100% Original | Unique Sitting Horse Logo Design Example

Feb 13, 2024

Located in Germany, Frankie’s Ranch is a sales facility specialized in trick training, western riding and pleasure horses. This was the first time our artists were asked to draw a ‘sitting’ horse logo design and it definitely turned out to be an instant hit within the German horse community.

Frankie’s Ranch is very unique in Germany, because many European horse barns are tailored towards warmbloods and sporthorses, where Frankie’s is dedicated to the American West and collects horses in a variety of breeds and colors. Frankie calls the ranch ‘a museum’ and we agree, these are some of the flashiest Paints, Palominos and Appaloosa’s we’ve ever seen in one location… and the ranch is even home to a zebra and several miniature horses and donkeys!

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Sitting Horse Logo Design for Frankies Ranch in Germany

A Hand-drawn Sitting Horse Logo Design for Frankie’s Ranch in Germany

The trail pleasure horses at Frankie’s Ranch are known throughout Germany for their vibrant colors and American West heritage. Frankie has a collection of American Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosas that are incredibly beautiful and very well trained. Not only are the horse trained for trail riding, many of the horses at Frankie’s Ranch have been taught to bow, sit, lay down and perform a variety of other tricks for exhibition and entertainment.

Click here to learn more about Frankies Ranch: https://www.facebook.com/frankiesranch/

A Sitting Horse Logo for an Equine Ranch Anywhere

EQ Graphics can accommodate any horse farm around the world looking for a horse logo.  The sitting horse logo design paired with a lineart drawing of Frankie holding the reins was custom designed by our exclusive team of logo artists in Ocala, Florida. This horse farm logo can be spotted on a ranch in Germany. Two of the reasons we are sought for by equestrian businesses are our experience in horse niche logo design for horse farms and our ability to accommodate any equine business’s wishes worldwide.

Original and Custom Sitting Horse Logo Design Begins with Brainstorming

At EQ Graphics, brainstorming is the first step in creating a unique logo design. During brainstorming sessions, different aspects of the client’s business are taken into consideration. Drawing inspiration from the client’s business during the brainstorming session is crucial to ensure a unique and personal brand identity. We looked at pictures on social media for this logo and decided to incorporate the hat that Frankie frequently wears into the logo drawing. The brainstorming session’s main question was how our logo designer team would incorporate a sitting horse in the logo.

The Road to Creating the Sitting Horse Logo

To create the sitting horse logo, we made sure to opt for a line art drawing that wouldn’t shift the focus from the sitting horse, which depicted Frankie’s Ranch’s specialty; trick training. We chose to go for a side-profile view of the horse with Frankie on the side to make it more straightforward that the horse is sitting, which added a unique character to the logo.

Elegant Typography for an Effortless Sitting Horse Logo Design

Frankie’s Ranch logo features two different typographies and fonts. The font used for the word “Frankies” is a bold, yet elegant serif font with a western flair and has a cursive touch to it on the letter “F” and “K,” The word “Ranch” was written with a simple font without any added elements. Adding an extra touch to the word “Frankies,” a small detail was added to make the logo intricate. The “K” is effortlessly and subtly connected to the horse’s leg.

Creating your Brand Identity with EQ Graphics

Creating an original and custom horse logo design that accurately and professionally depicts your equine business is vital to develop an attractive brand identity. At EQ Graphics, we work together with equine businesses of all types and sizes to brand or rebrand their identity. Wherever your business is located, we’ll be able to deliver any kind of horse logo. We welcome any questions and hope to work with you to elevate your brand identity.

Sitting Horse Logo Proves Branding Doesn't Always Have To Say &Quot;Serious&Quot;