100% Original | Stunning Rocky Mountain Horse Logo Example

Feb 13, 2024

Currently operating in Lexington, Kentucky, Gaited Equine offers a range for services associated with the breeding and training of all breeds of gaited horses with a specialty in Rocky Mountain Horses. Travis Robinson is the founder of Gaited Equine and his signature training techniques are recognized throughout the country as being instrumental to the gaited horse community.

Although Travis works with all breeds of gaited horses we crafted a Rocky Mountain Horse logo to highlight the breed he was most passionate about. His Rocky Mountain Horse logo was designed to be bold, masculine and showcase the chocolate/flaxen color Rocky Mountain Horses are so well known for. A subtle modern serif font was chosen to allow the focus to remain on the Rocky Mountain Horse art without detracting from the horse.

Line Art Style Rocky Mountain Horse Logo That Stands Out Among Clipart Designs

A Rocky Mountain Horse Logo for Gaited Equine in Lexington, Kentucky

Travis Robinson spent a major part of his childhood on the back of gaited horses; he spent weekends riding with his dad on trails in Southeast America in every season. These years have led Travis to create experience oriented training methods rather than follow the methods of other trainers. He has obtained his skills and knowledge in the equine industry and gaited horses by jumping in and learning through a practical approach and trial and error.

Since then, Travis has trained horses in his late teens, initially to make a living but eventually grew to love his profession. With his foot in the equine world, Travis has competed against top riders and trainers in the Rocky Mountain Horse show circuit. Travis is presently polishing his skills in his craft and has learned on his journey that every horse is different and therefore requires a customized training method and approach to producing optimum results.

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Breeding and Training Rocky Mountain Gaited Horses in Lexington, KY

Rocky Mountain Horses require extra care and special attention during the process of selective breeding and Travis has devoted his time, knowledge, focus, love and energy into this fully which is reflected in what Gaited Equine is showcasing. The horses are smooth, fast and performing at their peak. Travis strongly believes in training the mind of the horse, commenting that training the brain impacts the consequences.

Over the years, Travis has created and trained his own unique Rocky Mountain Horses and he has emphasized mental stability in his horses equally with physical health and a proven pedigree. Training the major gaited breeds such as Tennessee Walking Horses, Missouri Foxtrotters and Spotted Saddle Horses for trail riding, Gaited Equine has prime Rocky Mountain Horse geldings, stallions and second and third generation broodmares available for purchase.

Gaited Equine is leading the way in the area of gaited horses in Kentucky. They are propagating interest, awareness and passion for gaited horses in the community and they are providing the highest level of Rocky Mountain Horses that are trained to achieve the goals of their prospective owners.

The inspiration behind this Rocky Mountain Horse Logo Design

For this Rocky Mountain Horse Logo, EQ graphics designed inspirational and colorful chocolate flaxen Rocky Mountain Horse Art. This logo was designed to be unmistakable as a Rocky Mountain Horse, which is Travis’ primary breed of choice. 

Rocky Mountain Horse Vector Art to depict their Unique Chocolate Flaxen Color

The drawing and configuration of Rocky Mountain Horse Logo is constructed to feature the pinnacle of selective breeding that produces world class gaited horses. The bold articulation of the Rocky Mountain Horse Art is accentuating the defining characteristics of gaited horses – its prominent eyes, the striking and luxurious chocolate coat, the sleek but powerful anatomical details and a pronounced flaxen mane.

The Key Elements of a Rocky Mountain Gaited Horse

When working on the Rocky Mountain Horse Logo, the childhood adventures of Travis and his journey towards becoming an independent trainer working on the front lines of the industry played a paramount role in the final outlook of the Rocky Mountain Horse Logo for Gaited Equine. The major attributes of the horse, the peculiar four–beat horse gaits, an effortless riding experience and its intermediate speed are reflected in the masculine form of the logo. The color palette of the Rocky Mountain Horse Logo is diverse; picking the hues and shades from the Kentucky climate and the personality of the horses at Gaited Equine. This approach in Rocky Mountain Horse Art is fresh and novel for the industry that is selective.

Bold Rocky Mountain Horse Silhouette Takes Center Ring In Custom Logo