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Jan 3, 2024

Currently operating in Buenos Aires, Argentina, HDC Quarter horses is a highly regarded name throughout the NRHA Reining Horse industry. Haras Don Carlos (HDC) are the proud owners of two magnificent stallions, Arc Gunnabeabigstar, who competed in the FEI World Equestrian Games and won the NRHA futurity and Steppin on Sparks, an All American Quarter Horse Congress Champion. HDC contacted us back in 2013 because they were looking for an initial logo and full brand identity that stood apart from the typical AQHA logo design style of block fonts and loud colors.

Although we were primarily known throughout the Sporthorse world and did not have any examples of reining horse logos at the time, HDC entrusted us with their brand image and they have since sculpted a number of new reining horse facilities to follow in their footsteps with a look of class and elegance that was previously non-existent among Quarter Horse designers. The HDC brand identity is now recognized worldwide in the reining horse industry and will forever remain one of our favorite projects.

Custom Logo Design By Eq Graphics | 003 Ig Grid Hdc

Custom Monogrammed Initial Logo Design for HDC Quarter Horses in Buenos Aires, Argentina

With western origins and being recognized as an FEI discipline in 2002, Reining in equine industry requires quick thinking, efficiency and extreme coordination between the rider and the horse, and HDC Quarter horses aka Haras Don Carlos have proven themselves to be successful. They have several achievements under their belt including No. 1 NRHA Owner in 2014 owing to their horse named Ryan Rushing, winning NRBC Open Limited Championship with Steppin on Sparks and achieving first position in 2014 NRHA Open Futurity in Oklahoma through the phenomenal palomino NRHA stallion, Arc Gunnabeabigstar.

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The History of HDC Quarter Horses and their Initial Logo Design

The origin story of HDC Quarter horses is surreal, it begins when the destefano/crupi family moved to green valley ranch in Aubrey where they bought their first reining horses with the sole mission to build and bring back modern genetics to Argentina as a foundation for their breeding business. Meeting Hubert Heule at CACCM in July of the same year strengthened the foundations and since then, they have been working in the reining industry, investing their hard work, dedication, knowledge and resources, aiming to become a better version of them by each passing day.

Throughout their journey, the co-owners consider themselves to be fortunate to find Arc Gunnabeabigstar and Steppin on Sparks. With an expertise in this field for over 10 years, HDC Quarter horses has an international audience and they are trusted by the community when it concerns building a strong and lasting friendship between the horse and the rider.

Growing the Sport of Reining Horses in Belgium, Germany and Italy

Trained to follow guided patterns in circles, flying lead change, rundown, sliding stop, backup, spins and turnarounds and Pause, HDC Quarter horses have a huge network of professional trainers, assistants, grooms, breeding stations and professional employees working on maintaining them. They are currently dealing in healthy and prime stallions, breeding foals with future plans to introduce sales through their platform. Their current alliance with the renowned Sterling Ranch has been an important factor in their success; it has helped them gain customers in US, Canada and Central America other than their existing market in Belgium, Germany and Italy.

The Golden NRHA Reining Horse Stallions of HDC Quarter Horses Initial logo

Their proud stallions, Arc Gunnabeabigstar and Steppin on Sparks are sires of NRHA Futurity Finalists and Money Earners. The foals include Downtown Dixie who has several championship titles on her name, Tuff Payin Chex who has earned over $13, 000 in NRHA, This Nics Mine, DC Cover Daddy who has been the CACCM Horse of the year in Argentina in 2014, DC Golden Nicadual, Golden Rules, Look a Gun and Ms. Fancy Lil Nancy.

A New Modern Style of a Reining Horse Initial Logo Design

EQ Graphics has utilized a royal and a traditional approach towards the custom initial logo design for HDC Quarter horses. Combining and overlapping the initials of the company, the custom monogram initial logo design is hand drawn to accentuate the elegance, grace, artistic expression and the decorous nature of the custom initial logo design. 

A Timeless Custom Initial Logo Design

This custom initial logo design is simple and unique, focusing on the embellishments, details and a royal look for HDC Quarter Horses. The pattern in this initial logo responds to the very crucial patterns in the reining industry that are a concoction of symmetrical as well as asymmetrical movements whereas the color palette represents the general color of the coats of the stallions and foals represented by HDC Quarter horses. The classical direction in this custom monogram design is interrelated with the history of reining as well the experience of HDC Quarter horses in the field that surpasses 10 years in the industry.

Small Monogram Hdc Horse Logo

“The first time I contacted EQ Graphics was late at night on a Sunday. Five minutes later I received a message in my inbox and it wasn’t an auto-responder, it was a personal message. I called them shortly before midnight that same night and knew right away from the very first discussion this was the team I wanted to work with…

Our stallions achieved international success and HDC Quarter Horses became NRHA’s #1 Owner of Reining Horses after our wins at Congress, AQHA World’s and the NRHA Futurity. We wanted a website and media presence that lived up to our stallions. We decided to look outside of the reining world with the hope of bringing fresh talent and new ideas into the industry. We wanted to stand out and be different and that seems to come second nature to EQ.

We gave them a few images, talked to them about our stallions and then left them alone to come up with their own ideas. They created everything – our logo, horseshow banners, stallion cards, print ads and then of course, the website. We never made a change to a single design they sent us. Everything they presented immediately exceeded our expectations. Jackie and David and their team are true artists that offer so much more than we ever anticipated and they refuse to settle for anything less than what they consider to be perfect. On several occasions, we were completely satisfied, but they were not; they continued working even though they could have saved countless hours of their own time by stopping when we were happy, but that’s not who they are.

The combination of their passion for horses and web technology is unmatched in the industry. Still to this day, every time I call, whether it happens to be late at night or on a weekend, I always know the chance of getting a voicemail is slim to none. All of us at HDC would like to thank EQ Graphics for everything they have done and will continue to do for us for many years to come.“

Initial Style Logo For Argentina Reining Horse Breeder &Amp; Trainer
Monogram Initial Logo Design for HDC Quarter