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Friesians of Redtail Mountain Logo

Feb 13, 2024

Redtail Mountain is a breathtaking private golf and equestrian facility in the mountains of northeast Tennessee. Much to her surprise, the owner of Friesians of Redtail Mountain was presented with a gift certificate for a custom EQ Graphics logo as a Christmas present from her family. For this Tennessee mountain river logo, we were asked to combine an upright Friesian wearing a double-bridle with a subtle nod to the majestic mountains and the tranquil river that make this property so special.

Our years of experience as stallion owners, competitors, and marketers in the equine industry allow us to recognize the subtle differences in breeds such as Friesians. We understand why some make the cut for Ster and others are 2nd Premie… and we can recognize the rare few who become Approved. Every breed and every discipline are so unique and so completely different, and we strive to portray the best of each breed in our logos.

Majestic Friesian Silhouette Is Stunningly Realistic In This Custom Logo Design

Mountain River Logo for Friesians of Redtail Mountain

Friesian of Redtail Mountain is an equestrian business specialized in breeding pure Friesians and a crossbreed of Friesians and Appaloosa. For the logo, the client wanted a Friesian wearing a double-bridle with the head subtly nodding towards the mountains and streams unique to this property.

A Mountain Outline for Redtail Mountain

Friesians of Redtail Mountain is a private golf and equestrian facility located in Redtail Mountain, Tennessee. The equine business specializes in the dressage discipline and in breeding Friesians and a Friesian and Appaloosa crossbreed.

Crossbreeding Friersan with other breeds such as Arabians, Andalusians, Saddlebreds, and many others have recently gained attention from different breeders. Many different registries are still being created to recognize crossbreeds, such as the crossbreed Friesian x Andalusians, who have been given the name Warlander.

These breeds have been recognized either as sport horses suitable for dressage and jumping or as pleasure horses.

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An International Friesian and Mountain River Logo

EQ Graphics is a logo designing team working at an international level from our hometown Ocala, Florida. This custom mountain river logo design can be found in the northeast mountains of Tennessee. AT EQ Graphics, our team has been making quality horse logos for businesses worldwide for the past 15 years. Combining our artistic skills with our knowledge in the horse niche has been highly appreciated by equine companies looking to professionally brand their business to help them grow.

Brainstorming for Original Mountain River Logo Designs

Before delving into the different potential ideas and art that could be used in this mountain river logo, we always discuss the client’s business vision. To do this, we need to ponder upon the client’s requirements, such as including all the details that make Redtail Mountain unique. The client wanted us to weave in the mountains and river that the Friesian horses are surrounded by. Drawing ideas and inspiration from the discipline that the business specializes in was crucial for us to successfully showcase the brand with the utmost specific detail.

The Process of Creating A Logo Design

For the mountain river logo, we wanted an elegant and simple finish that effortlessly tells a story about who Redtail Mountain is and what they specialize in. To do that, we chose line art to draw the mountains and rivers that they’re most known for. There wasn’t much challenge in incorporating the mountains into the logo. However, we wanted to integrate the river seamlessly. To achieve that, we chose to weave the river‘s outline with both the mountains and the typography. The Friesian horse silhouette wearing a double-bridle showcases the discipline the equestrian business specializes in; Dressage.

Cursive Typography for Storytelling

Weaving the river with the cursive typography of the word “Friesian” gave more of a  simplistic finish than if we were to separate the river and use another line for the letter “F.”

By combining the mountain, river, and the word “Friesian” together with a simple and curved line, we achieved a more minimalistic look. For the typography, two different fonts were used; cursive and simple. This added a bit more element and detail to this mountain river logo.

Branding your Company with EQ Graphics

Having a custom and original logo design for your brand identity could be a long-term investment that elevates your brand’s overall look. We work to successfully enhance your clients’ impression of your equine company. If you wish, you will be involved in every step of the way during the logo’s creation, from finish to start. We welcome all inquiries about our business and hope to be your future design partners. 

Breed Type Shown True To Life In Custom Friesian Horse Logo