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Feb 11, 2024

Gallop is an equine-assisted therapy center located in Kfar HaNagid, Israel. This logo has a bit of a crazy story behind it, and oddly enough, it’s not the only time this has happened. Avivit contacted us through every possible means (phone, emails, Facebook, WhatsApp) at 2:00 a.m. our time beyond excited to have found us. She is one of many EQ customers who have struggled for months to find someone to accurately design a horse logo. After talking with her and learning she offered Eegala in Israel to help soldiers with PTSD, we discussed drawing a horse with a hand in logo to show connection without specifying the breed of horse or gender of the human.

Once the draft was finished, she immediately called us in tears telling us the image was almost identical to one she had not thought about in many years. She later sent the image of a beautiful baroque type palomino mare with a long white mane and her hand placed on the horse’s face in almost an identical position. It looked like we had drawn inspiration for this logo from a photo that we only saw for the first time after it was finished. Spooky!

Friesian Design With Healing Hand In Logo For Equine Assisted Therapy Center

A Hand in Logo with Hebrew Eegala Horse Therapy Logo for Gallop in Israel

Gallop is an equine-assisted therapy center that follows the Eagala model and incorporates horses in the process of healing and overcoming past traumas. This type of therapy allows the patient to engage in equine activities such as feeding, grooming, and leading a horse. This happens under the supervision of a therapist.

Equine-assisted therapy has been proven effective and Eegala is gaining popularity in many countries around the world. With the help of therapists and horses, people who have experienced traumas or are in an unstable mental health state can develop skills that help in emotional regulation and responsibility that could slowly but surely lead to higher self-esteem and the ability to manage their mental health. 

Horse-assisted therapy was first written about by Hippocrates, who was a Greek physician. Hippocrates was known as the “Father of Medicine” and wrote about the healing and therapeutic potential in horseback riding. As riding became more popular, several associations were formed, aiming to help humans for different reasons. One of these associations is the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International, which was formed in 1969.

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Original Therapy Hand in Logo Ideas Start with Brainstorming

During our brainstorming sessions, we draw inspiration from different aspects of your equestrian business. For Gallop’s Hebrew horse logo, we wanted to emphasize the bond, passion, and connection found in a human-horse relationship. Therefore, the idea we opted for was physical touch between the horse and the human. Gentle and physical contact is one way humans show love, so we decided to incorporate it into the logo.

Creating the Eagala Horse Hand in Logo for Gallop

We designed an elegant and luxurious hand in logo by simply incorporating gold. Making both the logo and the typography gold instead of black added an additional unique touch to the line art logo. To showcase the passion Gallop tries to form between a horse and a human, we opted for a hand in logo art caressing the horse’s head gently.

 Typography is Essential for a Unique Equine Hand in Logo

For the typography, we made sure to make it simple to give the impression of the equine-assisted therapy center’s calmness. To achieve that, we used a simple font for the brand name. Right under the word “Gallop,” more text explaining the aim of Gallop Facility was included in Hebrew. We wanted to make sure that the text wouldn’t interfere with the logo and decided to put it at the bottom, choosing a smaller font. Enlarging on the word “Gallop” was a way to shed light on it rather than the additional text.

Israel Horse Therapy Eegala Hand in Logo Design

Finding artists for elegant, original, and custom horse hand in logo examples has been made easier with the online world’s help. With EQ Graphics, an online logo design business with over 15-years of experience, any equine company in any country can rebrand or brand themselves with professional and unique logo designs. We are open to working with any country and language in the world.

Working with EQ Graphics for a Unique Brand Identity

With our experience creating original hand-drawn vector horse logos for different types of equestrian businesses, we are proud of the knowledge we have garnered along the way. When you need a hand in logo design, our artists can draw a custom hand in logo without the use of clipart or existing stock silhouettes. Constant improvement in our understanding for drawing a hand in logo designs is one of the key reasons why our clients leave positive testimonials.

Being able to professionally and accurately showcase their brand identity through a logo design will always be one of our main goals. All questions about our hand in logo business are welcome, and we hope to get the opportunity to create an elegant and unique hand in logo for your equine business.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics

“I did not know what direction I wanted for my logo and I paid a lot of money to a few branding companies here in Israel to try to find the right logo for my dream come true, when all the logos they sent me were no way near to be the right ones…

I’m Avivit, and my journey with my logo starts 12 years ago, when I realized that my only dream and wish is to give people the chance to heal the same way I did… just by being with horses, in their presence and by feeling them in eye level from the ground only, and not from their back.

I founded “Gallop center” 3 years ago, with a temporary logo My sister helped me to create..
18 months ago I decided it’s time to make a whole new branding to “Gallop Center” as a part of an exposure journey to the Israeli people that do not know that kind of therapy at all..
I did not know what direction I want for my logo and I paid a lot of money to a few branding companies here in Israel to try to find the right logo for my dream come true, when all the logos they sent me were no way near to be the right ones.

I was so frustrated so I tried to search for an example for a logo that “talks” to me on google. Thats where I found Jackie and David. The minute I saw their logos I had to contact them and beg them to make me a logo even that i need it with a line in Hebrew.

I started mailing and sending them messages from every link I could praying them to contact me. A few minutes later Jackie answered me and we got a good laugh about my excitement and enthusiasm. The moment she told me YES I just “signed in”.. we talked on the phone, I explained here my wish for my logo to bring the equine-human therapeutic connection and waited for the fairy to do her magic. I did not care about paying 3 deferent branding companies already. I just wanted my logo to arise and touch my heart.

The moment I first saw my logo i started crying from joy. My logo became a part of my dream come true, as it represents a part of my soul. Thank you my far fairy, for sending me your magic and embodying my life journey.

Hand In Logo Neutralizes Gender In Stunning Equine Assisted Therapy Design