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Every EQ logo is a completely custom and original piece of art that is meticulously hand-drawn to represent your unique business. We do not use clip art of any kind in our logos.

Most importantly, we do whatever it takes to achieve perfection in the eyes of our customers. We stand behind our work with a complete satisfaction guarantee and encourage you to read reviews left by hundreds of business owners we’ve worked with.


Every project begins with a complimentary brainstorming session where we talk with you about your business, your goals and the vision you have for your logo (if you have ideas). Over 80% of our customers book a session without knowing what they want in a logo and that’s okay, our marketing background is instrumental in crafting your brand identity.

No advanced preparation is needed and our customers describe our brainstorming sessions as ‘talking with an old friend’. We love getting to speak with our customers from around the world, but if there is a language barrier, we are happy to communicate through email if you prefer.

Do you only design horse logos?

No! We welcome inquiries for all types of businesses!

Although our company is deeply rooted in the equine industry, our originality and unique line art style is quickly gaining recognition in other industries outside of the horse world. Our artists have enjoyed creating brands for numerous real estate agents, consultants, photographers, dog kennels, health providers, apparel brands and even a coffee company.

If we feel our team is not the best choice for your business, we will let you know right from the beginning. Our goal is to ensure everyone who connects with us has a wonderful experience, even if that means suggesting a different designer.

If you have any other questions or would like to see examples of work we’ve done outside of the horse industry, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

How many concepts and revisions come with your logos?

Short Answer:

We offer unlimited concepts, unlimited revisions and a complete satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our work 100%.

Long Answer:

Here’s how our design process works…

We are not a traditional logo design company and our process is no exception. The majority of our customers discover us after having terrible experiences with other logo designers. We are NOT a large company; we are a small team of extremely passionate artists with an extensive marketing background. We work together as a team to strategically plan and design a professional brand identity that will resonate with your target audience and last a lifetime.

Most logo designers will give you a set number of options (usually 3-10) and ask you to ‘pick’ your favorite. Then they allow a set number of ‘revisions’ or ‘minor adjustments’ to the logo you picked.

Our question is this…

“What happens when you hate all 10?”

This is the trouble so many of our customers face before finding us… especially our horse customers. Large logo design agencies operate this way because they have dozens of ‘designers’ who typically grab clipart off of a stock website, paste a business name over it and call it done. Then you open the email you’ve been anxiously awaiting and feel your stomach sink when looking at all of your ‘options’ realizing you’re now out hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars and the designer is so far off base that you’re not even sure how to tell them what to fix.

We don’t do that.

Instead, we create a one concept and our proven process has turned hundreds of disheartened and skeptical business owners (read our testimonials) into our biggest supporters.

The amount of thought, planning, sketching, ideas that hit the trash, fine tuning, tinkering with fonts, etc, that we put into creating a single logo concept is excessive. When we send your concept, you’re receiving art that has already been through countless revisions and scrutinized by the pickiest team of artists and marketers we know… us.

It is very, very rare (less than 2% of our customers) that one of our logos is not loved from the first moment it’s received.

You’ll likely ask…

“What happens when I’m the rare exception?”

We stand behind our work 100%. If you are not happy with your logo we will make unlimited revisions (even if that means creating entirely new concepts) until you’re completely in love with it. Furthermore for added assurance, if at any time we feel we’re not able to exceed your expectations, we’ll issue a full refund.

We are extremely confident in the caliber of our work and know the struggles many of you have gone through before finding us. We want you to feel excited about starting this project with us, and not worried you may be adding yet another logo design company to your long list of bad experiences. We won’t allow that to happen.

If you have any other questions about our logo design process, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

What if I don’t know what I want?

That’s great news! The overwhelming majority of logos you see in our portfolio were created for people just like you who had absolutely no idea what they wanted. These are often our favorite projects to work on because the “sky’s the limit” when it comes to creativity.

We always love getting to know our clients, but this becomes especially important when you don’t know what you want. We prefer to start the design process with a phone call where we will brainstorm with you and ask a ton of questions about your business, your audience, your design aesthetic and the motivation behind why you do what you do. Generally within 30 minutes of talking with you, we have a very strong intuition about the best direction to start sketching.

