Stunning 100% Hand-Drawn Grulla Horse Art for AQHA Logo

Feb 13, 2024

Operating a ranch nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada, the family-owned business, Gone Dun Quarter Horses, is an equine business specializing in breeding and raising homozygous grulla Quarter Horses. They asked us to design a grulla horse logo to represent the power and conformation of their foundation bloodlines with a masculine feel.

Our team of equine artists drew inspiration for this art from the amazing photography of their horses and when seeing an image of a mare shot from behind, we knew that HAD to be the inspiration behind their “Living Logo” design. The unique angle allowed us to focus on the dorsal stripe, frosted mane and tail and barring on the legs. We used a series of taupe colors to create the effect of a grulla horse and paired it with ultra modern art deco typography to make them stand out as a modern breeder of foundation Quarter Horses.

Grulla Horse Logo Contains Exquisite Hand Drawn Details

A Powerful and Masculine, Grulla Horse Art for Gone Dun Quarter Horses

Gone Dun Quarter Horses is an equestrian business located on a ranch near the village of Hill Spring in southern Alberta. The family specializes in breeding quarter horses, raising cattle, and growing grain and hay on the farm. As they focus on high quality western, cow, and ranch horses, their breeding program is based on quality bloodlines. One of the breeds they take the most pride in at the ranch is the rare grulla quarter horses.

Western riding is a horse-riding style that originates from the ranching traditions introduced to America by the Spanish. Western riding included teaching the horses independence and using their natural instincts to follow the cows’ movements using light rein contact. The riding-style evolved to accommodate the cowboys’ working needs and soon led to cow and ranch horses.

Quarter horses are known for their high speed over short distances, making them perfect as cow and ranch horses. At Gone Dun Quarter Horses, one can find grulla quarter horses characterized by their tan-gray color with stripes and black barring on the lower legs.

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A Grulla Horse Logo Design for any Alberta, Canada, Ranch

Horse businesses from different countries around the world choose EQ Graphics to design custom horse business logos. The Grulla Logo can be seen near the beautiful village of Hill Spring in Alberta, Canada, ranch, Gone Dun Quarter Horses. When looking for a quality logo designer in the horse niche, the logo designer must understand what you’re out for.

Gone Dun Quarter Horses’ Grulla Horse Logo Design

We brainstormed specific elements and ideas that could portray the words powerful and masculine while also focusing on the colorful quarter horses they own at Gone Dun Quarter Horses. For the Grulla logo, they wanted it simple yet powerful and colorful to emphasize the grulla horses found at the ranch.

Creating a Powerful and Colorful, Line Art Quarter Horse Logo

We ended up designing a bold and colorful Grulla horse art design. We opted for thicker line art to draw the masculine, broad chest and powerful quarter horses‘ hindquarters to achieve an impactful logo.  We incorporated black barring on the quarter horse‘s lower legs’ silhouette to shed light on the rare grulla color.

Simple and Colorful Typography

Color schemes for this Grulla horse artwork is essential. Different color schemes serve various purposes, and in this case, we opted for the elegant color grulla color. To ensure that the brand name and the horse silhouette weave in neatly together, we chose the same color scheme as for the horse. Tying in the letter ‘N’ with the horse’s silhouette served its purpose and connected them together rather than completely separating the brand name from the quarter horse‘s outline.

Choosing EQ Graphics to Create a Logo

We have garnered consistent, positive testimonials from our clients with our ability to accommodate horse businesses’ requirements and needs. Our 15-year long experience in this horse logo niche has given us the tools and knowledge to uphold the positive reputation we’ve built along the way. With EQ Graphics, you can ensure that your business will get a custom and unique horse logo based on your wishes and vision.

Grulla Horse Logo Turns Heads In Gray