Stunning Vintage Style Logo with 100% Hand-Drawn Animal Art

Feb 13, 2024

Recording light is a relatively newer medium that has gained popularity among the photographer community and photograph clients. Featured in Shutter Up Magazine and a participant in the renowned Equestrians of Color Project, Maureen Friedly is a multi-dimensional photographer who aspires to capture the moment between horse and human through the art of photography. She aims to preserve the moment rather than planning a formal composition as it will not seize the relationship in the required intensity, hence her photographs are unique, intimate, bright, spirited and customized.

The custom vintage style logo we designed for Fox Trot Photography is on the border of old west and modern vintage with the connection between the horse and the fox resembling the interrelation between Maureen’s shots of fairytales and cowboy cultures.

A Fox Logo With An Old West Twist For Equine Photographer
Vintage Style Logo Design for Fox Trot Photography

Custom Vintage Style Logo Design for Fox Trot Photography in Huntsville, Texas

In the equine industry, Maureen exudes a warm aura. She is a mother of two, a Marine Corps veteran, an advocate, a high spirited musician, homesteader, a dancer and a dynamic cowgirl. Maureen enjoys the simple pleasures of life; an ice cream, a glass of whisky and Bob’s burger is the perfect end to a busy day.

Her passion for photography runs deep. She has taken shots in county fairs and has captured some beautiful moments with animals when she was living in Connecticut. Currently, Maureen is an exclusive equine photographer residing in Huntsville, Texas, who also loves capturing special moments with other pets and livestock. She has three gorgeous fur babies named Demolition, Catana and Nobel, the family also includes Donut, Timbot and Chap – three ponies who have grown with Maureen and are a part of her family.  Introducing her all-rounder family and publishing touching testimonials on the website, Fox Trot Photography is a family friendly business that has humble beginnings.
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Photography designed to reflect the cowboy way of life along with a bit of fairytale

Resonating with her personality, the company offers diverse services. A major part of Maureen’s practice as a photographer is about apprehending, expressing and representing the short lived duration between the horse and rider that has gravity and is cherished for years to come. She also offers affordable ‘mini sessions’ which are the perfect solution to get the full experience in an economical photography package. These portraits are sweet, powerful and treasured by those who have them. 

Maureen expands into many styles and dimensions of the art of photography, her Unicorn shoots are surreal, whimsical and the pictures appear to be a part of a fairytale. Canine shoots highlight the personality of the dog and the owner while cowboy culture is all about bringing back the rustic, straightforward tradition of cool leather, grit and sore muscles. A distinctive service that Fox Trot offers is payment plans for organizing shoots for the last day between the owner and their pet, planned in accordance with the individuals and fully customized, the shoots aim to conserve the laughter and those joyful years.

Discovering the inspiration and ideas behind this photographers custom vintage style logo

EQ graphics carefully followed Maureen’s journey and chose to reinvent the vintage style logo design, making it trendy, warm and personal. The design style of this logo is inspired by the old west style of a banner that is making an important announcement but in a humble manner. This custom vintage style logo is composed of many elements, all in harmony to produce the perfect tone for Maureen and her valued customers. 

Western Typography in a Vintage Style Logo Featuring a Horse and Fox Design

This custom horse photographer logo is hand drawn with hand lettering designed to coordinate with Maureen’s individuality and business. The hand lettering also plays a paramount role in representing the business as self-made and personal. 

The color palette for this custom vintage style logo was specifically chosen for Maureen. The stone blue, greys and burnt orange are the main colors in her photographs and they exist in the climate of Texas, its soil and its skies. With Fox Trot, EQ graphics did not hold back on integrating compassion and care in the design because Maureen does not hold back when she is capturing those special moments.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“I was absolutely blown away with what I was shown! I felt like my logo encompassed everything about me, my art, and my clients. It was gritty, a touch feminine, and very Old West; exactly what I wanted to capture…

I met Jackie at The Equine Photography Retreat in 2020. I had seen several of her logos before and always loved them, but wasn’t sure if she would be willing to take on my brand. Most of what I had seen from EQ Graphics was geared toward the English equestrian world, and I mostly cater to the Western demographic. I approached her, shared my work, and told her a bit about my style.

She was excited to give it a go. I had no idea about exactly what I wanted as a logo for my photography business, but I knew I wanted it to reflect my brand, my work, and me as an individual. A quick phone conference and a couple months later and EQ Graphics emailed me the first draft.

Working with EQ Graphics was not only simple, but fun! They helped me see a side of my business I hadn’t noticed before which then allowed me to better brand myself to potential clients. I finally have an eye catching logo that tells people exactly what I’m about and what to expect from their time with me.

I can’t thank EQ Graphics enough for their amazing work.“

Gorgeous Vintage Horse &Amp; Fox Logo For Equine Photographer