Oddly enough, we never know what a logo is going to look like until the moment it’s done. We are insanely picky and often times 20-30 sketches will hit the trash for every one logo we produce. But when that one sketch ‘feels’ right… most of the time, it is. And remember, if we don’t nail it on the first shot, we will redo it for you as many times as it takes to make sure you love everything about your logo.

“Jackie has a slightly disturbing ability to reach into your head and see exactly what you didn’t even realize you were looking for and then perfectly execute it…”

~K. Simmons

Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime if you have questions prior to scheduling your brainstorming session.

What types of files will I get with my logo?

We provide everything you need for putting your logo on virtually anything you can imagine and a detailed email that describes what each of your 6 file types (.ai, .eps, .pdf, .psd, .png and .jpg) are used for so you can always be sure to send the right files to the right product manufacturers.

Vector Files…

Your most important files are your .ai and .eps files. Once you approve your draft, we send your logo off to be ‘vectored’. This process takes your logo from being an image and turns it into a mathematical equation. This means your logo can now be sized down to fit on something tiny like a business card, or made into something the size of a large billboard without ever looking fuzzy or losing it’s crisp, clean lines. A couple EQ logos are on semi-trailers and we even have one that is soon to be covering an entire airplane! No matter how big you make it, your logo will always look perfect.

Layered Files…

We don’t understand why logo companies typically hold your layered files hostage, but in our opinion… you own your logo and there is no reason you can’t own all of the pieces we used to design it. We include our fully layered ‘master’ .psd file, which allows you to make changes to it in the future should you ever desire to do so. This works incredibly well with certain logos, because depending on its orientation, you may choose to move things around to make it look its best for a particular purpose.

For example, if we created your logo that fits perfectly into your Facebook profile image and on the pocket of a polo shirt and down the road you sponsor an event and need to have a wide banner designed, you will have everything your sign maker needs to put the font next to the art and make it horizontal instead of square. Sometimes you may want to use a small piece on a baseball cap, or just the font by itself on stationary, but in any case, we give you everything so you will always have limitless flexibility.

Standard Files…

In addition to your vector and layered files, we also provide your standard .jpg and .png files. The .png is on a transparent background and is perfect for using to watermark images or any other application where you are wanting the background to show through. The .jpg file is a simple image of the logo and is great for websites and print.

If you have any other questions about file types, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Who owns the copyright to my logo?

This is an extremely important question and one that we hope you take the time to read in its entirety. With EQ, You own your logo. You can reproduce it, you can sell merchandise with it, you can trademark it, you can do whatever you would like to do – it belongs to you. Since everything we do is original and we don’t use any clipart or ‘stock’, you will never have the concern of copyright infringement. We can not emphasize just how important this is, but here’s an example of an EQ client that asked us to redesign their existing logo. Sadly, we get at least two or three of these stories each year…

A new large animal hospital paid a graphic designer to create a logo for their clinic back in the early 2000’s. Unknowingly to the veterinary clinic, the graphic designer purchased a vector image of a horse and added the clinic’s name to the image. More than a decade later, the now extremely well established and quite large veterinary clinic gets sued for copyright infringement. Not only did they have a major lawsuit to contend with, they also had their logo on every shirt, card, ad, invoice, stationary, label, truck, sign, etc., and found out they had to destroy tens of thousands of dollars worth of branded material. The repercussion from having a logo that wasn’t original was devastating.

But the designer purchased the image that was used?

First of all, if you were to read the fine print on almost every royalty free stock art website that exists today, you will notice that they all say “this item may not be used as a logo”. Content creators, and even the royalty free sites themselves, often use this as a method to cash in and it happens all of the time.

Secondly, the graphic designer isn’t advertising your business or selling merchandise with your logo on it… you are. And you are the one who is left wide open, not the designer. It amazes us how many designers are completely unaware of the potential liability they are subjecting their clients to. They are not doing this to deceive their clients; more often than not, they genuinely just don’t know.

Regardless of whether or not you choose EQ to design your logo, please be absolutely certain that your designer is creating something original. Saving a few hundred dollars by running a design contest or hiring a firm that uses stock art could end up costing a fortune in the long run and we hope sharing our clients’ story with you helps prevent that from happening.

If you have any other questions about the ownership of your logo, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

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Words can not express the level of passion we have for creating these logos, nor the connection we develop with the people behind the brands they represent. We do only one thing, and we strive to be the best in the world at the one thing we do.

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