100% Original | Lusitano Horse Logo Rearing in Ocean Wave

Feb 11, 2024

With locations in Lisbon, Portugal, Wellington, Florida and Santa Rosa, California, Global Lusitanos is an international horse sales business specializing in importing Lusitano horses. Global Lusitanos was founded upon their love and connection to Lusitanos, and sharing this special breed with dressage riders in the United States. Since they are ‘tri-coastal’, the vision for this Lusitano Horse logo began as a rough sketch provided by the client of a horse rearing out of the water in the ocean. Our horse artists took the initial concept a step further and made the ocean waves part of the horse so the two are connected. The color was achieved by using a blue to teal gradient effect.

&Quot;Sea Horse&Quot; Gets A New Spin In This Stunning Lusitano Logo
Lusitano Horse Logo for Global Lusitanos

Lusitano Horse Logo Art in the Ocean with Waves and Water

Global Lusitanos are a horse sales business that predominantly has horses performing dressage. Along with their work in Lisbon, Portugal, they also import horses to Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Calgary. Many of their horses have won major competitions, making them some of the baroque horse market’s most sought after horses.

Global Lusitanos mostly breeds Lusitano horses known for their convex profile, high-stepping gait, and powerful neck and hindquarters. Lusitano and Andalusian horses are both sometimes referred to as Iberian horses. Until the 1960s, Lusitano horses were under the same name as Andalusian horses and were considered the same breed. Today it’s known that Lusitanos originate from Portugal whereas Andalusian horses originate from Spain,

When Iberia was invaded at a certain point in history, the invaders brought Barb horses that were eventually crossed with native breeds resulting in horses useful for war and dressage.

Dressage is an equestrian sport that aims to achieve obedience and balance. This style of discipline facilitates the process of guiding hoses to perform routine tasks.Click Here to see how they utilize their Lusitano Horse Logo: http://www.wildernessfarmdressagesales.com/

Custom Lusitano Horse Logo for Equine Businesses

The International Lusitano Horse Show is a popular equine event that takes place yearly in Portugal. The fair is about showing horses, and breeders worldwide target these events to advertise their business. For such equine events, advertisement is crucial to capture the attention of visitors. Attracting clients starts with advertising and, therefore, having a well put together business front with elements such as logos that stand out is a step in the right way to attract the right clients.    

Every business needs a logo that represents the main elements they want to convey to their clients. At EQ Graphics, we create custom logos, specifically in the horse niche.

A Lusitano Horse Logo for Global Lusitanos

To capture the essence of each equine business, brainstorming sessions are needed before starting any project. When the team gathered to begin working on this project, we focused on the critical points that Global Lusitano wanted in their design. They sought a powerful logo that showcases the strength of the horse breed used for dressage and in wars while also focusing on the ocean that resembles the long miles their horses travel to their rightful owners. The brainstorming process is where the idea for the horse in the ocean logo came to life. With this Lusitano Horse logo, we sought to tie together the Lusitanos’ history of war and the long roads they cross to be united with their owners.

Creating Lusitano Horse Logo in the Ocean for Global Lusitanos

We designed a majestic Lusitano Horse logo, with a Lusitano horse rising above the ocean. The vector logo art put particular emphasis on the muscular necks and shoulders of all Lusitanos. The horse rising up and conquering the waves resembles their ability to conquer obstacles and move forward.

Since there was a lot of detail in the logo, using more than one color could shift the viewer’s focus from the main focus. Therefore, we chose to use the same blue gradient for both the brand name and the art.

Typography is Essential to Tie in the Overall Look

Initially, we would opt for a subtle and straightforward font without any added distraction. However, the horse in ocean picture and the brand name didn’t weave in as we had hoped. As an extra element of interest, we took the opportunity to make the ‘L’ cursive to tie it in with the waves.

By making the brand name’s typography visible and straightforward, the logo was made suitable for social media applications.

Creating a Custom Brand Identity with EQ Graphics

EQ Graphics has consistently received testimonials from clients who have previously struggled to find the perfect original horse logo designer for their equine businesses. With the vast experience and knowledge about horse logos or equine businesses, the EQ Graphics team can bring your personal Lusitano horse  logo to life. Many horse businesses worldwide require professional horse logo designers that understand the multiple facets of the horse world. With the online world developing faster than ever, a custom horse logo is essential for marketing, advertisement, and standing out between the rest of the equine businesses.

Iconic Hand Drawn Lusitano Logo Piques Interest Of Buyers Worldwide