Gorgeous Counseling Logo Example Featuring a Wild Mustang

Feb 14, 2024

A counseling logo needs to evoke a feeling of peace and freedom. Dena had perused consulting logo samples prior to her brainstorming session, and had some ideas of her own to bring to the design table. We created a line art illustration of a horse whose feather adorned mane is blowing in the wind to bring an untamed feeling to Dena’s custom logo design. The business name is hand lettered below the spirited horse sketch in a western style serif font.

We also incorporated a cross into the ampersand as a subtle tribute to Dena’s faith. Copper foil added a final touch of elegance to this stunning logo with a distinctly inviting aesthetic. The vector style design can be easily adapted to items large and small, from business cards to signage-making visual branding a breeze.

One Of A Kind Consulting Company Logo Design Featuring Hand Drawn Wild Horse

Hand Drawn Custom Counseling Logo For Consulting Business in Oklahoma

Groundwork Counseling and Consulting is a unique practice based in Wellston, Oklahoma. Licensed professional counselor, Dena Williams, is dedicated to providing a nonjudgmental environment for those seeking counseling to address a variety of issues in their life. Clients can choose to attend sessions in the comfortable safe haven of Williams’ office or they can take their sessions outside to include equine interaction. Groundwork Counseling and Consulting will also offer equine assisted therapy in the future.

Custom Logo for Consulting Company Offering Equine Facilitated Therapy

Dena takes the unique preferences of every client into consideration when planning their sessions. Each individual may be drawn to different styles of therapy and counseling, and Dena makes it a priority to discover what makes each client tick. For some, they may find refuge in working with horses at the clinic. Interacting with the gentle animals during counseling sessions can help clients to open up, more easily discuss their emotions, and gain confidence. Horses can represent the free spirit that Dena’s clients wish to feel they have in their own lives after battles with grief, substance abuse, trauma, and other challenges.

Licensed Professional Counselor’s Unique Interests Offer Consulting Logo Design Inspiration

Dena Williams has had a variety of work and personal life experiences which shape her work in her counseling and consulting company. She spent twenty three years in law enforcement, with ten years in a crimes against children unit. Williams has also worked as a paramedic and dispatcher, as well as being trained in the fire academy. Her time in these careers allows her to work closely with other law enforcement officers, first responders, and veterans. This work experience also allows her to work closely with individuals and families who have experienced trauma in regards to a child, natural disaster, abuse, sexual assault, and so on.

Dena also showed horses on a national level, and watched her own daughter become an athlete as she progressed through the levels of softball. Her experiences in these arenas allows her to work with athletes who may be feeling the pressure of their sports’ demands. Her love for equestrian sports was also the inspiration behind her equine themed logo for consulting services.

Learn more about Groundwork Counseling Logo & Consulting Business: Groundwork Counseling & Consulting, PLLC in Holdenville, Oklahoma (groundwork-counseling.com)

Logo for Consulting Company Inspires Vitality and Freedom With Equine Theme

Dena’s love of and use of horses in her counseling program was the inspiration behind her stunning line art logo for consulting and counseling services. Our artists had a goal of creating an equine counseling logo design that evoked feelings of peace, harmony, and freedom. The result was a gorgeous vector style wild horse with a wind blown mane, feather tied near the withers, gazing peacefully and introspectively into the distance.

The one of a kind logo for consulting and counseling services included the business name in a western inspired serif font. To add a highly personal touch to Groundwork Counseling and Consulting’s custom counseling logo design, our professional graphic designers wove a dainty cross into the ampersand to subtly tie Dena’s faith into the line art logo. Although there is no “right” answer, for this particular original logo we decided the best colors for consulting logo designs were soothing earth tones like the copper foil in this elegant logo. 

Although much of our work is within the equine industry and with equestrian brands, often our clients are business owners that are also horse lovers much like Dena. We love incorporating your passion for horses into your branding with 100% hand drawn, original counseling logo designs that are inspired by what makes your business unique. If you’re ready to get started on your own, visit www.EqGraphics.com to schedule your complimentary Counseling logo design consultation. You can also visit us on Instagram @EqGraphics for Counseling logo samples and Counseling logo design inspiration! 

Consulting Company Logo With Regal Wild Horse Design &Amp; Subtle Cross