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Feb 12, 2024

When you think of the South Carolina lowcountry, you might think of slow southern drawls and sitting on the front porch for a spell on Sunday afternoons. Tucked away amidst the moss laden oak avenues of charming Bluffton, South Carolina, Fascinating Farm is home to a unique breed that’s a little more…animated. Owner Christine Westphal Johnson breeds, shows, and sells action packed Hackney Ponies, with Landmark Farms’ Jonelle Chovanec’s guidance as trainer. The pint sized powerhouses of Fascinating Farm have garnered numerous Grand Championships and World Championship titles throughout the Midwest and at the World Show in Louisville, Kentucky. The farm also owns the outstanding Hackney Roadster stallion, RWC Koal. 

Fascinating Farm’s name is not only a tribute to the exciting high-stepping Hackney Pony-it’s a nod to the smart, fancy hats the ladies holding the reins of these showstoppers wear, aptly called “fascinators.” We knew we wanted to incorporate a jaunty fascinator into the modern line art Hackney Pony silhouette logo design we created for Fascinating Farm, so we perched an elegant lady driver sporting a fascinator behind the snappy trotting harness pony.

Fancy Hackney Pony Shows Off Show Ring Presence In Breeder's Hand Drawn Logo

Elegant Hackney Pony Silhouette Logo Design for Bluffton, South Carolina Breeder

Christine Westphal Johnson has long been a lover of the high-stepping Hackney Pony. Each year she has a small number of select foals and futurity prospects for sale to the public, bred at her beautiful Bluffton, South Carolina facility called Fascinating Farm. The highly respected Jonelle Chovanec of Landmark Farm takes charge of the training for Christine’s top caliber Hackney Ponies. Under her expert guidance, the Hackney Ponies of Fascinating Farm have been piloted to a number of Grand Championships and World Championships in the in-hand, roadster, and harness divisions. Johnson also owns top Hackney roadster stallion, RWC Koal, who is offered for mare owners’ consideration as a performance sire.

Stunning Hackney Pony Silhouette Depicts Exciting Show Ring Presence of Unique Breed

Hackneys that stand less than 14.2 hands high are classified as Hackney Ponies. These petite showstoppers can be shown in five divisions. These divisions all differ in the pony’s size, type of show ring performance, and the way their manes and tails are groomed for the show ring. 

Those who enjoy speed will love Roadster ponies. Ponies showing in this division are 13 hands high or under, and they are shown with a two-wheeled road bike. Their drivers are attired in racing silks, and the ponies are shown at three different trotting speeds-the job, road gait, and at speed. This class is also shown under saddle for youth exhibitors.

The harness pony division requires ponies to be 12.2 hands or less at the withers. These ponies are shown with a flowing mane and tail, and are hitched to a four wheeled buggy called a viceroy. Exhibitors can show ponies individually or as a pair in this division. 

In-hand classes are the Hackney world’s equivalent of halter classes. Weanlings, yearlings, and two year olds are judged on their conformation, movement, and presence. This is a great entry level class for those wanting to get started in showing Hackney ponies, and often prize money can be won in futurity competitions.

Pleasure driving ponies can be up to 14.2 hands high, and should have the appearance of being well-mannered and a pleasure to drive. Shown with unbraided manes and tails in a pleasure vehicle, these ponies are expected to maintain a quiet demeanor and be willing partners for their drivers. This is another class that is shown under saddle for youth riders.

Learn more about Hackney Ponies here:

Hackney Pony Art Gets an Elegant Touch With Breeder’s Hand Drawn Gold Foil Hackney Pony Silhouette Logo Design

Our artists knew that they absolutely must incorporate a fancy fascinator hat into Fascinating Farm’s customHackney Pony Silhouette logo design. We wanted the Hackney Pony art to be simple, elegant, and true to breed type in this unique logo, so we created a line Hackney silhouette logo design that includes a lady driver in the top left corner sporting a fascinator hat. The action-packed Hackney Pony silhouette depicts a harness pony in blinders trotting toward the viewer, showcasing the breed’s signature upright head, neck, and tail carriage along with the snappy, high stepping movement of the trot.

We added the business name in a hand lettered serif font with curling tails that’s visually interesting but keeps the viewer’s eyes on the Hackney Pony art. Goil foil is a popular choice for many of our vector logo styles, and we added it to this Hackney Pony silhouette logo for an additional touch of sophistication. This stunning custom logo will make a beautiful addition to Fascinating Farm’s business cards, stall drapes, farm signs, and more in an array of colors.

A hand lettered swirling serif font displays the business name with a simplicity that keeps the viewer’s attention on the stunning Hackney Pony art contained within this custom logo design. This vector style design will add a neat, sophisticated touch to Fascinating Farm’s business cards, monogrammed jackets, stall drapes, and horse wear.

Getting a Hand-Drawn Hackney Pony Silhouette for Your Farm

Have you been kicking around ideas for a unique custom Hackney Pony Silhouette logo for your equestrian company? We would love to make those ideas become a reality for you. If you’re ready to add a fresh look to your equine business branding, visit to schedule a complimentary design consultation with one of our professional graphic designers.

We pride ourselves on our work within the equine industry. We know that breed and discipline standards are important, and everyHackney Pony Silhouette we design is true to those standards- making them a step ahead of generic clip art designs. Be sure to check us out on Instagram @EqGraphics for design inspiration and to learn more about our fabulous clients from across the globe!  

Fascinator Hat &Amp; Action Packed Harness Pony Grace Breeder's Stunning Custom Logo