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Fox Lea Mini Horse Rescue Logo

Jan 2, 2024

In the hot summers and cool winters of Barnesville, Maryland lies Fox Lea Mini Horse Rescue, a peaceful farm which specializes in rescuing miniature horses and donkeys and providing them with a new future filled with compassion and the quality of care all horses deserve. With the name Fox Lea Mini Horse Rescue, our artists immediately wanted to create a brand identity that included a fox with a miniature horse. This horse rescue logo narrates the story of an old relationship that has overcome obstacles and shared in the joys together.

The design is warm hearted and good natured, it shows the affection and sincerity of the bond between a horse and a fox. Although a bond such as this would be unlikely, the adoptees of these beautiful minis share a larger than life bond with these very tiny horses.

Unique Fox Logo For Miniature Horse Rescue

Horse Rescue Logo Design for Fox Lea Mini Horse Rescue

A rescue farm whose foundations have been built upon an inspiring story, a true event. Already known for rescuing dogs, Patricia Milligan is a long serving and experienced equestrian who exhibits zeal, passion and energy to provide shelter, grooming and care for the at – risk horses, mini equines and ponies.

Click here to learn more about Fox Lea Mini Horse Rescue: https://foxleamini.org/

The beginnings of Fox Lea Miniature Horse Rescue

The journey began when Patricia and her husband, Michael stumbled upon an empty barn that was standing without a purpose. As Patricia began to investigate into the possibilities of its functionality, she gained a couple of chatty friends who led her to the mini horse rescue on the Eastern shore that needed rescue. Thereafter, Patricia met Owen, an incredibly weak and feeble mini horse who had the company of Bodhi, a mini donkey who was extremely poor health.

Their status gave Patricia the extra push, all that was needed to convince her to dive into the equine rescue industry and initiate Fox Lea mini horse rescue farm. The story had a happy ending, with proper care, nutrition and a roof above their heads, Owen and Bodhi were dancing, running and turned into healthy foals. It is not merely about filling stalls when Patricia rescued Skittle after meeting with Owen and Bodhi. These happenings were a fact that a rescue farm for mini horses was vital for these animals that often do not have any other options and reduced chances of survival.

 The mission of Fox Lea Miniature Horse Rescue

Fox Lea has repeatedly commented on rescuing mini equines and provides essential information on these animals as well. The farm talks about their height, colors, coat patterns, selective breeding, their history dating back to the early 1600s, their domestication, opportunities and auctions. Fox Lea Mini Horse Rescue highlights the dire situation of auctions and encourages their readers to spread awareness on this unnecessary bidding and buying. Fox Lea Mini Horse Rescue farm has 11 horses on their site where you can learn more about these gorgeous animals. 

Fox Lea provides multiple options for interested people and equine enthusiasts on how they can assist in this cause. The option for donations is tax deductible and they also provide choices for sponsoring mini horses. There are fun alternatives such as becoming a volunteer to help out in grooming the animals, lending a helping hand in fundraisers and temporary foster situations for experienced horse owners.

The makings of our first Miniature Horse Rescue Logo Design

EQ graphics has taken a modern approach towards the horse rescue logo design for Fox Lea Mini Horse Rescue farm’s Non-Profit

Since Maryland and the Northeast is known for fox hunting, it was important that the horse rescue logo showed a bond, love and connection between the two animals so it could not be portrayed as a fox hunting logo. An elegant formal script was used to give a feminine touch to this vector line art logo design and we made sure that it would be legible at a distance so passerbys would easily be able to recognize the farm sign when driving by.

The horse rescue logo is copper and sage in color and emphasizes the portrait of the horse and fox. We chose a neutral color palette for this horse rescue logo design, which is natural and genuine in order to portray the precise intensity of the situation, the gravity of problems surrounding mini horses and the urgency of the matter and taking immediate actions to support them by finding solutions and spreading awareness in the global community. The horse rescue logo translates the vision of Patricia – to ensure that mini horses are being provided with a comfortable and hospitable environment.

Red Fox &Amp; Miniature Horse Are Best Friends In Rescue's Custom Logo