanda May, and located in Ft. Collins, Colorado. For this boho photographer logo, Amanda wanted to incorporate natural views such as mountains and trees and combine them with a cross while also adding a boho feel.

Boho Photographer Logo For Colorado Based Equine Photographer

Boho Photographer Logo Design For Faith and Forest Photography

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Faith and Forest Photography is an equine photography business run by Amanda May. For this boho photographer logo, the client wanted to incorporate natural views such as mountains and trees and combine them with a cross while also adding a boho feel.

A Boho Photographer Logo

Faith and Forest Photography’s founder wanted to combine two aspects in life she cherishes the most; the nature she usually finds herself surrounded by while taking pictures and her faith.

Faith and Forest Photography came to life when May found her passion for photographing people and animals. This has led her to take a trip to Wellington, Florida, and go to the Equine Photography Retreat to refine her photography skills.

One of the types of pictures taken at Faith and Forest is black background equine photography, where the sole focus is the horse.

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An International Boho Logo

Equine businesses around the world seek EQ Graphics for horse logos with different attributes. Faith and Forest Photography’s boho logo design can be found there. While you may find many experienced logo designers in Colorado, it’s not easy finding a professional logo artist specializing in horse logos for equine businesses. At EQ Graphics, we have experience in almost every horse breed and discipline which we can use to our advantage to make a custom and original boho business logo.

Brainstorming for a Boho Logo Design

Every process for creating a horse business logo is unique, and to capture the details in the logo, our team starts off with a brainstorming session. One of the criteria for this boho photographer logo was to have mountains, trees, and a cross included. To ensure that the logo successfully delivers the message o a horse business, we decided that adding a horse galloping around in nature is essential. This way, the logo would display the free spirit of the equine photography business that mostly holds photography sessions out in nature.

Creating Forest and Faith’s brand identity

We designed a modern and boho logo design that can be used wherever the client wished including business cards, merchandise, or oto mark their photography. This boho photographer logo can be used anywhere, and if they want to remove the typography and use the logo in a smaller profile picture on all kinds of platforms. By taking that into consideration, we wanted to ensure that the clients have space and flexibility to use their boho photographer logo in different formats.

Achieving a Boho Logo with Typography

Since we opted for a neat drawing, we wanted an added element that could give the boho touch that we sought. A logo design without typography could, in this case, feel empty, so we opted for a messy yet readable font. Opting for such a font added character to this boho photographer logo, while if we opted for a neat font, the logo would lose the boho feel. Using vectors, we ensured a high quality logo regardless of which platforms, and in what sizes it’s used.

Making a Brand Identity with EQ Graphics

The vast experience we have at EQ Graphics and our knowledge in the horse niche has allowed us to successfully showcase each equine business’s essence. Together with our experienced designers, we’ll enhance your brand identity by focusing on the different elements and details that make your business unique. We welcome any questions about our brand and how we can work with you to display your business professionally and uniquely.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | Faith And Forest Mountain Photographer Logo