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Fjord Fields Logo

Sep 16, 2021

With a striking appearance, good temperament and incredible power, Norwegian Fjord Horses are considered to be one of the oldest and purest breeds of the world dating back to 4000 BC. Domesticated in Norway in 2000 BC, the Norwegian Fjord horses are located in multiple countries such as Canada, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Britain and the USA.

When Fjord Fields asked us to design our first Norwegian Fjord Horse logo for their farm in Canada, we truly enjoyed showcasing their recognizable and prominent necks and accentuated manes, gathering inspiration, and ideas for this logo by studying hundreds of Fjord photos while admiring their wide set eyes and tiny ears. This logo was crafted to be a simple and straightforward representation of the breed paired with an elegant formal script font chosen by Fjord Fields.

Line Art Norwegian Fjord Horse Logo Contains Exquisite Details

Norwegian Fjord Horse art for the Canadian Farm Logo of Fjord Fields

Canada has a rich topography for flora and fauna. The landscape has variety; Boreal forests, iced arctic regions, Rocky Mountains, prairies and eight distinct forest regions. The Norwegian Fjord horses of Fjord Fields enjoy Canada’s fresh water glaciers, long coastal lines, agriculture, huge islands and a continental climate.

Primarily dealing in horse breeding that goes as far back as 4500 BCE, the team of Fjord Fields is seasoned and experienced in the equine behavior and reproduction. They are working closely with veterinarians, nutritionists and professional supervisors in the industry to provide complete care and facilitate the process. 

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Specialized in Breeding Norwegian Fjord horses in Canada

Fjord Fields specialize in the production and sale of Norwegian Fjord horses and have dedicated their resources to research on the genetics, history, anatomy, nutrition, marketing, related products, reproduction and behavioral characteristics of the breed to produce and raise premium quality horses. 

Fjord Fields aspires to develop foals with enhanced physical qualities, endurance, speed, strength and performance abilities that can lead them to excel in their sport such as show jumping, dressage, team roping, working on ranches and completing specific tasks. The foals bred by Fjord Fields are healthy and grow rapidly on the ample supply of hay, grass and grain. The Norwegian fjord horses are athletic and highly trainable which makes them a quick and calm companion.

A Norwegian Fjord Horse Logo Design and the Breeds Unique Characteristics

These Norwegian Fjord horses are observant, good natured, alert, quick learners and multi-talented, performing in the industry of Dressage and Jumping. The breed is carefully evaluated, approved and registered by the National Fjord Association in Norway (NF), Canadian Fjord Horse Association in Canada (CFHA) and National Fjord Horse Registry (NFHR). These horses are evaluated on the basis of their performance including movement, driving, drifting and distinct physical qualities of the masculine stallions and feminine mares such as a broad forehead, round eyes, small ears, deep throat latch, well-muscled, clean legs with little feathering and a straight profile.

The horses are most commonly in the 14-15hh range, heavy and expressive. Their proportionate body and light feathering on the legs can have some of the very definitive colors such as Brown dun, Red dun, Grey dun and Yellow dun.

Norwegian Fjord Horse Art by EQ Graphics

The Fjord Horse art created by EQ Graphics for the Norwegian Fjord Horse logo is trendy, contemporary, modern and in fashion. The Norwegian fjord horse logo emphasizes the curved neck, small ears, straight profile and stunning look of the Norwegian horse bred at Fjord Fields. The color palette of the Norwegian fjord horse logo plays a major role; the Fjord Horse art utilizes the polarity of black and white to point out the prominent features of the breed.

Typography to bring an elegant flair to this Norwegian Fjord Horse logo

The typography in this Norwegian Fjord Horse logo  involves the playful and casual aspect of line art that is the perfect conversation starter, the profile of the horse is bold when juxtaposed with the text, catching the eye of the viewer which also portrays the attention a Norwegian Fjord horse commands from its spectators and riders when standing in a crowd. The Norwegian fjord horse logo represents durability and flow of the rare breed.

Beautiful Line Art Norwegian Fjord Logo Is Stunningly Realistic